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Top Yoda Master Quotes

Yoda Master Quotes By Rea Lidde

You are trying to impress someone."
Was Jared a psychic?
I told myself to keep it together. "Is that an accusation?" I deadpanned.
"Stating a matter-of-fact. Is it your unkempt Jedi Master, or the big of a hot sauce that you are dating?"
I snorted. Jared would've loved Perry. They would've fallen head over heels at each other and then started a life together with a pair of dogs and tiny house with blue roof at some suburb area. "That unkempt Jedi, and the hot sauce, they have far more authentic nickname."
"Yes." My bother nodded. "Detective Yoda and Detective Sriracha. — Rea Lidde

Yoda Master Quotes By J.E. Fison

A bat flies straight towards my face. it gives me a perfect view of of possibly one of the ugliest creatures alive. It has long ears and what looks like a piece of salad on the end of its nose. I'm being attacked by Master Yoda with wings! — J.E. Fison

Yoda Master Quotes By Ernest Cline

This realization allowed me to calm myself enough to heed the whispered advice of Master Yoda now on repeat in my head: Let go of your anger. — Ernest Cline

Yoda Master Quotes By Stephen Richards

A Master Jedi feels emotions, but they do not allow them to influence their reasoning. Yoda told Luke that he would know the good from the bad when he was 'calm, at peace. — Stephen Richards

Yoda Master Quotes By Alanea Alder

Ryuu stepped forward. "Meryn, listen carefully. Elizabeth is not only your new sister, she will also be your Yoda. She will teach you and guide you in the ways of using the force, so that you will master paranormal politics. Learn well, young padawan." He clapped a hand on Meryn's shoulder. — Alanea Alder

Yoda Master Quotes By Terry Spear

Do you think I could win?"
"It matter not what I believe. Only what you believe."
Maracose's comment made Brett think of the Jedi master, Yoda, in Star Wars. But he was determined to win and would try, no, not just try, but he think only positively about the outcome. He would survive the trials. — Terry Spear

Yoda Master Quotes By Ian Doescher

LUKE Thou dost not understand, thou useless scamp. I search not for a friend in this damp place, But for a Jedi master wise in skill! YODA O Jedi master! Yoda that you seek it is. 'Tis truly Yoda! LUKE [aside:] A strange turn of events! This tiny sprite May yet prove useful if he knows the man. [To Yoda:] Attend: thou know'st of Yoda, little one? YODA I'll take thee to him. Aye, but first, let us eat food. Come, I good food have! LUKE I follow. R2, stay and watch the camp - Mayhap some hope still lives within this damp. — Ian Doescher