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Quotes & Sayings About Taming A Lion

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Taming A Lion Quotes By John Irving

Well, lion tamers are probably difficult to live with - I suppose there's no small amount of testosterone involved in taming lions, Vargas said, shrugging. — John Irving

Taming A Lion Quotes By James K. Morrow

4091 East Olympic Boulevard proved to be a nondescript one-storey sandstone building of the sort you drive blithely by every day, knowing it's full of paper-pushers and clock-watchers, and nobody's in there writing a symphony or taming a lion or having an orgasm. — James K. Morrow

Taming A Lion Quotes By Zienab Hamdan

How much
Does your tongue have to bleed
Before you stop biting it?

Your heart is not a lion,
So why are you taming it?

God gave you a loud voice,
A voice box dripping revolution,
So quit trying to lower your volume.

You were meant
To rattle the tectonic plates
Of anyone who has ever told you
That you're not enough.

You were born fiery
Don't let anyone put out your flame
With their tears of incompetence. — Zienab Hamdan