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Winter Rainy Day Quotes & Sayings

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Winter Rainy Day Quotes By H.E. Bates

All day, after two days and nights of rain, water had been rising in the dykes and now it was creeping rapidly up the five stone arches of the bridge where the she stood watching the wide rainy valley up which the tongue of river finally lost itself in a gray country of winter elms. — H.E. Bates

Winter Rainy Day Quotes By Michelle Zink

Perhaps because it seems so appropriate, I don't notice the rain. It falls in sheets, a blanket of silvery thread rushing to the hard almost-winter ground. Still, I stand without moving at the side of the coffin. — Michelle Zink

Winter Rainy Day Quotes By Nathaniel Hawthorne

Pleasant is a rainy winter's day, within doors! The best study for such a day, or the best amusement,
call it which you will,
is a book ... — Nathaniel Hawthorne

Winter Rainy Day Quotes By Will Durant

The dog that buried the bone which even a canine appetite could not manage, the squirrel that gathered nuts for a later feast, the bees that filled the comb with honey, the ants that laid up stores for a rainy day - these were among the first creators of civilization. It was they ... who taught our ancestors the art of providing for tomorrow out of the surplus of today, or of preparing for winter in summer's time of plenty. — Will Durant

Winter Rainy Day Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

Goodwill is something you put away like preserves, for a rainy day, for winter, for lean times, and it was moving to find that i had more than I had ever imagined. People gathered from all directions, and I was taken care of beautifully ... Afterward ... I occasionally wished that life was always like this, that I was always being showered with flowers and assistance and solicitousness, but you only get it when you need it. If you're lucky, you get it when you need it. To know that it was there when I needed it changed everything a little in the long run. — Rebecca Solnit