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We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Peter Gilboy

Windham, but not often. There were no murders in anyone's memory, no rapes or molestations or sudden disappearances. It's a quiet town. Windham was perfect, we thought. Safe and sound, and that's where Veronica and I would grow up. We moved there ten years ago. That was in April 2005. I was nine and my little sister Veronica was almost three. My dad, Dr. Simon Taylor, had made a bunch from the popularity of his book, and it was number four on the best-seller list and still holding fast. I'll bet fifty thousand a month was tumbling in, and Dad had already signed a two million dollar advance on his next book. — Peter Gilboy

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Beth Hoffman

Don't grow up too fast, darling. Age is inevitalbe but if you nurture a childlike heart you'll never grow old. — Beth Hoffman

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Robert Redford

The meter is ticking [particularly in the face of climate change], so you've got to get to as much as you can as fast as you can. I grew up with 'This Land Is Our Land,' and public land doesn't belong to that administration or this one. We want our kids to grow up with real natural places, not just photos of them. — Robert Redford

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Howard Fast

Either you get a chance to be a kid when you are a kid, or you don't grow up. — Howard Fast

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Paul Graham

People are bad at looking at seeds and guessing what size tree will grow out of them. The way you'll get big ideas in, say, health care is by starting out with small ideas. If you try to do some big thing, you don't just need it to be big; you need it to be good. And it's really hard to do big and good simultaneously. So, what that means is you can either do something small and good and then gradually make it bigger, or do something big and bad and gradually make it better. And you know what? Empirically, starting big just does not work. That's the way the government does things. They do something really big that's really bad, and they think, Well, we'll make it better, and then it never gets better.
Building Fast Companies for Growth, Inc. September 2013 — Paul Graham

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Billie Holiday

And when you're poor, you grow up fast. — Billie Holiday

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Sarah Hudson

Well, growing up in LA, things are kind of thrust in front of you. You're almost forced to grow up pretty fast, with experiences and stuff. Going to that school there were a lot of rich girls, a lot of partying, a lot of wild things. You're put in this environment where you're forced to wear a uniform. It was all girls, so you rebel naturally, I think. I don't know, I just kind of got inspiration from every day living and going to school. — Sarah Hudson

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Charley Pride

I always wanted to grow up fast. I longed for more than the Mississippi Delta could give. — Charley Pride

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Laurie Halse Anderson

How plants grow: Quickly. Most plants grow fast and die young. People get seventy years, a bean plant gets four months, maybe five. Once the itty-bitty baby plant peeks out of the ground, it sprouts leaves, so it can absorb more sun. Then it sleeps, eats, and sunbathes until it's ready to flower - a teenage plant. This is a bad time to be a rose or a zinnia or a marigold, because people attack with scissors and cut off what's pretty. But plants are cool. If the rose is picked, the plant grows another one. It needs to bloom to produce more seeds. — Laurie Halse Anderson

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Jack Welch

With leadership the question at the beginning of the day is, 'how far can we take this ... how big can we grow it ... and how fast can we get there?' — Jack Welch

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Daniel Defoe

So possible is it for us to roll ourselves up in wickedness, till we grow invulnerable by conscience; and that sentinel, once dozed, sleeps fast, not to be awakened while the tide of pleasure continues to flow or till something dark and dreadful brings us to ourselves again. — Daniel Defoe

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Edmund Spenser

O but," quoth she, "great griefe will not be tould,
And can more easily be thought, then said."
"Right so"; quoth he, "but he, that never would,
Could never: will to might gives greatest aid."
"But grief," quoth she, "does great grow displaid,
If then it find not helpe, and breedes despaire."
"Despaire breedes not," quoth he, "where faith is staid."
"No faith so fast," quoth she, "but flesh does paire."
"Flesh may empaire," quoth he, "but reason can repaire. — Edmund Spenser

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Sarah Kay

And I know we live in different worlds, and we're always really busy, but in my dreams you spin around me so fast, I always wake up dizzy.

So maybe one day you'll grow tired of the road and roll on back to me. — Sarah Kay

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Jennifer Ashley

Daniel walked as tall and strong as Ian or Mac, even Hart. "They grow up so fast," Angelo said when he reacheed Cam.
Cameron glanced at him, thinking the man joking, but Angelo's dark eyes were serious.
"Chilhood is gone in the wink of an eye, and then they have to be men. You Anglos are strange, sending your sons out into the world as soon as they get tall enough. My family has been together forever."
"I notice you don't live with them, Angelo, so don't become sentimental. Besides my family is together. Just a bit spread out."
"Rich Anglos need too much space."
"That is true, but it keeps us from killing each other. — Jennifer Ashley

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Michael Pollan

Those externalized costs have always included labor. It is only the decline over time of the minimum wage in real dollars that's made the fast food industry possible, along with feedlot agriculture, pharmaceuticals on the farm, pesticides and regulatory forbearance. All these things are part of the answer to the question: Why is that crap so cheap? Our food is dishonestly priced. One of the ways in which it's dishonestly priced is the fact that people are not paid a living wage to process it, to serve it, to grow it, to slaughter it. — Michael Pollan

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Lester R. Brown

In this era of tightening world food supplies, the ability to grow food is fast becoming a new form of geopolitical leverage. Food is the new oil. Land is the new gold. — Lester R. Brown

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By James C. Dobson

Girls are under enormous pressures rarely experienced by their mothers, grandmothers, and other women in previous generations. Today's little girls are being enticed to grow up too fast and are encountering challenges for which they are totally unprepared. — James C. Dobson

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Corey Harris

Don't be afraid to write bad songs and then start over and re-evaluate. Songs are like plants, in that you grow them. Some grow really fast, and others need pruning and care ... And, finally, a song needs to move you. If it doesn't move you, it will never move anybody else. — Corey Harris

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Emma Watson

I've never wanted to grow up too fast. I wanted to wear a sports bra until I was 22! ... The allure of being sexy never really held any excitement for me. I've never been in a terrible rush to be seen as a woman. — Emma Watson

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Yet they sense that something is wrong. They can't quite put their finger on the problem. As time passes, they grow more and more dependent on each other; they are getting older; any opportunities to make a new life are vanishing fast. They try to keep busy doing reading or embroidery, watching television, seeing friends, but there is always the conversation over supper or after supper. He is easily irritated, she is more silent than usual. They can see that they are growing further and further apart, but cannot understand why. They reach the conclusion that this is what marriage is like, but won't talk to their friends about it; they are the image of the happy couple who support each other and share the same interests. She takes a lover, so does he, but it's never anything serious, of course. What is important, necessary, essential, is to act as if nothing is happening, because it's too late to change. — Paulo Coelho

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Theodore Dalrymple

Childhood in large parts of modern Britain, at any rate, has been replaced by premature adulthood, or rather adolescence. Children grow up very fast but not very far. That is why it is possible for fourteen-year-olds now to establish friendships with twenty-six-year-olds - because they know by the age of fourteen all they are ever going to know. — Theodore Dalrymple

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Dennis Lehane

We live by night and dance fast so grass can't grow under our feet. That's our creed. — Dennis Lehane

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Respect your body: you can only climb a mountain if you give your body the attention it deserves. You have all the time that life grants you, as long as you walk without demanding what can't be granted. If you go too fast you will grow tired and give up half way there. If you go too slow, night will fall and you will be lost. Enjoy the scenery, take delight in the cool spring water and the fruit that nature generously offers you, but keep on walking. — Paulo Coelho

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Jean Webster

Oh, I'm developing a beautiful character! It droops a bit under cold and frost, but it does grow fast when the sun shines.
That's the way with everybody. I don't agree with the theory that adversity and sorrow and disappointment develop moral strength. The happy people are the ones who are bubbling over with kindliness. — Jean Webster

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Melanie Kay Taylor

Sometimes, I think, that in the mornings when you first wake up, every thing that happened in the previous day rushes through our mind so fast, we, A: Don't realize it. B: Become more tired, die a little inside, and become groggy. Since everyday, we die a little inside we age closer and closer to death. We constantly grow older, and we're constantly dying. Therefore, don't wake me up early, or I'll take it that you wanted to kill me. — Melanie Kay Taylor

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Isla Fisher

When your parents divorce, it makes you grow up fast. I'd urge parents to strongly consider working things out. I'd work things out and I'd definitely stay put. — Isla Fisher

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Andy Biersack

As we grow up we learn that even the person that wasnt supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it gets harder every time. Youll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. Youll fight with your best friend. Youll blame a new love for things an old one did. Youll cry because time is passing too fast, and youll eventually lose someone you love, so take many pictures, laugh too much and love like youve never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is one minute of happiness youll never get back. — Andy Biersack

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Soleil Moon Frye

And just like that, I became my mother. We all do, if only for a moment at a time. That person we never think we will be like when we grow up is the person we see in our own reflection. How did that happen so fast? — Soleil Moon Frye

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By M.C. Scott

It was a sad place to be at war; never in all my life have I seen corn grow so fast, nor grass fatten beasts to such weight. The herders of Raphana would have sold their grandmothers for such bounty, although they might have claimed them back again as recompense for the floods that were said to
assail the land in winter. — M.C. Scott

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Eric Schmidt

Scaling needs to be a core part of your foundation. Competition is much more intense and competitive advantages don't last long, so you have to have a "grow big fast" strategy. — Eric Schmidt

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Wendelin Van Draanen

It's disturbing how fast weeds take root in my garden of worthiness.
They're so hard to pull.
And grow back so easily. — Wendelin Van Draanen

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Christofer Drew

Never try to grow up too fast, but don't linger in the child you were — Christofer Drew

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Laura Linney

We all have a limited amount and that it's a privilege to grow old. That's something that I think a lot of people have forgotten in this very fast-paced world where youth is overly celebrate. — Laura Linney

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By John Green

I am thinking that I don't want this to happen. I don't want to die. I don't want my friends to die. And to be honest, as the time slows down and my hands are in the air, I am afforded the chance to think one more thought, and I think about her. I blame her for this ridiculous, fatal chase
for putting us at risk, for making me into the kind of jackass who would stay up all night and drive too fast. I would not be dying were it not for her. I would have stayed home, as I have always stayed home, and I would've been safe, and I would have done the one thing I have always wanted to do, which is to grow up. — John Green

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By George Stroumboulopoulos

If I wasn't in broadcasting I would like to grow a gigantic beard; and I would like to open a motorcycle garage somewhere in the desert in Nevada and I would disappear and work on bikes, make them really fast. I would love to just race motorcycles for a living if I could do it, but I'm just not that good at it so this is what I'm doing. — George Stroumboulopoulos

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Pras Michel

There's a harsh reality - nothing lasts forever. You have to be ready to grow, and grow fast. — Pras Michel

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Arjuna Mahendran

Indian manufacturing is constrained in its growth by the fact that it just can't ship goods in and out fast enough to compete with Chinese delivery time. India needs to really focus on this aspect if it is going to grow at anything above 7 percent. — Arjuna Mahendran

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Bernard Arnault

We are really very lucky to have so many fantastic brands. But to grow them we should not be too much in a hurry. They are growing fast, but they have to grow accordingly to the market and to the capacity we have to deliver good products. — Bernard Arnault

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Beth Hoffman

Don't grow up to fast, darling. Age is inevitable, but if you nuture a childlike heart, you'll never ever grow old. — Beth Hoffman

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Samuel Smiles

It is possible that the scrupulously honest man may not grow rich so fast as the unscrupulous and dishonest one; but the success will be of a truer kind, earned without fraud or injustice. And even though a man should for a time be unsuccessful, still he must be honest: better lose all and save character. For character is itself a fortune ... — Samuel Smiles

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Brenda Ueland

When I am really alone some power seems to grow in me ... Conjugality made me think of a three-legged race, where two people cannot go fast and keep tripping each other because their two legs are tied together. — Brenda Ueland

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Philip Neri

Do not grieve over the temptations you suffer. When the Lord intends to bestow a particular virtue on us, He often permits us first to be tempted by the opposite vice. Therefore, look upon every temptation as an invitation to grow in a particular virtue and a promise by God that you will be successful, if only you stand fast. — Philip Neri

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Leo Buscaglia

We want to gently remind people that we don't have forever. In my work, I hear parents complain all the time that their children grow up so fast. But they don't take the time to sit down and talk to each other. The last bastion of getting together is around the table. — Leo Buscaglia

We Grow Up So Fast Quotes By Bo Burlingham

The shareholders who own the businesses in this book have other, nonfinancial priorities in addition to their financial objectives. Not that they don't want to earn a good return on their investment, but it's not their only goal, or even necessarily their paramount goal. They're also interested in being great at what they do, creating a great place to work, providing great service to customers, having great relationships with their suppliers, making great contributions to the communities they live and work in, and finding great ways to lead their lives. They've learned, moreover, that to excel in all those things, they have to keep ownership and control inside the company and, in many cases, place significant limits on how much and how fast they grow. The wealth they've created, though substantial, has been a byproduct of success in these other areas. I call them small giants. — Bo Burlingham