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Australia smelt of apples. Ripe, green, crisp apples. A smell so sharp and sweet it made my teeth tingle. — Andrea Levy

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Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live — Andrea Levy

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My beloved son Thomas did caution, when first I set out to flow this tale upon the world, that although they may not be felt like a fist or a whip, words have a power that can nevertheless cower even the largest man to gibbering tears. — Andrea Levy

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For, like the wind, the sun, or the flowing river, like a soaring man-of-war or a beetle under a stone, like a spider at a web or a crab scuttling sideways across a shore, Nimrod was free. — Andrea Levy

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Gilbert: How Clark Gable turn every women's head so? Foolish young English girls would see a movie star in every GI with the same Yankee-doodle voice. Glamour in US privates named Jed, Buck or Chip, with their easy-come-by-gifts and Uncle Sam sweet-talk. Dreamboats in hooligans from Delaware or Arizona with fingernails that still carried soil from home, and eyes that crossed with any attempt at reading. Heart-throbs from men like those in the tea-shop, who dated their very close relatives and knew cattle as their mental equal. — Andrea Levy

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Describe snow to someone who's lived in the desert. Depict the colour blue for a blind man. Almost impossible to fashion the word. — Andrea Levy

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If truly tested, how would we react? — Andrea Levy

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Why you wan' the whole world when ya have a likkle piece a hope here? Stay. Stay and fight, man. Fight till you look 'pon what you wan' see. — Andrea Levy

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There are some words that once spoken will split the world in two. There would be the life before you breathed them and then the altered life after they'd been said. They take a long time to find, words like that. They make you hesitate. Choose with care. Hold on to them unspoken for as long as you can just so your world will stay intact. — Andrea Levy

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We went up and up into the heavens until people were just dots below us. As we hung right at the top
the twinkling electric lights below mingling with the stars
Father said something I will never forget. He said, 'See here, Queenie. Look around. You've got the whole world at your feet, lass. — Andrea Levy

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He looked so pained that I dreamed of taking his hands and making him dance — Andrea Levy

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The very notion of Great Britain's "greatness" is bound up with Empire,' the cultural theorist, Stuart Hall, once wrote: 'Euro-scepticism and littel Englander nationalism could hardly survive if people understood whose sugar flowed through English blood , and rotted English teeth. — Andrea Levy

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Paved with gold, no - but, yes, diamonds appear on the ground in the rain — Andrea Levy