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Wallowing In Misery Quotes & Sayings

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Top Wallowing In Misery Quotes

Wallowing In Misery Quotes By William Goldman

Wesley: To the pain means the first thing you will lose will be your feet below the ankles. Then your hands at the wrists. Next your nose. The next thing you will lose will be your left eye followed by your right.
Prince Humperdink: And then my ears, I understand let's get on with it.
Wesley: WRONG. Your ears you keep and I'll tell you why. So that every shriek of every child at seeing your hideousness will be yours to cherish. Every babe that weeps at your approach, every woman who cries out, "Dear God! What is that thing," will echo in your perfect ears. That is what to the pain means. It means I leave you in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever. — William Goldman

Wallowing In Misery Quotes By Margaret Mallory

Let's get your face washed and fix your hair," Catriona said. "My mother used to say that will make ye begin to feel better."
"Mine said that too, but it won't help this time."
"Well, my mother also said that wallowing in misery never fixed a thing. — Margaret Mallory

Wallowing In Misery Quotes By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I would not have traded the delights of my suffering for anything in the world. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez