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Wallet Stolen Quotes By Charles Bukowski

What'll I do?" I asked my woman. "You just shit in the bushes." It was a more crowded camp, one of those roadside machinations, tourists abounding, so I had to put on my clothing. I wasn't entirely sober. I walked along and looked at the bushes. I selected some. I got out of my bluejeans, hung them on a bush but before I could squat the beershit began; waterfalls began rolling down my legs - wetwash of stinking beer mildewed with improperly chewed and improperly digested food. I grabbed at a bush and squatted, pissed on my feet, and eliminated a few very soft turds. My pants fell off the bush and onto the ground. I leaped up, worried about my wallet. And, of course, it had fallen out of my pants. I staggered about the brush looking for it and managed to step right into my excretia, me who had stolen the land from the Indians. — Charles Bukowski

Wallet Stolen Quotes By Penny Reid

Duane's mouth parted slightly and his eyebrows lifted high on his forehead. All hints of his earlier frown had vanished. Unless I was misreading his expression, he appeared to be a little lost, like maybe I'd stolen his breath and his wallet and his passport and his memories. Really, he looked stunned. — Penny Reid

Wallet Stolen Quotes By Frank Luntz

Most voters would rather have their purse or wallet stolen than be audited by the IRS. — Frank Luntz

Wallet Stolen Quotes By Will Eisner

[Before the Spirit] I had been producing comic books for 15-year-old cretins from Kansas [I wanted to aim for] a 55-year-old who had his wallet stolen on the subway. You can't talk about heartbreak to a kid. — Will Eisner

Wallet Stolen Quotes By Neve McIntosh

I used to have a lovely wallet with lots of different compartments where I kept photographs of my grandmother, grandfather and friends. It was stolen one night when I was out in Edinburgh, and I never got it back. — Neve McIntosh

Wallet Stolen Quotes By Alexandra Shipp

Hollywood is a dirty temptress that has stolen my wallet way too many times. It's a great town, but at the same time, it's a hustle. — Alexandra Shipp