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Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Pooch Hall

I think athletically I can be okay with any role, but I'm willing to go over and beyond for my work. My fan base is so strong and loyal, and they wanna see me evolve. I'm where I'm supposed to be and I want to challenge myself with the people that are doing it real big. — Pooch Hall

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By David Byrne

I knew I wanted to have a doll of myself on the cover. I thought, I wanna see myself as a Ken doll. — David Byrne

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Jana Oliver

Riley found her friend studying the contents of one of the store's display windows. It was full of sparkle. "How do you catch this thing?" he asked.
She dug in her bag, pulled out a sippy cup, and handed it to him.
"You're joking, right?" he said. "You trap demons with cups that have dancing bears on them?"
She glowered at him. "See the glitter in the bottom? Klepto-Fiends can't resist it."
He held up the sippy cup and compared it to the exquisitely cut diamonds in the store window.
"Wanna bet?"
And I brought him along why? — Jana Oliver

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Steven Page

I hate sports. My reaction to the ball is this [kicks soccer ball] Don't kick it back to me. I don't wanna see it again. — Steven Page

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Jamie Foxx

Being just an actor, sometimes people are like, "Hey, man, we don't wanna see you no more, in front of the camera," and I don't want that. — Jamie Foxx

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Jon Gruden

I just wanna see some football. — Jon Gruden

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Bernie Mac

I don't think the people wanna see me play Clyde Johnson the architect. — Bernie Mac

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Arafath Shanas

I dont wanna see you again.
B'coz U'r the one left me here ...
but, what to do ...
You are always just crossing ...
I cant love you, as u left me..
same time I cant hate you ... b'coz.. one day you have to take me out from here..!! — Arafath Shanas

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Jen Sincero

Making a big fat deal out of anything is absurd. It makes much more sense to go after life with a sense of, "Why not?" instead of a furrowed brow. One of the best things I ever did was make my motto "I just wanna see what I can get away with." It takes all the pressure off, puts the punk rock attitude in, and reminds me that life is but a game. — Jen Sincero

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Gayle Forman

He looks at me and then, reverting to the voice he'd used with Kendra, says, 'If homegirls wanna see me as ghetto trash'
he stops and switches to his lispy, sassy voice
'or big-ass queer'
now he switches to his deepest Shakespeare voice
'I shall not take it upon myself to disabuse them. — Gayle Forman

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Jay Park

Australia! I wanna see some saltwater crocodiles! — Jay Park

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Walaa WalkademAgmal

You may change cause people wanna see you like you are ordinary , But you fight so hard for changing cause someone saw you extraordinary — Walaa WalkademAgmal

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Dave Matthews Band

We gotta do much more than believe if wanna see the world change
We gotta do much more than believe if we really wanna change things
We gotta do much more than believe, go on try it, go on try it
We gotta do much more than believe if we wanna see the world change — Dave Matthews Band

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By David Wain

You could be making so much money, and your bank statement gets bigger and bigger, but if you're not psyched to go to work in the morning, it doesn't matter. It sucks. So you wanna just be psyched to see the people that you work with, and have fun with. Then you've won. — David Wain

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Amy Ferris

if you really wanna save yourself, you gotta be willing to throw someone else a line, grab onto someone else and save them, help them, hold them. You gotta be willing to see another person's suffering and pain and look them in the eye and say, I know how you feel. I. Know. How. You. Feel. — Amy Ferris

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Taj Bourgeois

when the rain arrives" she said "I will dig a hole to meditate in"
she said a lot of good things, but i don't know if she did them
i asked if she would dig it so deep that no one could see her
unless they looked inside, and she said "let's get gin"
i didn't want gin though I wanted to put water balloons
in people's mail boxes, but she wanted gin so i bought gin
i sat on the edge of her bed and held her tarantula
i showed her my bob dylan book called "tarantula"
she was scrolling through instagram, and the tarantula was still
i said "wanna dig a hole to meditate in?"
she said "yeah do you wanna get naked?"
I set the tarantula in it's vitrine and placed bob dylan's book on top — Taj Bourgeois

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Billy Joel

People pay a lot of money to go see shows now, they don't wanna know about your technical problems, or if you're not feeling good, they don't wanna know we have a glitch. It's their night, you better do something to earn that money. — Billy Joel

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Cara McKenna

Oh." His hips bucked faintly with the moan. "I've got so much for you. So much. I wanna see it slip down your pretty chin when I fill that mouth up. — Cara McKenna

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Conor McGregor

It's gone, boxing's gone. What is there in boxing? Who is there to talk about, who is there that people go, "Yeah I want to fight him?", and fans go "I wanna see that fight"? There's Floyd Mayweather, and he is 38, 39, he's maybe got one fight left. What else is there? He'll have a last fight or two and a couple of guys will get a few million dollars, but way less than I'm gonna be getting in future. This sport is getting bigger all the time, and I am making it bigger. — Conor McGregor

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Laura Nyro

I was raised on the good book Jesus Till I read between the lines Now I don't believe I ever wanna see the morning — Laura Nyro

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Richard Castle

You remember how he used to be girl on either arm? You really don't see that guy too much anymore. Why do you think that is? He's waiting for you. I know you're dealing with stuff but you cannot ask him to wait forever! Unless of course, you're okay with him pulling away."
"What if it doesn't work out? What if it ends up like you and Javier?"
"Well at least we gave it a shot. And so it didn't work out, so what? Now, we can move on give or take the occasional booty call."
"I just don't wanna lose what we have, you know?"
"Girl please! What exactly do you have, really?"
"A friendship."
"No. What you and I have is a friendship. What you and castle have is a holding pattern. How long can you circle before the fuel runs out? — Richard Castle

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

I swear, Kat, you drive like you're playing a video game. (Cassandra) Yeah, yeah. Wanna see the ray gun I have under the hood to zap them if they don't get out of my way? (Katra) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Tim Minchin

I don't know what it is about "magic happens"-stickers on cars but every time I see one I wanna get out my permanent marker and sneak over and write underneath it "so does cot death". — Tim Minchin

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Dakota Fanning

Doing the movies and meeting the people, and I like the stories of the movies. I like names a lot, too. When I do an audition, there is a script and it has a first page that has the names of all the characters. I'm like, Let me see that real quick, I wanna see what my name is gonna be. — Dakota Fanning

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Rosie Perez

The racism, the sexism, I never let it be my problem. It's their problem. If I see a door comin' my way, I'm knockin' it down. And if I can't knock down the door, I'm sliding through the window. I'll never let it stop me from what I wanna do. — Rosie Perez

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Himmilicious

Eventually,we would mean nothing to each other and become strangers again. What I want you to do, either become someone to me or stay nothing at all because when we go strangers to each other, I don't wanna see another me by your side waiting to be nothing.. — Himmilicious

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Tom Jones

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone, it's not unusual to have fun with anyone. But when I see you hanging about with anyone, it's not unusual to see me cry. I wanna' die. — Tom Jones

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Chester Bennington

Alright ... here's the deal. What's happening in this piece is very simple, over here on this side ... you see that there is a very scared little kinda guy over there ... wanna know why he's scared? Because this guy over here is trying to eat him. — Chester Bennington

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Jamie Farrell

You wanna go see my old bedroom?"
"Is that a pickup line?"
"Come on inside and you'll find out."
How was a girl supposed to resist an offer like that? — Jamie Farrell

Wanna See You Soon Quotes By Maia Maranghello

Do you ever got this feeling of being too small?
That kind of size that can make you almost disappear.
And everything around is so big, giant ... that you don't even get overwhelmed, because you are too small to even see it.
Like the whole universe, is so big that we can't even imagine how small we really are.
Yes, exactly, that kind of size, or even smaller ...
That is the size I wanna feel right now. — Maia Maranghello