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Top Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Marnie Stern

Nobody ever cares what I say! I feel badly about it, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. — Marnie Stern

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Alison McGhee

Don't hurt someone who cares about you like that. You're not the only person in the world who's ever been hurt. Don't be cruel. Don't go breaking someone else's heart in the hope that you'll feel better. Becaues you won't. — Alison McGhee

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Shannon Mullen

Sleeping is much safer than the nightmare I'm living.
When I sleep I feel nothing and I do nothing and I see nothing and nothing matters and no one cares. There's no one to hurt or disappoint or notice when I'm low and I don't need to face anyone not anyone in the world or not even myself. — Shannon Mullen

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Katie McGarry

She looks happy to me when she's beside you."
I laugh bitterly. "She looked real happy when she left."
"She looked hurt. Hurt means she cares. It's indifference that should scare you. The same look foster parents give you when you come and go. — Katie McGarry

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Christian Erickson

God doesn't hate sin because He is holy. He hates sin because He is love. Sin is anything that goes against love. And for God to truly be love He must hate those things that hurt those He cares about. He hates sin because sin hurts you. Not because He has some holier-than-thou ego trip. — Christian Erickson

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Liesl Shurtliff

Home is a place to get out of the rain
It cradles the hurt and mends the pain
And no one cares about your name
Or the height of your head
Or the size of your brain — Liesl Shurtliff

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Katie McGarry

She looked hurt. Hurt means she cares. It's indifference that should scare you. — Katie McGarry

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Jennifer Hudson

I think to each its own, if nobody is hurting anybody-who cares? Everyone should be able to do what they want and be happy. Who you love is who you love. That's the way I see it — Jennifer Hudson

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Susan Mallery

The ability to hurt someone is usually in direct proportion to how much that person cares about you. — Susan Mallery

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Andrea Dworkin

We have a double standard, which is to say, a man can show how much he cares by being violent-see, he's jealous, he cares-a woman shows how much she cares by how much she's willing to be hurt; by how much she will take; how much she will endure; how suicidal she's prepared to be. — Andrea Dworkin

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Annemarie O'Hara

In this journey, the road does not care if you are weary, the road does not really care if you are hurt, the road only cares that you bring your best every time you step on it but if you can actually survive this road then you know that something special awaits you and for a moment in time you can be at the top of the world.' Thorondor - Storm Quest the dark realm — Annemarie O'Hara

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Ravi Zacharias

Listen to this incredible explanation by one of atheism's champions, Richard Dawkins, of Oxford: In a universe of blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won't find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at the bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no other good. Nothing but blind, pitiless indifference. DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is. And we dance to its music.5 — Ravi Zacharias

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Nel Noddings

Any mode of thought that lays out complete and final answers to great existential questions is liable to dogmatism. A great attraction of care ethics, I think, is its refusal to encode or construct a catalog of principles and rules. One who cares must meet the cared-for just as he or she is, as a whole human being with individual needs and interests. [...] At most, it directs us to attend, to listen, and to respond as positively as possible. [...] it recognizes that virtually all human beings desire not to be hurt, and this gives us something close to an absolute: We should not inflict deliberate hurt or pain. Even when we must fight to save our children, we must not inflict unnecessary or deliberate pain. — Nel Noddings

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By George Carlin

Do you know why hurricanes have names instead of numbers? To keep the killing personal. No one cares about a bunch of people killed by a number. '200 Dead as Number Three Slams Ashore' is not nearly as interesting a headline as 'Charlie kills 200.' Death is much more satisfying and entertaining if you personalize it.
Me, I'm still waitin' for Hurricane Ed. Old Ed wouldn't hurt ya, would he? Sounds kinda friendly. 'Hell no, we ain't evacuatin'. Ed's comin'! — George Carlin

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Jay Patel

Cry For Those Who Cares For You And Not For Them Those Who Makes You Cry — Jay Patel

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Marilyn Lakewood

Why did you start looking for a Dom?" "A vanilla lover couldn't give me the extremes." "Yet no Dom has won you. Why?" "I haven't found a Dom who will give me the extremes, Sir." "I want the truth, Caro." "You're right. I've found some extremes, but not the right kind. Not the right Dom." "Why, Caro? What was missing in them?" "Judgment, honor, gallantry. There's a huge difference between a consensual sadist in the BDSM lifestyle, and a complete sadist. To me, a male who just likes to hurt things and has no compassion is a complete sadist, and less than a man. A male who consensually torments a woman to heighten lovemaking and bring them pleasure - a man who cares for her - is a true Dom, and the most desirable kind of man. — Marilyn Lakewood

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

God is love," she said. "And he respects love, whether it's between a parents, and child, a man and woman, or friends. I don't think he cares about religion one little bit. Live your life right. Love with all your heart. Don't hurt others, and help those in need. That is all you need to know. And don't worry about heaven. If it exists, you'll be welcome. — Ellen Hopkins

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Joan Dunayer

Speciesism is a failure to empathize with those outside one's group. In general, speciesists simply disregard the myriad nonhumans whom humans intentionally hurt and kill. Who cares if millions of mice and rats are vivisected? They're 'only rodents'. What does it matter if billions of chickens live in misery until they die in pain and fear? They're 'just chickens'. They aren't human, so they don't count. Victimizers lack empathy for their victims, but absence of empathy doesn't justify victimization, whether the victims are human or nonhuman. — Joan Dunayer

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Dan Pearce

What would it hurt for me to give that homeless guy a couple bucks? Who the hell cares if he spends it on beer? Maybe beer is a step up for him from the harder stuff that knocked him onto the streets in the first place. Maybe, just maybe, he's actually going to spend it on food (homeless people do eat, right?). Maybe, he really is a desperate human being who is trying to change his situation. — Dan Pearce

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Sheryl Crow

I'm one of a dying breed who goes out and tours all the time. Labels don't spend the money to send people out to play before they become famous, but we did do that so the fans we have are word of mouth fans who have been travelling around with us for years, and they buy the albums, but they are also the ones who go out and get the bootlegs. I don't discourage bootlegging, I like playing live, I don't think it hurts my album sales at all if there are bootlegs out there. Who cares? — Sheryl Crow

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Samantha Young

She smiled apologetically. "You're a good person, which makes the fact you don't trust anyone, really hard for the people who care about you. And Braden, when he cares about someone, has to know everything so he can cover all the bases and protect them. He has to be a guy people can trust. It's just who he is. If he started something with you, he'd only be hurt when you refuse to let him in."
I only sort of took that in. Mostly, I just kept hearing 'you're a good person, which makes the fact that you don't trust anyone, really hard for the people who care about you."
"Am I hurting you, Ellie?" I didn't want to admit how scared I was for her answer.
She exhaled, heavily, seeming to weigh her words. "At first I was. But knowing that you don't mean to hurt me helps. Do I wish you'd trust me more? Yes. Am I going to push it? No." She stood up. "Just know that if you ever do decide to trust me, I'm here. And you can tell me anything. — Samantha Young

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By James Lee Burke

Don't ever quit. Never quit. Never show anybody you're hurt. Grin and walk through the cannon smoke. It will drive them up the wall. You always stay true to your own principles. You always believe in your gift. God doesn't make mistakes when he presents someone with a gift like that. It's there for a reason. Tell the naysayers, those who reject you, to drop dead! Who cares? — James Lee Burke

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Hank Williams Jr.

Every time the media brings up the tea party, it's painted as racist and extremists
but there's never a backlash, no outrage to those comparisons ... Working-class people are hurting
and it doesn't seem like anybody cares. When both sides are high-fiving it on the ninth hole when everybody else is without a job
it makes a whole lot of us angry. Something has to change. The policies have to change. — Hank Williams Jr.

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Amy Lunderman

It doesn't matter why he wants you. The point is he isn't getting you back. I'd rather die, than see you go back there." "Why?" She asks, truly curious to the way he cares so deeply all of a sudden. "When I saw you at the facility that night, I've never seen anyone more hurt and mistreated than the way you were. And I come from a very violent upbringing. — Amy Lunderman

Who Cares When I Am Hurt Quotes By Shahla Khan

I can quote you several examples where women were physically and violently hurt by men but at the same time, they were also supported by men. The numbers of course would always be out of proportion. The ones who care are always lesser than the ones who hurt. That is simply a quality vs. quantity argument. A hundred men who hurt you will fail against one man who cares for you. — Shahla Khan