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When Days Are Dark Friends Are Few Quotes By Sally Brampton

I know I'm not the person I used to be. I'm not better or worse but I am more awake, more conscious if you like. I'm more aware of the texture of my days, the light and the dark that shades them. I waste less time, in worry, in fear, in anger, in pleasing people I don't like and don't wish to like. I spend more time with people I love and doing the things that I love such as gardening, reading, hanging out with friends. Work now takes second place. I don't mean that I work any less hard but success or even failure have lost the importance they once had. If I mess up, I mess up. — Sally Brampton

When Days Are Dark Friends Are Few Quotes By Suzy Kassem

Always surround yourself with friends that have plenty of light in them. That way, you will always have candles around you when days are dark. — Suzy Kassem

When Days Are Dark Friends Are Few Quotes By Michael Jackson

Some friends, you only see them when the sun shines.. My fans sustained me even in dark days. I owe them everything. — Michael Jackson

When Days Are Dark Friends Are Few Quotes By Shahrukh Khan

The day my father died seemed longer than my entire childhood. The day I felt my first success seemed fleeting, hour-long, not long enough perhaps. I wondered where it went. Even the cycle of time confounds me. I work the dark until sunrise on most days and fall asleep as the world awakens to light. My friends call me an owl, I like to think of myself as a bat ... Batman ... the prince of darkness. — Shahrukh Khan

When Days Are Dark Friends Are Few Quotes By Paul Johnson

My grandfather used to say, "Learn to like art, music and literature deeply and passionately. They will be your friends when things are bad". It is true: at this time of year, when days are short and dark, and one hardly dares to open the newspapers, I turn, not vainly either, to the great creators of the past for distraction, solace and help. — Paul Johnson

When Days Are Dark Friends Are Few Quotes By Steve Maraboli

Through the twist and turns of life, I find myself so grateful for my friends. Even though sometimes the days can seem so dark, and my heart can feel so hurt, I am never alone; my friends are beside me. — Steve Maraboli

When Days Are Dark Friends Are Few Quotes By Sarah Ban Breathnach

No matter which route you take, within twenty-four hours the day will be over. Tomorrow should be better. But if it's not, nor the next day, or the next, then know that it's okay to ask for help from friends, a support group, a therapist, a doctor, or your Higher Power. Dark days come to all of us. Yet discouraging days bring with them golden opportunities when we can learn to be kind to ourselves. Believe it or not, today offers you a hidden gift, if you're willing to search for it. — Sarah Ban Breathnach

When Days Are Dark Friends Are Few Quotes By Laurence Olivier

In spite of a heavy disguise, a few days' growth on my face, dark glasses, a beret and one of William's jackets that fitted me not at all, as I emerged from a hotel in Lecce, a young fisherman pointed me out to his friends and said "Lavrenche Olivaire." It was not all that amazing; if you're not known in Italy, you're not known anywhere. — Laurence Olivier

When Days Are Dark Friends Are Few Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

In summary, she did jump off a cliff, but she wasn't trying to kill herself. Bella's all about the extreme sports these days."
I flushed and turned my eyes straight ahead, looking after the dark shadow that I could no longer see. I could imagine what he was hearing in Alice's thoughts now. Near-drowings, stalking vampires, werewolf friends ...
"Hm," Edward said curtly, and the casual tone of his voice was gone. — Stephenie Meyer