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Top Well Trained Employees Quotes

Well Trained Employees Quotes By John C. Maxwell

This poster in a Nordstrom's department store once caught my attention: "The only difference between stores is the way they treat their customers." That's a bold statement. Most stores would advertise the quality of their merchandise or their wide selection as what sets them apart from the rest. The difference between Nordstrom's and other stores, according to an employee of the competition, is that other stores are organization-oriented; Nordstrom's is people-oriented. Their employees are trained to respond quickly and kindly to customer complaints. As a result, according to writer Nancy Austin, "Nordstrom's doesn't have customers; it has fans." A study by TARP, Technical Assistance — John C. Maxwell

Well Trained Employees Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't rightly see how somebody who claims to have had -What'd you say? One partner?-can be welled trained."
He had a point. Her brain clicked away. "I was referring to the instructional videotapes my agency has all its new employees watch."
"They train you by watching videos?" His eyes narrowed reminding her of a hunter looking down a gun sight,"Now, ain't that interesting."
She felt a little surge of pleasure as her child lost another few points on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Even a computer couldn't have picked a more perfect match. — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Well Trained Employees Quotes By Jeffrey Gitomer

The biggest reason that positive endings don't happen is because employees are trained on policies and rules rather than principles. — Jeffrey Gitomer

Well Trained Employees Quotes By David Cain

Our work and educational institutions reinforce this preference for later over now throughout our lives. In school we focus on the ends - passing the semester, making the grade, or otherwise getting it all behind us - rather than the present-moment experience of actually learning. As employees, we want the work to be over as soon as it begins. Work culture is driven by quotas, billable hours, budgets, and Gantt charts - bottom lines of any sort. The value is always somewhere ahead of you, rather than here right now, in the room with you. We're perpetually looking ahead to a payday or a weekend or some other kind of finish line. Virtually every day of our lives, we're trained to lean towards something we don't have, which essentially trains us to be dissatisfied with where we already are. — David Cain

Well Trained Employees Quotes By Robert T. Kiyosaki

People are trainable. They can be trained to be either employees or entrepreneurs. — Robert T. Kiyosaki

Well Trained Employees Quotes By Nolan Bushnell

A lot of what is wrong with corporate America has to do with a culture filled with antibodies trained to expel anything different. HR departments often want cookie cutter employees, which inevitably results in cookie cutter solutions. — Nolan Bushnell

Well Trained Employees Quotes By Robert Reich

Well-trained and dedicated employees are the only sustainable source of competitive strength. — Robert Reich

Well Trained Employees Quotes By Carlos Roche

We are trained to be employees, but no one said that we have endure a limited salary that barely keeps pace with inflation. — Carlos Roche