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Top Waco Quotes

Waco Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

I didn't see any NRA officials killing babies in Waco ... — P. J. O'Rourke

Waco Quotes By Ann Richards

I was born during the Depression in a little community just outside Waco, and I grew up listening to Franklin Roosevelt on the radio. — Ann Richards

Waco Quotes By Steve Stockman

Waco was supposed to be a way for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and the Clinton administration to prove the need for a ban on so-called assault weapons. — Steve Stockman

Waco Quotes By Gore Vidal

FBI slaughter of the innocents at Waco was a model Jacobin enterprise. — Gore Vidal

Waco Quotes By Jeff Cooper

Already a couple of the faithful have sent in checks for a foundation memorial to the innocents who perished at the hands of the ninja at Waco ... I have been criticized by referring to our federal masked men as "ninja" ... Let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view. — Jeff Cooper

Waco Quotes By Joanna Gaines

By the time Chip and I met, he'd managed to combine these two conflicting sides of himself: the kid who steered clear of trouble and did the right thing, and the kid who rode his Big Wheel full speed into the street without looking both ways. I had never met anyone like him. It's funny to me to think that the whole opposites-attract thing might have been programmed into my DNA. Just as my outgoing mother was drawn to my quiet dad, I was this shy girl drawn to the super-outgoing Chip Gaines. And the fact that he owned a successful lawn and irrigation business and had made up his mind that he loved Waco and wanted to stay put was somehow a perfect fit with everything I knew I wanted myself. — Joanna Gaines

Waco Quotes By Leonard Peltier

I do not believe Federal Government fear me at all, they know the truth. They know I am not a dangerous person, they hold me as a hostage to discourage other people from possibly standing up to their valued system. In their minds, right or wrong the public is expected to lay down for them. You see examples of this, at the Ruby Ridge massacre and the Waco massacre, where they killed all those children and group members. — Leonard Peltier

Waco Quotes By Kinky Friedman

In April 1933, Willie's mother, Myrle, gave birth to him in a manger somewhere along the old highway between Waco & Dallas. There were angels in attendance that night. Some of them, no doubt, flying too close to the ground: — Kinky Friedman

Waco Quotes By Sean Hannity

However, I also want to say this. The ranch standoff that took place out in Nevada was not about a man named Cliven Bundy. At the heart of this issue was my belief that our government is simply out of control. Now, to me, this was about a federal agency's dangerous response to a situation that could have resulted in a catastrophe, and that means people dying and people being shot, kind of comparable to what we saw in Waco, Texas. — Sean Hannity

Waco Quotes By James Bovard

I was amazed at how easy it was for the Clinton Administration to basically cover what they did at Waco in the fog of lies and avoid any responsibility for it. — James Bovard

Waco Quotes By Eduard Limonov

Both David Koresh and Timothy McVeigh fell in the fight for freedom, the right of the Americans to be left alone. — Eduard Limonov

Waco Quotes By Jesse Plemons

I grew up in a town outside of Waco, Texas, and we had 30 acres. — Jesse Plemons

Waco Quotes By Clint Eastwood

At Waco, was there really an urgency to get those people out of the compound at that particular time? Was the press going to make it look heroic for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms? At Ruby Ridge, there was one guy in a cabin at the top of the mountain. Was it necessary for federal agents to go up there and shoot a 14-year-old in the back and shoot a woman with a child in her arms? What kind of mentality does that? — Clint Eastwood

Waco Quotes By Bob Barr

When conducted with proper preparation, and in a focused and professional manner, oversight of executive branch actions can reveal serious shortcomings by government officials and help prevent recurrence; the 'Waco hearings,' conducted over a two-week period in 1995, stand as an example of such an undertaking. — Bob Barr

Waco Quotes By John D. MacDonald

Settled for a blooming redhead from Waco, Takes-us, name of Molly Bea Archer, carefully cut her out of the pack and trundled her, tipsy and willing, back to the Busted Flush. — John D. MacDonald

Waco Quotes By Timothy McVeigh

If there would not have been a Waco, I would have put down roots somewhere and not been so unsettled with the fact that my government ... was a threat to me. Everything that Waco implies was on the forefront of my thoughts. That sort of guided my path for the next couple of years. — Timothy McVeigh

Waco Quotes By Margaret Atwood

They might play Extinctathon, or one of the others. Three-Dimensional Waco, Barbarian Stomp, Kwiktime Osama. They all used parallel strategies: you had to see where you were headed before you got there, but — Margaret Atwood