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Want To Get Rich Quotes By Bernie Sanders

The American people want to raise the minimum wage. Every poll tells us that. That bill will not get to the floor of the Senate. The American people want to ask the rich to pay more in taxes. But the legislation that will get to the floor is tax breaks for billionaires. — Bernie Sanders

Want To Get Rich Quotes By John Waters

So to make movies, if you're first goal is to make money, well you can! Make a tent-pole movie that China wants. But that's not the kind of thing that's really going to get your remembered. You're not going to change anything with that. You might become rich from it! — John Waters

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Roald Dahl

There is something about very cold weather that gives one an enormous appetite. Most of us find ourselves beginning to crave rich steaming stews and hot apple pies and all kinds of delicious warming dishes; and because we are all a great deal luckier than we realize, we usually get what we want - or near enough. — Roald Dahl

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Anonymous

Everything you say, everything you do and every decision you make comes back to you. If you want to make friends, be friendly. If you want to be rich, be generous, if you want to be understood by others, take time to be understanding of them. And if you want to be heard, then listen. Life is what you make out of it. So If you want the world to change, start with the one in the mirror. What you give is eventually what you get. Whatever it is you hope to achieve in this life, give it, nurture it, be it, and you will enjoy a lifetime filled with it many times over. — Anonymous

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Katya G. Cohen

Why is it that we claim to want certainty? Only fools and cowards seek certainty. Certainty is a dead end; it's a rich old widow living out the rest of her days on the Upper East Side with a little dog and big memories. Unless you are a senior citizen, you'll go nuts after a few weeks of knowing what the rest of your life will bring. You'll die of boredom. But uncertainty is what keeps us alive. It is that flip of a coin, that brief moment when it's in the air or spinning on its side, that snaps us out of our daily stasis. Some invisible Odds Gods are giving you a chance to become better, smarter, richer. What fun it is to get paid if you earned it by the skin of your teeth, by the close call. And how dreadful it is to shoot fish in a barrel. Exposure to uncertainty earns you membership in a select tribe: You are a Padawan mastering the Force. Once the trade is on, once the die has been cast, you're in a parallel, auspicious universe. — Katya G. Cohen

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

The faster you want to get rich, the more accurate with numbers you must be. — Robert Kiyosaki

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

If you want to be rich, think of the savings and get them. — Benjamin Franklin

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Hannah Lillith Assadi

When you are rich, your past disappears. You get everything you want when you want it . . . Everyone wants to know you. Everyone wants to be your friend. — Hannah Lillith Assadi

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Abigail Thomas

What I used to fear was growing old - not the aches and pains part or the what-have-I-done-with-my-life part or the threat of illness, none of that. I just couldn't imagine what my life would be like without the option of looking good. I had a piece of good luck. I married Rich in my late forties and thus was eased into middle age while living with a man who approved of the way I looked. When after three years of marriage I lamented the fact that I had put on a good deal of weight, he said, "Don't worry. I love it all. You can get as fat as you want." Then, upon reflection, he added sweetly, "As long as you can still get up from your chair. — Abigail Thomas

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Jenny Holzer

Ruin your fucking self before they do. Otherwise they'll screw you because you're a nobody. They'll keep you alive but you'll have to crawl and say "thank-you" for every bone they throw. You might as well stay drunk or shoot junk and be a crazy fucker. If the rich guys want to play with you, make them get their hands dirty. Send them away gagging, or sobbing if they're soft-hearted. You'll be left alone if you're frightening, and dead you're free! — Jenny Holzer

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Geraldo Rivera

Rich people who own mansions on the beach shouldn't get federal subsidies. If you want to stay there, take the risk. — Geraldo Rivera

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Maria Shriver

I thought I had to show people that I would get in early, stay late or even all night, work on holidays. I didn't want to be the rich kid who was along for a free ride. — Maria Shriver

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Laurie A. Helgoe

What we share as introverts is the love of ideas and the desire to explore them with minimal interruption. We want and need input, but we'd rather get it through reading, research, and rich conversation than through unfiltered talk. — Laurie A. Helgoe

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Charlie Munger

We've had the most massive creation of wealth for people a lot younger than those who formerly got wealth in the history of the world. The world is full of young people who really want to get rich, and when I left school nobody thought it was a reasonable possibility. — Charlie Munger

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Richelle Mead

Did you really just invite Adrian to your room later?" asked Lissa.
Avery shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe. Sometimes we hang out once you guys are all tucked into bed. You aren't going to get jealous, are you?"
"No," laughed Lissa.
"Just curious. Adrian's a good guy."
"Oh?" asked Christian. "Define 'good'." Avery held up her hand and began ticking items off with each finger. "He's devastatingly handsome, funny, rich, related to the queen ... "
"You got your wedding colors picked out?" asked Lissa, still laughing.
"Not yet," said Avery. "I'm still testing the waters. I figured he'd be an easy notch on the Avery Lazar belt, but he's kind of hard to read."
"I really don't want to be hearing this," Christian said. — Richelle Mead

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Jim Cramer

I will stand up for what I believe and for what I have always believed: Every person has a right to be rich in this country and I want to help them get there. — Jim Cramer

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Martina Navratilova

People who are rich want to be richer, but what's the difference? The toys get different, that's all. The rich guys buy a football team, the poor guys buy a football. It's all relative. — Martina Navratilova

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Claudia Gray

The people who get their portraits painted-rich people-they want to look good. — Claudia Gray

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Linda Lael Miller

Your people back in Pennsylvania - what are they like?" Caleb finished his work and turned to face Lily, his arms folded. Because the barn was shadowy and he was wearing that blasted campaign hat of his she could barely see his face. "Decent, hardworking, ordinary enough." "Rich?" Lily inquired. "Yes, you could say that." Lily sighed. Marrying the major might eliminate her current dilemma, but once the back-east Hallidays got a good look at her the snobbery would begin all over again. Caleb's family would wonder what had possessed their long-lost son to choose an orphan with a questionable reputation for his wife. He curved a finger under her chin and lifted it. "They'd take to you immediately, sodbuster," he said. "It's me they've got no use for." "And if they didn't?" "They would. Now let's get back to the fort - that is, unless you want to stop at the church and get married first." Lily thought for a moment, then shook her head. Caleb — Linda Lael Miller

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

We are all so bent and determined to get what we want, we miss the lessons that could be learned from life's experiences. Many of my AIDS patients discovered that the last year of their lives was by far their best. Many have said they wouldn't have traded the rich quality of that last year of life for a healthier body. Sadly, it is only when tragedy strikes that most of us begin attending to the deeper aspects of life. It is only then that we attempt to go beyond surface concerns-what we look like, how much money we make, and so forth-to discover what's really important. — Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Damien Hirst

Art is the closest you can get to immortality, though it's a poor substitute - you're working for people not yet born - and people want it because it is brilliant. It ends up in museums anyway; the rich have to give it back to the people, it's their only option. There are no pockets in a shroud. — Damien Hirst

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Rita Rudner

Someday I want to be rich. Some people get so rich they lose all respect for humanity. That's how rich I want to be. — Rita Rudner

Want To Get Rich Quotes By William Deresiewicz

You're told that you're supposed to go to college, but you're also told that you are being self-indulgent if you actually want to get an education. As opposed to what? Going into consulting isn't self-indulgent? Going into finance isn't self-indulgent? Going into law, like most of the people who do, in order to make yourself rich, isn't self-indulgent? It's not okay to study history, because what good does that really do anyone, but it is okay to work for a hedge fund. It's selfish to pursue your passion, unless it's also going to make you a lot of money, in which case it isn't selfish at all. — William Deresiewicz

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Kevin O'Leary

Do you want to be rich or not? Let's get focused on that, buddy — Kevin O'Leary

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Tom Bosley

I want to help people with depression understand that there is hope, so that they can get the help they need to live rich, fulfilling lives. — Tom Bosley

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Yo Gotti

Like LeBron James, we already know how good the man is. We know he can play. He's rich. But he still want a ring. N!ggas know my music hot. That's proven. Now its time to get the ring. — Yo Gotti

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Rich Froning Jr.

This life is temporary, this body is temporary, but while I'm here I want to get as much out of it as I can — Rich Froning Jr.

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Philipp Meyer

The white people are crazy. They all want to be rich, same as we do, but they do not admit to themselves that you only get rich by taking things from other people. They think that if you do not see the people you are stealing from, or if you do not know them, or if they do not look like you, it is not really stealing. — Philipp Meyer

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Colin Quinn

The Vikings thought they were big shots because they had boats. You know how obnoxious people get when they own a boat. They always want to go on the boat. "We're taking the boat out this weekend. It's supposed to be beautiful. Why don't you come? You never come. You're always working. You know how many people wish they would get invited to come on the boat? And you turn it down. — Colin Quinn

Want To Get Rich Quotes By John Sandford

You think we could get them around by the pool?" Taryn asked. "Well, we could, but why would we?" "Because it looks rich. The point is, if this hurts me, I'll be hurt with the more conservative voters out here," Taryn said. "The richer ones. I want to make the point, 'I'm one of you.' I've got the liberals no matter what. — John Sandford

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Romain Gary

-Would you wish us to invest it for you?
-No, I would like you to set up a trust for dumb animals.
-What kind of dumb animals do you have in mind, Miss Donahue?
-Oh, stray dogs. Rats. Birds.
-We could still invest it for you. Then the animals would get the income without touching the capital.
-No, I don't wish to invest it. I don't want them to get rich. They might become human. — Romain Gary

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Mike Vallely

I don't want to be an object of consumption. I like to get out there and participate because I care about it. It's not because I've gotten filthy rich off the hides of young skaters that I feel some sickening obligation to act on, and make myself look like I'm not that bad of a guy. It's because I actually care. — Mike Vallely

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Robert McKee

Beyond imagination and insight, the most important component of talent is perseverance - the will to write and rewrite in pursuit of perfection. Therefore, when inspiration sparks the desire to write, the artist immediately asks: Is this idea so fascinating, so rich in possibility, that I want to spend months, perhaps years, of my life in pursuit of its fulfillment? Is this concept so exciting that I will get up each morning with the hunger to write? Will this inspiration compel me to sacrifice all of life's other pleasures in my quest to perfect its telling? If the answer is no, find another idea. Talent and time are a writer's only assets. Why give your life to an idea that's not worth your life? — Robert McKee

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Paul Ryan

I don't want to get into the 'who's a hostage-taker' discussion here, but what is the estate tax? It's a double tax on death. Economists will tell you that it's really not a tax that soaks the rich, but it's a tax on capital that deprives business investment and therefore job creation. — Paul Ryan

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Barack Obama

I think that most Americans don't resent people for getting rich. They want to get rich themselves. — Barack Obama

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Caitlin Moran

I never wanted to be famous. It was amusing at first, but now I hate it. I just wanted to be respected by people I respect. And I wanted to be rich. It's best to get rich, then you can do what you want. — Caitlin Moran

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Kind of," I said, "still, think about this. Everyone's built the same. It's like we're all riding together on a broken airplane. Of course there are lucky people, there are also unlucky people. There're tough people, and weak people, rich people, and poor people. However, not a single person's broken the mold with his toughness. We're all the same. Everyone who has something is afraid of losing it, and people with nothing are worried they'll forever have nothing. Everyone is the same. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you'll want to get stronger. Even if you're just pretending. Don't you think? — Haruki Murakami

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Bill Maher

If you want to get rich with a tax free enterprise that sells nothing, start a church. — Bill Maher

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Hugh Laurie

We want different things. Men want to have sex with a woman. Then they want to have sex with another woman. And then another. Then they want to eat cornflakes and sleep for a while, and then they want to have sex with another woman, and another, until they die. Women,' and I thought I'd better pick my words carefully when describing a gender I didn't belong to, 'want a relationship. They may not get it, or they may sleep with a lot of men before they do get it, but ultimately that's what they want. That's the goal. Men do not have goals. Natural ones. So they invent them, and put them at either end of a football pitch. And then they invent football. Or they pick fights, or try and get rich, or start wars, or come up with any number of daft bloody things to make up for the fact that they have no real goals.'
'Bollocks,' said Ronnie.
'That, of course, is the other main difference. — Hugh Laurie

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Bill Murray

To people who want to be rich and famous, I'd say, "Get rich first and see if that doesn't cover it." — Bill Murray

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Sherry Turkle

Human relationships are rich and they're messy and they're demanding. And we clean them up with technology. Texting, email, posting, all of these things let us present the self as we want to be. We get to edit, and that means we get to delete, and that means we get to retouch, the face, the voice, the flesh, the body
not too little, not too much, just right. — Sherry Turkle

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Anthony Kiedis

When John left the band, I resented him for not being my friend and for abandoning our musical comradeship. But all the time that he was out of the band and going through his anguish, I prayed for him constantly. From going to meetings I'd learned that one of the reasons that alcoholics get loaded is because they harbor resentments. One of the techniques they teach to get rid of a resentment toward somebody is to pray for him or her to get everything that you want for yourself in life-to be loved, to be successful, to be healthy, to be rich, to be wonderful, to be happy, to be alive with the light and the love of the universe. It's a paradox, but it works. You sit there and pray for the person you can't stand to get everything on earth that you would want for yourself, and one day you're like 'I don't feel anything bad toward this person. — Anthony Kiedis

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Vance Havner

It is a matter of whether one wants to get rich or be rich. We can be rich in Christ Jesus or perhaps get rich in Egypt, but we cannot do both. — Vance Havner

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Rasheed Ogunlaru

You may possibly become rich by just caring about yourself and what you want to gain from your profession and your life but you cannot possibly enrich the lives of everyone you meet that way. — Rasheed Ogunlaru

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Jack Kemp

I never met a poor person who wanted to soak the rich; they want to get rich. — Jack Kemp

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Malcolm Forbes

In all the thrashing about that results from our dwindling gold reserves, it's about time that this country and other countries get some perspective on the situation. The day this country is out of the stuff, that day gold becomes what it's worth as a metal and no longer will have much significance as a monetary measurement. It isn't the gold we have that makes this nation rich. It's what we make, our knowhow, our productivity. So long as this country produces more and better, the world will continue to want what we make. — Malcolm Forbes

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Jeanette Coron

If you want to get rich on the outside, then become rich on the inside first. You will reap on the outside what you sow on the inside. — Jeanette Coron

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Mike Matheny

If you want to teach a kid a life skill, teach him reality. Give him a picture of what the world will throw his way. Even the rich and famous have their share of heartache and loss. People go broke. People get sick. Loved ones die. There are setbacks, cutbacks, rollbacks, buyouts, layoffs, bankruptcies. Is it fair to reward a kid for everything he does until he's eighteen, filling his room with trophies regardless how he performs, and then find him shocked the first time he fails a course or loses a girlfriend or gets fired from a job? — Mike Matheny

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Eric Thomas

We live in a society that says "You Gotta get yours" and I'm not suggesting that you don't handle your business but I want to show people ... Gandhi gave, Mother Theresa gave, Martin Luther King gave, Rosa Parks gave, Sojourner Truth gave, and these people had a rich life! They may have not had a Rolls Royce, Range Rover, or lived in the best neighborhoods but they changed history forever and they changed lives forever and that's what I aim to do. — Eric Thomas

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Daniel Tosh

One day, I want to get rich enough so that every time I walk into a room I can release a dozen doves. — Daniel Tosh

Want To Get Rich Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

Among the rich you will never find a really generous man even by accident. They may give their money away, but they will never give themselves away; they are egotistic, secretive, dry as old bones. To be smart enough to get all that money you must be dull enough to want it. — G.K. Chesterton

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Ray Bradbury

How in hell did those bombers get up there every single second of our lives! Why doesn't someone want to talk about it! We've started and won two atomic wars since 2022! Is it because we're having so much fun at home we've forgotten the world? Is it because we're so rich and the rest of the world's so poor and we just don't care if they are? I've heard rumors; the world is starving, but we're well fed. Is it true, the world works hard and we play? Is that why we're hated so much? I've heard the rumors about hate too, once in a long while, over the years. Do you know why? I don't, that's sure! Maybe the books can get us half out of the cave. They just might stop us from making the same damn insane mistakes! — Ray Bradbury

Want To Get Rich Quotes By A.E. Via

Mmmm. Fuck yeah. Syn was so glad to see a glimpse of Furi's controlling side appear that it had him pumping his hips forcefully into the mattress while he pulled Furi's smooth cheeks apart and dove in, eating his hole with all the fierce animalistic lust he felt. "Yeah, Syn. Eat that fuckin' hole," Furi panted, lifting and rubbing his ass against Syn's face. Furi tasted better than the rich dessert they'd just consumed. Full of musk with a hint of his body wash. Syn knew he had to get that tight star to loosen up good so his lover wouldn't experience much discomfort, the same way Furi did for him. Syn didn't want to rush this, he had to calm down, they had all night. He slowed his energetic nipping to slow circles around Furi's pucker before dipping inside for his first deep taste. Furi's flavor was strongest there and it made Syn feel drunk. "Furi. — A.E. Via

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Kobe Bryant

You want me to own a team and deal with these rich, spoiled stubborn athletes, and try to get them to perform? No thank you. — Kobe Bryant

Want To Get Rich Quotes By George Lakoff

Conservatives are also against unions and want to legislate them out of existence via what are called "right to work" laws. Such laws see employment through a Strict Father lens: as simply a matter of individual responsibility by the employee. Conservative enmity against unions follows from the moral hierarchy: Rich Over Poor; Employer Over Employee. Unions are actually agents of freedom - freedom from corporate servitude and wage slavery. Without unions, employees have to individually take what is offered, usually far less than they would get with a union: not just pay but worker safety, health care benefits, pensions, reasonable working conditions and hours, reasonable vacation time. What is "reasonable"? What the union members can negotiate. Unions create freedom. Austerity — George Lakoff

Want To Get Rich Quotes By T. Harv Eker

Becoming rich isn't as much about getting rich financially as about whom you become, in character and mind, to get rich. I want to share a secret with you that few people know: the fastest way to get rich and stay rich is to work on developing you! The idea is to grow yourself into a successful person. Again, your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world. You are the root; your results are the fruits. — T. Harv Eker

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Jason Harvey

Your life is rich with possibility, and you are the only one who can discover the opportunities that will allow you to live your dreams. You must open your eyes to what can be, envision the life you want, and take the steps to get yourself to that place. I — Jason Harvey

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

It's still possible for an American to make a fortune on his own." "Sure - provided somebody tells him when he's young enough that there is a Money River, that there's nothing fair about it, that he had damn well better forget about hard work and the merit system and honesty and all that crap, and get to where the river is. 'Go where the rich and the powerful are,' I'd tell him, 'and learn their ways. They can be flattered and they can be scared. Please them enormously or scare them enormously, and one moonless night they will put their fingers to their lips, warning you not to make a sound. And they will lead you through the dark to the widest, deepest river of wealth ever known to man. You'll be shown your place on the riverbank, and handed a bucket all your own. Slurp as much as you want, but try to keep the racket of your slurping down. A poor man might hear. — Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Robert Reich

One of the things I tell my students is that if you want to understand what's been going on and also what needs to be done, you've got to get out of the blame game. Some people on the left want to blame the rich and corporations. Some people on the right want to blame the poor and government. Either of those frames of reference gets you nowhere and they aren't even truthful. You've got to understand the dynamic itself. — Robert Reich

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Andy Rooney

Most of us aren't that interested in getting rich- we just don't want to get poor. — Andy Rooney

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Hajer W

if you want to succeed, think about all the ways that can make you fail. You want to get rich, think about all the ways that can make you poor. — Hajer W

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Jose N. Harris

I want to get rich through hard work ...
As long as it is not mine! — Jose N. Harris

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Cher

I just don't understand how anyone would want to be a Republican. I just can't figure it. I don't understand. If you're poor, if you're any kind of minority - gay, black, Latino, anything. If you're not a rich born-again-Christian, I don't get it. — Cher

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Gene Weingarten

Mostly, you become a writer not because you want to get rich or famous, but because you have to write; because there is something inside that must come out. — Gene Weingarten

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Wallace D. Wattles

You want to get rich in order that you may surround yourself with beautiful things, see distant lands, feed your mind, and develop your intellect; in order that you may love others and do kind things, and be able to play a good part in helping the world to find truth. — Wallace D. Wattles

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Taylor Jenkins Reid

You should know this about the rich: they always want to get richer. It is never boring, getting your hands on more money. When — Taylor Jenkins Reid

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Bernard Cornwell

The priests are like Offa," I said. "They want us to be their dogs, well schooled, grateful and obedient, and why? So they can get rich. They tell you pride is a sin? You're a man! It's like telling you breathing is a sin, and once they've made you feel guilty for daring to breathe, they'll give you absolution in return for a handful of silver. — Bernard Cornwell

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Dana Perino

What I do see in New York and I am amazed is how many rich women will complain about the cost of something and get things for free.I would never want to be like them, but I can see why they save money. — Dana Perino

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Lisa Wingate

I don't want someone who's just with me until things get a little too difficult, or something better comes along, or marriage isn't as much fun as it used to be. I want the real thing-for better or worse, rich, poor, sickness, health, forever and ever, amen. — Lisa Wingate

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Dave Brat

We want everybody to get rich. The Republican Party is often called unloving, uncaring, not generous, or whatever - that's a bunch of baloney. We're the party that believes in free markets. — Dave Brat

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Robert L. Priddy

Every other start-up wants to be another United or Delta or American. We just want to get rich. — Robert L. Priddy

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Robert T. Kiyosaki

CASHFLOW clubs are not for those who want to get rich quick. CASHFLOW clubs are there to support the long-term mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial changes a person needs to go through. We all change and evolve at different rates of speed so you are encouraged to go at your own speed. — Robert T. Kiyosaki

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Tom Hanks

I don't ask for much. I don't ask to be rich, and I don't ask to be famous, and I don't ask to play center field for the New York Yankees. I just want to get married and have a wife, and a house, and I want to have a kid, and I want to go see him be a tooth in the school play! — Tom Hanks

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Drew Barrymore

I love being single. It's great. I get to be who I am and do what I want and be with the people I love. I feel like I have everything and I'm very fortunate, and it's very rich fulfilling time in my life. — Drew Barrymore

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Anonymous

Eat that fuckin' hole," Furi panted, lifting and rubbing his ass against Syn's face. Furi tasted better than the rich dessert they'd just consumed. Full of musk with a hint of his body wash. Syn knew he had to get that tight star to loosen up good so his lover wouldn't experience much discomfort, the same way Furi did for him. Syn didn't want to rush this, he had to calm down, they had all night. He slowed his energetic nipping to slow circles around Furi's — Anonymous

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Barack Obama

And when it comes to developing the high standards we need, it's time to stop working against our teachers and start working with them. Teachers don't go in to education to get rich. They don't go in to education because they don't believe in their children. They want their children to succeed, but we've got to give them the tools. Invest in early childhood education. Invest in our teachers and our children will succeed. — Barack Obama

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Once you are enlightened, you can do whatever you want without fear or sorrow. You can go snowboarding, get married, stay single, be rich and famous, or live unknown in a high Himalayan cave. It is up to you. — Frederick Lenz

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Cory Doctorow

That's why you never hear politicians talking about 'citizens,' it's all 'taxpayers,' as though the salient fact of your relationship to the state is how much you pay. Like the state was a business and citizenship was a loyalty program that rewarded you for your custom with roads and health care. Zottas cooked the process so they get all the money and own the political process, pay as much or as little tax as they want. Sure, they pay most of the tax, because they've built a set of rules that gives them most of the money. Talking about 'taxpayers' means that the state's debt is to rich dudes, and anything it gives to kids or old people or sick people or disabled people is charity we should be grateful for, since none of those people are paying tax that justifies their rewards from Government Inc. — Cory Doctorow

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Thor Duffin

There are two ways to get rich. Either get more, or want less. — Thor Duffin

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Juvenal

He who wants to get rich wants to get rich quickly. — Juvenal

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Truman Capote

I don't mean I'd mind being rich and famous. That's very much on my schedule, and someday I'll try to get around to it; but if it happens, I'd like to have my ego tagging along. I want to still be me when I wake up one fine morning and have breakfast at Tiffany's. — Truman Capote

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Ray Bradbury

And finally, have you trained well enough so you can say what you want to say without getting hamstrung? Have you written enough so that you are relaxed and can allow the truth to get out without being ruined by self-conscious posturings or changed by a desire to become rich? — Ray Bradbury

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Amy Irving

There is a sort of creative purity in an independent film, in the passion of the director, the passion of the crew. They're not getting a whole lot of money, so you know they are not there because they want to get rich. Instead, they are there because they want to make a movie. In the bigger films, I remember when I used to do those, it's just a job for a lot of people, so there is less of an intense energy devoted to the whole project. — Amy Irving

Want To Get Rich Quotes By John Steinbeck

They was this rich fella, an he makes like he's poor, an they's this rich girl, an she purtends like she's poor too, an' they meet in a hamburg' stan'
I don't know why-that's how it was.
Why'd they purtend like they's poor?
Well, they're tired of bein' rich.
You want to hear this, or not?
Well, go on then. Sure, I wanta hear it, but if I was rich, if I was rich I'd get so many pork chops-I'd cord 'em up aroun' me like wood, an' I'd eat my way out. Go on. — John Steinbeck

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Jim Piddock

People say that you want to be varied in your career, and I've done so many things and am very appreciative. But, the one thing I've never done and wanted to do was to be a regular on a TV show, where you get 22 weeks of the year to develop and play a character. I've done arcs of five or eight episodes on shows, but I'd like to have a character that's rich enough and deep enough to want to explore and live with for a few years. Playing the same character, but doing different scenes seems very exciting to me. — Jim Piddock

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Don Marquis

If you want to get rich from writing, write the sort of thing that's read by persons who move their lips when they're reading to themselves. — Don Marquis

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Michael Cunningham

Without rich people who want it done now, who would animate the free world? In theory, you want everyone to live peacefully according to their needs, along the banks of a river. In fact, you worry that you'd die of boredom there. In fact, you get a buzz from someone like Carole Potter, who keeps prize chickens and could teach a graduate course in landscaping; who maintains a staff of four (more in the summers, during High Guest Season); a handsome, slightly ridiculous husband; a beautiful daughter at Harvard and an incorrigible son doing something or other on Bondi Beach; Carole who is charming and self-deprecating and capable, if pushed, of a hostile indifference crueler than any form of rage; who reads novels and goes to movies and theater and yes, yes, bless her, buys art, serious art, about which she actually fucking knows a thing or two. — Michael Cunningham

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Donald Trump

How to get rich ... whenever I meet people, that's usually what they want to know from me. You ask a banker how he makes bread. You ask a billionaire how he makes money. — Donald Trump

Want To Get Rich Quotes By H.W. Charles

Never rush into an investment without prior research and deliberation. The Tanakh says, "Without deliberation, plans go wrong" (CJB, Proverbs 15:22). "One rushing to get rich will not go unpunished. He who is greedy rushes after riches, not knowing that want will overtake him" (CJB, Proverbs 28:20, 22). — H.W. Charles

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Joseph Stalin

In speaking of the capitalists who strive only for profit, only to get rich, I do not want to say that these are the most worthless people capable of doing nothing else. Many of them undoubtedly possess great organising talent, which I would not dream of denying. We Soviet people learn a lot from the capitalists. But if you mean people who are prepared to reconstruct the world, of course you will not be able to find them in the ranks of those who faithfully serve the cause of profit..The capitalist is riveted in profit and nothing can tear him away from it. — Joseph Stalin

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Kris Kristofferson

If you're in it because you love it and you have to do it, that's the right reason. If you're in it because you want to get rich or famous, don't do it. People often say that my first years in Nashville, when I wasn't getting anything cut, were tough. Hell, those were great years. — Kris Kristofferson

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Gertrude Stein

I do want to get rich but I never want to do what there is to get rich. — Gertrude Stein

Want To Get Rich Quotes By John Leguizamo

T is for me because I needed to do this. I really think actors shouldn't act unless they really need it in their lives. I think it has to be something that is so much a part of your chemistry, such a passion, that you can't live without it. You should not do it just because you are seeking fame or want to get rich. — John Leguizamo

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

What answer had your lecturer in Moscow to make to the question why he was forging notes? 'Everybody is getting rich one way or another, so I want to make haste to get rich too.' I don't remember the exact words, but the upshot was that he wants money for nothing, without waiting or working! We've grown used to having everything ready-made, to walking on crutches, to having our food chewed for us. Then the great hour struck, and every man showed himself in his true colours. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

Most people try to get rich by being cheap and the price for that is that you live cheap and there is so much money out there; why would you want to live cheap? — Robert Kiyosaki

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Charlie Munger

I don't have too much interest in teaching other people how to get rich. And that isn't because I fear the competition or anything like that - Warrenhas always been very open about what he's learned, and I share that ethos. My personal behavior model is Lord Keynes: I wanted to get rich so I could be independent, and so I could do other things like give talks on the intersection of psychology and economics. I didn't want to turn it into a total obsession. — Charlie Munger

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Rajneesh

Where does the ego get its energy? The ego feeds off your desire to be something else. You are poor and you want to be rich - the ego is absorbing energy, its life-breath. You are ignorant and you want to become a wise one - the ego is absorbing energy. You are a wretched nobody and you want to become powerful - the ego is absorbing energy. — Rajneesh

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Linda Tirado

If you think poor people are entitled, try denying a rich person with an attitude some service they think they've earned. It's like grief - there are phases. Anger and denial are first. Then comes "do you understand how fucked you are if I don't get the thing I want?" Followed by "I demand to see your manager" and "I've never been treated so poorly in my life." The final stage is bargaining, where they try to give you extra money because all of life is like valet service to them, and an extra five bucks can change the world. If — Linda Tirado

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Patsy Cline

I don't want to get rich - just live good. — Patsy Cline

Want To Get Rich Quotes By Eddie Kirkland

I don't want to get rich. I just want to play my music for the people. — Eddie Kirkland