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When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By Mary Calmes

I know you worry about getting older, about not being the prettiest guy in the room anymore."

And I worried about aging, but not how he thought. I had never presumed I was prettiest, just one of many. My only concern now was that Sam Kage thought I was hot.

"But there will never come a time when that will be the case," he said, pressing soft kisses to the side of my neck. I leaned my head back so he could reach more of my throat. "To me, Jory," he said, "you're more beautiful now than you ever have been, and I can't wait to see what you're gonna look like at forty and fifty and sixty, and God willing a lot more numbers after that."

"Many after that," I assured him as my eyes drifted open so I could look up into his smoky-blue ones.

"The most important thing is that you're mine, you belong to me," he said, his hands pressing me closer before he kissed me. — Mary Calmes

When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By David Bowie

People got extremely comfortable with being able to turn on their television and see MTV say, "This guy's hot you should buy this record." — David Bowie

When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By Richard Feynman

One time I went to Vancouver to talk to the students there, and they had a party with a real hot rock-type band playing down in the basement. The band was very nice: they had an extra cowbell lying around, and they encouraged me to play it. So I started to play a little bit, and since their music was very rhythmic (and the cowbell is just an accompaniment - you can't screw it up) I really got hot. After the party was over, the guy who organized the party told me that the bandleader said, "Geez! Who was that guy who came down and played on the cowbell! He can really knock out a rhythm on that thing! And by the way, that big shot this party was supposed to be for - you know, he never came down here; I never did see who it was! — Richard Feynman

When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By James Patterson

the car into gear and drives through the gate. Dede closes the gate behind them, taking another look across the street and seeing nothing. "That's the thing, though," she says when she reenters the car. "He wasn't walking. He was just watching us. I mean, I think. With the headlights, I couldn't really see. It could just be my eyes playing tricks." Annie pulls the Beetle onto the grass next to the massive detached garage, hidden from sight. She lets out a sigh. "Good to be home," she says. "There's no place like home. There's no place like - " "Would you shut up?" As they walk toward the back entrance, they see the ladder the hot tool-belt guy used yesterday, broken down and lying in the grass. "Noah was cute," Annie says. "Was he? Was he cute?" Dede throws another elbow. "Now, now, dearest, I only have eyes for you. — James Patterson

When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By Mara Wilson

He was sensitive, so he had to be kind. I think of it whenever I see a young woman fawning all over a nerdy guy, some comedian or actor, thinking he couldn't ever be cruel because he's funny and he wears glasses. He's not conventionally hot, so he's not full of himself, so he'll be a good boyfriend, right?...Guys like that always seem to think they're Duckie from Pretty in Pink when they're actually Steff. — Mara Wilson

When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By Shelly Crane

See! A hot guy kissed me and I didn't even care because I love you so much! — Shelly Crane

When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By Antoine Fuqua

You'll see in the movie he constantly does that-he only drinks his tea a certain way, brings his own tea bags, the guy pours hot water, it's like a consistency throughout the film, but he never breaks his habits. I mean, to a point, where he has to. — Antoine Fuqua

When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By Amy Harmon

So.....you're the guy Maggie's got the hots for." Maggie rolled her eyes and dropped her head into her hands. Leave it to Shad to just come right out with it. From her dejected position, she couldn't see Johnny's response, but she felt his interest pique like a blow torch aimed right at her face. Her neck and cheeks flamed hot.

"Johnny Kinross - in the flesh," Shad was warming up to the subject now, his lines right out of a poorly-written made-for-TV movie. "You are Johnny Kinross, right? I mean...I never saw you. But I think we had a pretty good relationship." Maggie sputtered, a laugh erupting from her chest. Shad swiveled his head and gave her his "Shut-up-woman!" lips and his "domineering male" chin thrust. He was talking again before Maggie could give him her "you've-got-ten-seconds-to-vacate-the-premises-before-I-cut-you" glare in response. — Amy Harmon

When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By Andy Summers

To go see a band in a big venue is a difficult experience. I don't really like that too much. I'm not a guy who puts on iTunes and goes, "Oh, what's hot!" I don't need to. — Andy Summers

When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By Kevin Sessums

I find myself applying the addict's impulse to how I cruise. I don't look at the ass. If I see a hot guy walking towards me I look at his arm, and if he has a vein I fantasize about shooting up with him. — Kevin Sessums

When You See A Hot Guy Quotes By Sharlay

A bra looks good, gives you comfort and support but every now and then, you need to get rid of it and be free. Then there's the thong, it's hot, sexy, and cute but eventually it becomes a complete and utter pain in the butt. Lastly, there's the little black dress, the one that goes with everything, it's hot, sexy, cute, makes you feel confident and no matter what, it's the one that you always keep. Just try it, next time you a guy, see which one he fits into, I promise you, you will soon be able to form a whole list. — Sharlay