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Top Wedding Arrangements Quotes

Wedding Arrangements Quotes By Leonard Mlodinow

In fact, when some wedding guest inevitably complains about the seating arrangements, you might point out how long it would have taken you to consider every possibility: assuming you spent one second considering each one, it would come to more than half a million years. The unhappy guest will assume, of course, that you are being histrionic. — Leonard Mlodinow

Wedding Arrangements Quotes By Abigail Haversham

to her every whim? As he closed in on Kitlington, though, the duke began to feel a sense of freedom that was quite different. It was true that he'd felt somewhat imprisoned by all the wedding arrangements that constantly surrounded him, and in spite of the timing and urgency of this latest crisis he had to admit it was good to get away for — Abigail Haversham

Wedding Arrangements Quotes By Colm Toibin

Now, she felt that she was being singled out for something for which she was not in any way prepared, and this, despite the fear it carried with it, gave her a feeling, or more a set of feelings, she thought she might experience in the days before her wedding, days in which everyone looked at her in the rush of arrangements with light in their eyes, days in which she herself was fizzy with excitement but careful not to think too precisely about what the next few weeks would be like in case she lost her nerve. — Colm Toibin

Wedding Arrangements Quotes By Robyn Carr

* * * In the afternoon, when Grace was just about to ruin her dinner with a big bowl of popcorn while looking through various online floral arrangements on her laptop, there was a light tapping at her back door. She pulled the curtain to peek out through the window in the door and was shocked to see Iris. She opened the door. Don't newlyweds lay around in bed for several days after the wedding? — Robyn Carr

Wedding Arrangements Quotes By Cat Hellisen

Let Piers and Owen make the wedding arrangements, just don't expect the bride to be there like a dog called to heel. I'll choose my own Gris-damned husband, thank you. If I even want one, and I'm not exactly certain of that. I want life on my own terms, not on the dictates of tradition and of haggling over power and land. — Cat Hellisen