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Top Women's Emotions Quotes

Women's Emotions Quotes By Michael Perry

Just as with your women, you attempt to render existence in terms of perfection," said Billy. "Life is a rough approximation of things hoped for. You need to revel in the misfires. In the scars and dings. You need to develop a taste for regret. It's the malt vinegar of emotions-drink it straight from the bottle and it'll eat yer guts. Add a sprinkle here and there and it puts a living edge on things. — Michael Perry

Women's Emotions Quotes By Jo Ann Fore

Healing begins at truth-telling. Tame your emotions and focus on what matters. — Jo Ann Fore

Women's Emotions Quotes By Shemar Moore

Although I have a lot of close female friends in my life, my number one is still my mom. Without her, I wouldn't have the values that I have and see the world the way that I do today. She taught me how to appreciate and respect women. She taught me chivalry and how to love a woman and respect their feelings and emotions. — Shemar Moore

Women's Emotions Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Women do not think with logic and discretion but with emotions of the heart — Cassandra Clare

Women's Emotions Quotes By Ina May Gaskin

Why do we, then, continue to treat women as if their emotions and comfort, and the postures they might want to assume while in labor, are against the rules? — Ina May Gaskin

Women's Emotions Quotes By Monica Potter

For me to get the support and the love and response we did from critics, but to also be at Trader Joe's and have women come up to me and cry and hug me is on another level. That makes you take a step back because there are genuine emotions at stake. People were truly on a journey with her. This story opened up week by week like a flower. It was just a magical season, and I'm so happy I got to do it. — Monica Potter

Women's Emotions Quotes By Rich Blomquist

The name "Casanova" became a catchall term for one who plays on women's emotions for sex, replacing erlier term "men — Rich Blomquist

Women's Emotions Quotes By BS Murthy

Isn't it strange that the emotions of love and the afflictions of lust are look-alike, bewildering women from discerning the lover from a seducer, and unfortunately for them the language of love and the dialect of lust have a common alphabet causing this confusion. — BS Murthy

Women's Emotions Quotes By Pearl S. Buck

For war to man, like childbirth to women, is simplifying in its emotions and activities. All the real problems of life can be put aside while the one thing is done and little thought is needed to do it ... His hatreds can be expressed without censure, he can let his emotions run free, he can behave as dramatically, as heroically as he likes, and no one laughs at him. It is almost impossible for a man to behave heroically in the cool and ordinary times of peace. But in war anything is allowed him, he is praised and applauded and made much of, as women are excused and allowed for in pregnancy. — Pearl S. Buck

Women's Emotions Quotes By G.A. Aiken

Tribe life is not easy for anyone. But at least I was born female. I hate to think what my life would be like if I had not been."
That made the dragon chuckle. "You don't hear that very often from Southlander women."
"I do not know why," Elina answered honestly. "I would never want to be man. That cock hanging between your legs all day. You have no control of emotions. If we leave you to yourselves, you destroy without though; rage without reason; and attempt to fuck anything that wants you to leave them be. — G.A. Aiken

Women's Emotions Quotes By Anonymous

A woman in love with another woman is revolution's revolution: it is not an act of war. it is not an act of desperation. it is not an act of fear. it is - it always has been and it always, always will be - an act of love. — Anonymous

Women's Emotions Quotes By Stendhal

Women prefer emotions to reasoning. — Stendhal

Women's Emotions Quotes By Gayle Forman

You think the whole thing was an act? Was a fake?" I shake my head ... "I daresay it was real in the moment," she says, measuring her words. "But men are different than women. Their emotions are capricious. — Gayle Forman

Women's Emotions Quotes By Alana Massey

I had heard of Virginia before only in passing, a "crazy ex" with whom things had not ended well. I was accustomed to this lazy shorthand for men who dislike the emotions of women. — Alana Massey

Women's Emotions Quotes By Laura Z. Hobson

Any life he'd ever heard of, his own included, was burdened with emotions - love, loss, jobs, jealousy, money, death, pain. But if you were Jewish, always there was this extra one, the added pull at your endurance, the one more thing. There was that line in Thoreau about 'quiet desperation' - that was indeed true of most men. But for some men and women, for some fathers and mothers and children, the world still contrived that one extra test, endless and unrelenting. — Laura Z. Hobson

Women's Emotions Quotes By Queen Latifah

While we [people] keep putting a face on HIV and AIDS, I think what we forget is that there are human beings, just people with emotions and feelings, women who want to be loved, men who want to be loved, who want to feel something. — Queen Latifah

Women's Emotions Quotes By Dennis Prager

A lot of women do a lot of harm because they don't control their emotions. But in terms of violence, men seem to have a monopoly — Dennis Prager

Women's Emotions Quotes By Darren Star

Women are really emotional creatures, and men are kind of closed in terms of emotions. I think women are just a lot more out there. — Darren Star

Women's Emotions Quotes By Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Perhaps if by chance I was seen arranging the shop window in my underpants, some lady in need of strong literary emotions would be drawn in and inspired to part with a bit of hard cash. According to expert opinion, the future of literature depends on women and as God is my witness the female is yet to be born who can resist the allure of this stupendous physique. — Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Women's Emotions Quotes By B.J. Novak

I opened up a bit and explained that I have a type I'm drawn to naturally, but that I've found that the women I've ended up loving the most have never been what I've thought of as my type, maybe because part of love is being helpless, being out of control of your own emotions. — B.J. Novak

Women's Emotions Quotes By Michael Patrick King

I really enjoy women and I totally understand and applaud the diversity that they have in terms of their emotions and intellects and vulnerability and strengths. — Michael Patrick King

Women's Emotions Quotes By Geoff Johns

I will never fully understand why things happen the way they do on this planet. Too many people hold their tongue here. Too many people hide their true feelings. And at the end of the day, that does nothing but hurt someone. The men and women of Tamaran were always taught to live by their emotions, to trust that first reaction, as it is the most pure. Cyborg argues that you need time to make the proper decision. I argue that time blurs the true intent. To Earth standards, I may appear brash and rushed. I never hide what I think. Perhaps that is why Tamaran was a target for so many invasions. Our captors may have enjoyed seeing what pain they inflicted upon us, for our tears were never hidden either. — Geoff Johns

Women's Emotions Quotes By Nathan Fillion

My brother used to say that when you deal with women, it's difficult to remove emotions from an argument. I never really knew what he meant. Then I read an article that said when it comes to emotion and logic, men's and women's brains are different - my brother was right! Women are very mysterious, but that's part of their joy. — Nathan Fillion

Women's Emotions Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

I come across too much material on "how to make a man want you", "how to make a man commit", "how to make a man finally pop the question", "how to make a man take you seriously", "how to get into a man's emotions." And I laugh. My dear fellow women, enough! Do not busy yourselves with such things! Instead, fall in love with yourself! — C. JoyBell C.

Women's Emotions Quotes By Doris Lessing

[The Golden Notebook] was not a trumpet for Women's Liberation. It described many female emotions of aggression, hostility, resentment. It put them into print. Apparently what many women were thinking, feeling, experiencing, came as a great surprise. Instantly a lot of very ancient weapons were unleashed, the main ones, as usual, being on the theme of "She is unfeminine", "She is a man-hater". — Doris Lessing

Women's Emotions Quotes By Leslie Ludy

I can't help but wonder why we, as Christ professing young women so easily submit our minds and emotions to an industry that openly mocks the purity and righteousness of our Heavenly Prince. — Leslie Ludy

Women's Emotions Quotes By Brenda Waggoner

Resentment is often a woman's inner signal that she has been ignoring an important God-given responsibility - that of making choices. — Brenda Waggoner

Women's Emotions Quotes By Janet Bloomfield

Trigger warnings are the most ridiculous, patronizing and infantilizing creations ever to come out of feminism....But feminists adore trigger warnings because it reinforces the idea that women are ruled by their emotions, are incapable of recovering from trauma and are just generally hysterical nitwits unprepared to confront adulthood and reality. — Janet Bloomfield

Women's Emotions Quotes By Anna Kavan

The men's tanned faces, the faces of the women, bright with cosmetics, all suddenly appeared similar, as though wearing identical masks; hard, smiling, decorative, devoid of feeling. Not one of the seemed capable of expressing affection or pity or any of the softer emotions. They frightened her, these gay, hard, animated, worldly masks; she would always be a stranger among them, lost, ill-at-ease, out of place. — Anna Kavan

Women's Emotions Quotes By Alfred Bester

It's been suggested that most women fail to write significantly because the female mind is viscerotonic, and occupied almost exclusively with the moment-to-moment reality of emotions. If this is true, literature's loss is science fiction's gain, for Out of Bounds, Judith Merril's collection of short stories, is a warm and colorful rendering of the minutiae of the future. — Alfred Bester

Women's Emotions Quotes By Lindy West

We can mention periods obliquely, of course, when we want to delegitimize women's real concerns, dismiss their more inconvenient emotions, and perpetuate the myth that having outie junk instead of innie junk (and a male gender identity) makes a person an innately more rational and competent human being. — Lindy West

Women's Emotions Quotes By Mariella Frostrup

Had Elizabeth Bennet known how wildly Darcy's heart beat for her, 'Pride and Prejudice' would barely have made it into a short story. Their torturously slow-burning romance is a classic example of how men and women still struggle to communicate the most basic of emotions. — Mariella Frostrup

Women's Emotions Quotes By Mary Daheim

Never harbor regrets. Such useless emotions detract from an avowed purpose. Spare neither tears nor sentiment, which sap strength and energy. Rather, shake the dust of encumbering people and places from your feet and march bravely into the future. We are the women of the world, and we will not be denied. — Mary Daheim

Women's Emotions Quotes By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A Muslim woman must not feel wild, or free, or any of the other emotions and longings I felt when I read those books. A Muslim girl does not make her own decisions or seek control. She is trained to be docile. If you are a Muslim girl, you disappear, until there is almost no you inside you. In Islam, becoming an individual is not a necessary development; many people, especially women, never develop a clear individual will. You submit: that is the literal meaning of the word islam: submission. The goal is to become quiet inside, so that you never raise your eyes, not even inside your mind. But — Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Women's Emotions Quotes By M.F. Moonzajer

Relationships for women are more than taking off the clothes and wearing them back. It is about attachment of emotions, and feelings, but on the other hand, men are like fast and furious. — M.F. Moonzajer

Women's Emotions Quotes By Anya Von Bremzen

The Queue consists entirely of fragments of ochered' dialogue, a linguistic vernacular anchored by the long-suffering word stoyat' (to stand). You stood? Yes, stood. Three hours. Got damaged ones. Wrong size. Here's what the line wasn't: a gray inert nowhere. Imagine instead an all-Soviet public square, a hurly-burly where comrades traded gossip and insults, caught up with news left out of the newspapers, got into fistfights, or enacted comradely feats. In the thirties the NKVD had informers in queues to assess public moods, hurrying the intelligence straight to Stalin's brooding desk. Lines shaped opinions and bred ad hoc communities: citizens from all walks of life standing, united by probably the only truly collective authentic Soviet emotions: yearning and discontent (not to forget the unifying hostility toward war veterans and pregnant women, honored comrades allowed to get goods without a wait). — Anya Von Bremzen

Women's Emotions Quotes By E. Jamie

Rebecca glared at her. "Congratulations. You just cost me a million dollar account." Brianna crossed her arms over her chest. "Oh don't worry. I'm sure with your talents you could earn another mil in no time. I'll tell them to clear a street corner for you." Rebecca lunged for her and Alessandro stepped between the two women. "Brianna, come on," he said guiding his wife away from the table. "What? I'm not a child. I can handle her." "I'm sure you can." He informed the waiter they would be taking their bottle of sparkling cider home. "But you're letting your emotions get away with you. Your brother is a grown man and can handle himself." Brianna blew a raspberry at him. "Oh yes, quite mature. Let's go home." He guided her towards the entrance. — E. Jamie

Women's Emotions Quotes By Jaci Burton

Honey, you hurt him and men don't take that well. They shove their emotions deep inside where you can't hurt them again. In many ways they're a lot like women, though they'd deny that. — Jaci Burton

Women's Emotions Quotes By Havelock Ellis

Failing to find in women exactly the same kind of sexual emotions, as they find in themselves, men have concluded that there are none there at all. — Havelock Ellis

Women's Emotions Quotes By Evan Goldberg

I don't fully understand my wife's emotions - and I'm supposed to write an excellent female character and unravel the secret of women? — Evan Goldberg

Women's Emotions Quotes By Rachel Roy

I am inspired by life, past experiences, what's to come, women around me, art, colors, paintings, and emotions. — Rachel Roy

Women's Emotions Quotes By Tara Sivec

What is your favorite song? The Silent Song. I could sing it for you, but you wouldn't be able to hear it. Only alpacas and very rare mice have the ability to hear The Silent Song. Do you have any children? rufus, joseephus, artie choke, woody bush, pat may wiener, meowy, boopsie and bob. What's your favorite movie? It's a tie between "The Anal girls of tobacco road: vagina slimes" and "sex starved fuck sluts #22: stinky white women." The well-developed plot and range of emotions portrayed in vagina slimes far outweighs that of stinky white women, but at the same time, the complexity in the cinematic quality of stinky white women should not be overlooked. — Tara Sivec

Women's Emotions Quotes By S. Nassir Ghaemi

...if we do not know how to defend ourselves, our women and our places of worship by force of suffering, i.e., nonviolence, we must, if we are men, be at least able to defend all these by fighting." (MLK)
"...If given a choice between violent resistance and passive acceptance, King and Gandhi both accepted violence..."
"...like violence, it [non-violent resistance] was aggressive, but it was spiritually, bot physically, so."

"...At the same time the mind and the emotions are active, actively trying to persuade the opponent to change his ways and convince him that he is mistaken and to lift him to a higher level of existence. — S. Nassir Ghaemi

Women's Emotions Quotes By Jamie Fessenden

I've known several men who believe women are only interested in relationships for money and comfort, and they aren't capable of really loving. And I've known women who insist men only want sex and don't know how to love. White people used to insist that blacks weren't capable of 'noble' emotions, that they were little more than animals. The same was said about Jews, Native Americans, you name it. It's an ancient argument. People keep dredging it up, trying to prove to themselves that people they don't understand are alien and don't warrant being treated well. And it is always - always - wrong. Despite our differences, all people are basically built from the same template. We are all equally admirable and equally flawed. — Jamie Fessenden

Women's Emotions Quotes By Julie Holland

We are not men. We are women. We feel more deeply, express our emotions more frequently, and get moody monthly. It's normal. It's nature's way. And we don't necessarily have to medicate away the essence of who we are to make others more comfortable. — Julie Holland

Women's Emotions Quotes By Mrinaal

There was enough ice.So I thought. For my drink.When I used it all,I cut her heart out and used it instead.I never ran out of ice that night. — Mrinaal

Women's Emotions Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

Increasingly, prominent thinkers in the field of leadership studies like Marcus Buckingham are challenging traditional notions of leadership. Their research suggests that presenting leadership as a list of carefully defined qualities (like strategic, analytical, and performance-oriented) no longer holds. Instead, true leadership stems from individuality that is honestly and sometimes imperfectly expressed.4 They believe leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection. This shift is good news for women, who often feel obliged to suppress their emotions in the workplace in an attempt to come across as more stereotypically male. And it's also good news for men, who may be doing the exact same thing. I — Sheryl Sandberg

Women's Emotions Quotes By Caroline Myss

I think the idea that women have all this wonderful emotion is a myth, as well as the fact that men do not. I mean, people are people. What is happening across the board is that the recognition that emotions, and the spirit and soul play a fundamental part in the art of healing. — Caroline Myss

Women's Emotions Quotes By Davis Bunn

Several hundred men filled the main chamber. Women's voices could be heard from beyond the cloth screens running down the eastern wall. The gathering quieted for the service, which followed the same pattern as in Judea: a song and then a Scripture reading from the Torah scrolls, followed by a prayer from the Psalms. Some men departed to begin their day, but most remained. Jacob stayed where he was, repeating silently the Psalms that resonated with the emotions filling his heart. How precious, O God, is your constant love. You let us drink from the river of your goodness. You are the source of all life. — Davis Bunn

Women's Emotions Quotes By Doris Lessing

What is terrible is that after every one of the phases of my life is finished, I am left with no more than some banal commonplace that everyone knows: in this case, that women's emotions are still fitted for a kind of society that no longer exists. My deep emotions, my real ones, are to do with my relationship with a man. One man. But I don't live that kind of life, and I know few women who do. So what I feel is irrelevant and silly ... I am always coming to the conclusion that my real emotions are foolish. I am always having, as it were, to cancel myself out. I ought to be life a man, caring more for my work than for people; I ought to put my work first, and take men as they come, or find an ordinary comfortable man for bread and butter reasons but I won't do it, I can't be like that. — Doris Lessing

Women's Emotions Quotes By Yasmin Boland

Moon is associated with, astrologically speaking: feelings, emotions, mothers, parenting, memories, femininity, the Goddess, witches, women, childhood, cycles, nourishment, heritage, habits, sensitivity, moods, fluctuations, subconscious, receptivity, domestic life, the public, feeding, nurturing, home, needs, and more. — Yasmin Boland

Women's Emotions Quotes By Debbie Macomber

Romance focuses on emotions and on relationships, both of which are fundamentally important to women. — Debbie Macomber

Women's Emotions Quotes By Bell Hooks

Whether they regard themselves as pro- or antifeminist, most women want men to do more of the emotional work in relationships. And most men, even those who wholeheartedly support gender equality in the workforce, still believe that emotional work is female labor. Most men continue to uphold the sexist decree that emotions have no place in the work world and that emotional labor at home should be done by females. — Bell Hooks

Women's Emotions Quotes By Hank Moody

When it comes to emotions, women know how to paint with the full set of oils, while men are busy doodling with crayons. — Hank Moody

Women's Emotions Quotes By John Rzeznik

I really believe that women have much easier access to their souls than men do. Because as men we're taught to wear masks, to drown out our emotions in competition and making money. Now women are being forced to do that too. But I admire their capacity to bear their spirituality so much more deeply than men. — John Rzeznik

Women's Emotions Quotes By Guy De Maupassant

Yet her heart did not thirst for emotions like the hearts of sentimental women; she was not searching for a man's unique love nor for the gratification of a passion. All she required was the admiration of every man she met, acknowledgment of capitulation, the homage of universal tenderness. — Guy De Maupassant

Women's Emotions Quotes By Liane Moriarty

Elderly women were as tough as nails but it seemed that men got softer as they aged; their emotions caught them off guard, as if some protective barrier had been worn away by time. — Liane Moriarty

Women's Emotions Quotes By Mystery

People are likely to act based on their emotions and then backward-rationalize. Because women have highly developed emotional circuits, they are especially susceptible to this. — Mystery

Women's Emotions Quotes By Jessica Angelina Birch

Although some people think women are inferior to men, I think it's a privilege to be a woman. There are so many fun things afforded to the female gender such as adornment of self, the freedom to communicate with gestures, and the freedom to express one's emotions.
I don't know what I'd do without my red backpack purse, and I am attached to my PDA with the pink monogrammed leather case. I've developed favorites among the many items in my wardrobe, and I like experimenting with accessories like hats, scarves, watches and belts.
I've become fairly proficient at applying make-up, and I now know the importance of a good facial cleanser and moisturizer. — Jessica Angelina Birch

Women's Emotions Quotes By S.B. Redd

You know what I want? I just want you to be open to the fact that I am a woman. I've got emotions. I've got expectations. I cry. I laugh. And I was drawn to you because, first, you are a handsome man. But, secondly, after spending the time that we've spent, I just have an intuition that you're the type of man who can appreciate a good woman. I really don't care about your past and how many women you've screwed. — S.B. Redd

Women's Emotions Quotes By Lysa TerKeurst

When we have the same thought again, the line of the original thought is deepened, causing what's called a memory trace. With each repetition the trace goes deeper and deeper, forming and embedding a pattern of thought. When an emotion is tied to this thought pattern, the memory trace grows exponentially stronger. — Lysa TerKeurst

Women's Emotions Quotes By Doris Lessing

Women's emotions are still fitted for a kind of society that no longer exists. My deep emotions, my real ones, are to do with my relationship with a man. One man. But I don't live that kind of life, and I know few women who do. So what I feel is irrelevant and silly. — Doris Lessing

Women's Emotions Quotes By Bess Streeter Aldrich

The wind was blowing from the east and the cedars bent before it, - blowing from the east like the breath of the war god. And Fred and Stanley were waving their hats gayly back to her, while the cedars bent and the wind blew from the east. They were like her own boys marching off to war. Children of her children, she loved them as she had loved their parents. Did a woman never get over loving? Deep love brought relatively deep heartaches. Why could not a woman of her age, whose family was raised, relinquish the hold upon her emotions? Why could she not have a peaceful old age, wherein there entered neither great affection nor its comrade, great sorrow? She had seen old women who seemed not to care as she was caring, whose emotions seemed to have died with their youth. Could she not be one of them? For a long time she stood in the window and looked at the cedars twisting before the east wind, like so many helpless women under the call from the east. — Bess Streeter Aldrich

Women's Emotions Quotes By Victoria Erickson

Women are powerful, and I see them stifle this every. single. day. Stop looking to be saved and hiding your magic. Stop tossing aside your voice and valid emotions. Stop wasting your time with fake friends and chasing men like they're cures.
Material things, better jobs, and other people- they won't fill your gap. Only you can do that. Life is short. Rise up and step back into your awesome, innate power. You are compassion and creative force and divine life itself. You are a Goddess. — Victoria Erickson

Women's Emotions Quotes By EsthersChild

It was come as you are when visiting my blog, CiCI's Garden -otherwise what would be the point? Readers were welcomed to a virtual place where emotions were respected and affirmed, and encouragement was offered to those who longed to know that wounded hearts can heal - even if it takes a lifetime. — EsthersChild

Women's Emotions Quotes By Twyla Tharp

When Homer composed the Iliad and Odyssey, he was drawing on centuries of history and folklore handed down by oral tradition. When Nicolas Poussin painted The Rape of the Sabine Women, he was re-creating Roman history. When Marcel Proust dipped his petites madeleines into his tea, the taste and aroma set off a flood of memories and emotions from which modern literature has still not recovered. — Twyla Tharp

Women's Emotions Quotes By Una Stannard

Men are no more immune from emotions than women; we think women are more emotional because the culture lets them give free vent to certain feelings, "feminine" ones, that is, no anger please, but it's okay to turn on the waterworks. — Una Stannard

Women's Emotions Quotes By Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S

Woman is a delicate creature with strong emotions who has been created by the Almighty God to shoulder responsibility for educating society and moving toward perfection. God created woman as symbol of His own beauty and to give solace to her partner and her family. — Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S

Women's Emotions Quotes By Diana Trilling

Whoever had known sexual jealousy, that most destructive of emotions-and this would be so for men no less than women-had known madness and had now to know sympathy for someone who had been carried by jealousy this one terrible step too far, to murder. — Diana Trilling

Women's Emotions Quotes By Tenzin Palmo

Each of us has something to do in this lifetime. We all have negative emotions to be purified and positive emotions to be cultivated. All of us need to reconnect to our source and drop our personal stories, don't we? Men, women, old, young, from here, from there - it is the same. All you can do is your practice. There is nothing else. Don't get caught up. Don't stop. We have to learn how to get out or our own way. Because ultimately, the only thing standing in our way is ourselves. — Tenzin Palmo

Women's Emotions Quotes By Lora Leigh

It's instinct," he said then. "For centuries, it's been our job to protect our home, our women, and our children. We're emotional cowards. We don't talk about our feelings, we're not comfortable putting our soul into words. So we give of ourselves the only way we know how. We protect. We smother those we love in protection, fight for ways to keep them always safe, even from what we deem as a threat from themselves. It's in our genes, Kira. Right or wrong. Emotions are harder for a man to voice, strength is much easier for us to show. It's not an insult, it's the way men show their emotions for those they love. You can't change it."
"I can protect myself. — Lora Leigh

Women's Emotions Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

For we let our young men and women go out unarmed, in a day when armor was never so necessary. By teaching them all to read, we have left them at the mercy of the printed word. By the invention of the film and the radio, we have made certain that no aversion to reading shall secure them from the incessant battery of words, words, words. They do not know what the words mean; they do not know how to ward them off or blunt their edge or fling them back; they are a prey to words in their emotions instead of being the masters of them in their intellects. We — Dorothy L. Sayers

Women's Emotions Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

She was a stranger, but not just any stranger. She was "the stranger". And of course, that was the difference that made everyone's emotions stranger. — Shannon L. Alder

Women's Emotions Quotes By Lundy Bancroft

The central attitudes driving Mr. Sensitive are:
I'm against the macho men, so I couldn't be abusive.
As long as I use a lot of "psychobabble," no one is going to believe that I am mistreating you.
I can control you by analyzing how your mind and emotions work, and what your issues are from childhood.
I can get inside your head whether you want me there or not.
Nothing in the world is more important than my feelings.
Women should be grateful to me for not being like those other men. — Lundy Bancroft

Women's Emotions Quotes By Gustave Moreau

When I want to render these fine nuances, I do not find them in the subject, but in the nature of women in real life who seek unhealthy emotions and are too stupid even to understand the horror in the most appalling situations. — Gustave Moreau

Women's Emotions Quotes By Picabo Street

A lot of women don't know how to vent and deal with emotions. — Picabo Street

Women's Emotions Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

Sharing emotions builds deeper relationships. Motivation comes from working on things we care about. It also comes from working with people we care about. To really care about others, we have to understand them - what they like and dislike, what they feel as well as think. Emotion drives both men and women and influences every decision we make. Recognizing the role emotions play and being willing to discuss — Sheryl Sandberg

Women's Emotions Quotes By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Whether thus adorned she would have been beautiful or not, and what she must have been in her prosperity, may be imagined from the beauty remaining to her after so many hardships; for, as everyone knows, the beauty of some women has its times and its seasons, and is increased or diminished by chance causes; and naturally the emotions of the mind will heighten or impair it, though indeed more frequently they totally destroy it. — Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Women's Emotions Quotes By Napoleon Hill

Disappointment over love affairs generally has the effect of driving men to drink, and women to ruin; and this, because most people never learn the art of transmuting their strongest emotions into dreams of a constructive nature. — Napoleon Hill

Women's Emotions Quotes By Robin Sacredfire

There's a reason for the word heartbeat not be called beat of heart. The perfect woman only needs a good beat. The heart will follow. Emotions, when put in equilibrium with reason, create more miracles than any emotion, no matter how strong, deprived from reason. This is why it's much easier to love a woman that can play the drums or any other instrument with rhythm, than one that believes in unreasonable magic, simply because there's more magic in reason than in the lack of it. You see, loving someone that you truly want to love, someone you admire, someone you want to spend your time with, helping, sharing and growing together, makes much more sense than expecting someone to love you for no reason than your will, needs and desires. And when humans understand this, they will understand love, find it easily and never lose it again. — Robin Sacredfire

Women's Emotions Quotes By Harriet Martineau

During the present interval between the feudal age and the coming time, when life and its occupations will be freely thrown open to women as to men, the condition of the female working classes is such that if its sufferings were but made known, emotions of horror and shame would tremble through the whole of society. — Harriet Martineau

Women's Emotions Quotes By Oscar Wilde

Do you want to kill his love for you? What sort of existence will he have if you rob him of the fruits of his ambition, if you take him from the splendour of a great political career, if you close the doors of public life against him, if you condemn him to sterile failure, he who was made for triumph and success? Women are not meant to judge us but to forgive us when we need forgiveness. Pardon, not punishment, is their mission. Why should you scourge him with rods for a sin done in his youth, before he knew you, before he knew himself? A man's life is of more value than a woman's. It has larger issues, wider scope, greater ambitions. A women's life revolves around curves of emotions. It is upon lines of intellect that man's life progresses. Don't make any terrible mistake, Lady Chiltern. A woman who can keep a man's love, and love him in return, has done all the world wants of women, or should want of them. — Oscar Wilde

Women's Emotions Quotes By Steve Harvey

Women want their love to be reciprocated in the same way they give it; they want their romantic lives to be as rewarding as they make them for their potential mates; they want the emotions that they turn on full blast to be met with the same intensity; and they expect the premium they put on commitment to be equally adhered to, valued, and respected. — Steve Harvey

Women's Emotions Quotes By Nilesh Sakpal

She hadn't seen a doctor cry before, they usually don't, that makes it
- Anita — Nilesh Sakpal

Women's Emotions Quotes By Isabel Allende

My books are based on emotions, feelings, relationships. In these areas women are experts, so it's not strange that the main characters of my novels are females. — Isabel Allende

Women's Emotions Quotes By Cathy Burnham Martin

Without trust, our relationships lack an essential ingredient for emotional intimacy. We need to be able to totally trust our partner with our deepest thoughts, dreams, fears, and secrets. — Cathy Burnham Martin

Women's Emotions Quotes By Oscar Wilde

Besides, women were better suited to bear sorrow than men. They lived on their emotions. They only thought of their emotions. When they took lovers, it was merely to have some one with whom they could have scenes. — Oscar Wilde

Women's Emotions Quotes By Lionel Suggs

Men have grown embarrassingly weak, but only through observation. Their resolve can easily be broken by a woman. Their emotions can be easily manipulated by a woman. Their power can be easily taken by a woman. Their pride can be easily stripped by a woman. Their entire life can easily be ruined by a woman. While physically stronger, their manipulative prowess can be wittingly outclassed by a woman. And while their dreams are stronger, the realities of women are stronger. — Lionel Suggs

Women's Emotions Quotes By Adam Levine

Men are not as sophisticated as women. They're not as mature as women. They're not as connected with their emotions as women ... There's a very Neanderthal quality that still exists in a lot of men ... And if you're in the public eye, to me, it's very boring to say what you have to say and be media trained to the extent that you don't ever reveal any truth. There was a time in my life when I lived probably a bit more on the primal level. And it was amazing. — Adam Levine

Women's Emotions Quotes By Edith Wharton

Once or twice, in the first days of his marriage, he had asked himself with a slight shiver what would happen if Susy should begin to bore him. The thing had happened to him with other women as to whom his first emotions had not differed in intensity from those she inspired. — Edith Wharton

Women's Emotions Quotes By Ariel Gore

In our cultural history, all emotions have been more culturally acceptable to women. — Ariel Gore

Women's Emotions Quotes By Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

What is the root of the sin of sexual identity? Being a lesbian was not just a description of the kind of sex I liked to have. Being a lesbian encompassed a whole range of feelings and perception, character qualities, and sensibilities. It reflected the depth of my nonsexual friendships and the integrated community I wanted to build with women. Being a lesbian also reflected the kind of professor I was, the classes I taught, the books I read, and the dissertations I directed. I was all in. And, I was a jumble of emotions, because according to the Bible, what I called community, God called idolatry. — Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

Women's Emotions Quotes By Daniel Goleman

Women, on average, tend to be more aware of their emotions, show more empathy, and are more adept interpersonally. Men on the other hand, are more self-confident and optimistic, adapt more easily, and handle stress better. — Daniel Goleman

Women's Emotions Quotes By Sylvia Plath

if a man chooses to be promiscuous, he may still turn up his nose at promiscuity. He may still demand a woman be faithful to him, to save him from his own lust. But women have lust, too. Why should they be relegated to the position of custodian of emotions, watcher of the infants, feeder of soul,body and pride of man? — Sylvia Plath

Women's Emotions Quotes By Abha Maryada Banerjee

There is 'growth' in admiration..
And 'stagnation' in criticism..
When we 'devalue' others,we get down too..
When we 'lift' others, we go up as well..
The big thing about People, Emotions and its Intelligence.. — Abha Maryada Banerjee

Women's Emotions Quotes By Mia Sheridan

hysteria," a term used for women who exhibited sexual desire and strong emotions. — Mia Sheridan

Women's Emotions Quotes By Clementine Ford

If history bothered to document our stories, there wouldn't be enough paper in the world to bear witness to all the women who've been imprisoned because our emotions proved too inconvenient for men to handle and too terrifying for them to ignore. — Clementine Ford

Women's Emotions Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

To really care about others, we have to understand them - what they like and dislike, what they feel as well as think. Emotion drives both men and women and influences every decision we make. Recognizing the role emotions play and being willing to discuss them makes us better managers, partners, and peers. — Sheryl Sandberg

Women's Emotions Quotes By Charles Dickens

I should be an affected women, if I made any pretence of being surprised by my son's inspiring such emotions; but I can't be indifferent to anyone who is so sensible on his merits — Charles Dickens

Women's Emotions Quotes By Tom Robbins

In general, I've found female protagonists more intriguing to work with than males. I cherish women and have always preferred their company, reveling in their perfumes, their contours, their finer-grained sensibilities, lunar intuitions, nurturing instincts and relatively unfettered emotions
although I'm certainly not unaware that there are plenty of neurotic, uptight, stupid women in the world. — Tom Robbins