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Of all the facts I daily live with, there's none more comforting than this; If I have two rooms, one dark, the other light, and I open the door between them, the dark room becomes lighter without the light one becoming darker. I know this is no headline, but it's a marvelous footnote; and comforts me in that. — Gerhard E Frost

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The reason mountain climbers are tied together is to keep the sane ones from going home. — Gerhard E Frost

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So with Easter. It was fun, as a child, to bound down the stairs to find seasonal sweet-treats under each plate, but again, with the passing of time, and the shadow of death over our broken family circle, I've seen Easter as highest necessity. If hope is to flourish, it had better be true. — Gerhard E Frost

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In parenting and teaching, let this be our aim: Not to make every idea safe for children, but every child safe for ideas. — Gerhard E Frost

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We blossom under praise like flowers in sun and dew; we open, we reach, we grow. — Gerhard E Frost