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Greatest One Line Love Quotes By Velcrow Ripper

We have the opportunity now to join in the celebration of possibility, to align ourselves with the forces of life. We'll need to become skilled at walking the line between urgency and hope, maintaining our balance in a world out of balance. I'm convinced that out of the crucible of crisis, the greatest love story on Earth could be born. — Velcrow Ripper

Greatest One Line Love Quotes By Paul Pruyser

The word soul has lost its meaning and even its plausibility ... Faith, hope and love can no longer be seen simply as virtues or graces; they are processes in flesh and blood ... (the clergyman) will find that whether he wants it or not, he is also a front-line mental health worker or he will be so regarded by the specialists in mental health. It is on the pastoral role and the tasks of shepherding that the psychological disciples have the greatest impact in theological work. — Paul Pruyser

Greatest One Line Love Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Blurring the line between possible and impossible, linear and non-linear time, fiction and reality, fate and free will, 1Q84 is both a metaphysical mind-teaser and a fast-paced thriller where the stakes for Tengo and Aomame couldn't be any higher. Murakami's most ambitious novel to date, 1Q84 is also an extraordinary love story, a story about the power of a single moment of deep connection to transcend time and space - and justify even the greatest of risks. — Haruki Murakami

Greatest One Line Love Quotes By Joseph Conrad

It was another of Nostromo's triumphs, the greatest, the most enviable, the most sinister of all. In that true cry of undying passion that seemed to ring aloud from Punta Mala to Azuera and away to the bright line of the horizon, overhung by a big white cloud shining like a mass of solid silver, the genius of the magnificent Capataz de Cargadores dominated the dark gulf containing his conquests of treasure and love. — Joseph Conrad