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Top Visualization Quotes

Visualization Quotes By Claude M. Bristol

Undoubtedly we become what we envisage. — Claude M. Bristol

Visualization Quotes By Jim Carrey

I would visualize things coming to me. It would just make me feel better. Visualization works if you work hard. That's the thing. You can't just visualize and go eat a sandwich. — Jim Carrey

Visualization Quotes By Michael Phelps

Before the (Olympic) trials I was doing a lot of relaxing exercises and visualization. And I think that that helped me to get a feel of what it was gonna be like when I got there. I knew that I had done everything that I could to get ready for that meet, both physically and mentally — Michael Phelps

Visualization Quotes By Brad Willis

My first epiphany that this might work came on my first day, when I went into biofeedback. They hooked me up to computers through electrodes, put me in a comfortable lounge chair, put an eye pillow over my face, slipped speakers onto my head and played an audio guided visualization. — Brad Willis

Visualization Quotes By Margaret Atwood

I tried to visualize my jealousy as a yellowy-brown cloud boiling around inside me, then going out through my nose like smoke and turning into a stone and falling down into the ground. That did work a little. But in my visualization a plant covered with poison berries would grow out of the stone, whether I wanted it to or not. — Margaret Atwood

Visualization Quotes By Hina Hashmi

Ask and visualize for what your intuition has guided you for because visualization is the strongest tool for manifestation. — Hina Hashmi

Visualization Quotes By John Updike

On the single strand of wire strung to bring our house electricity, grackles and starlings neatly punctuated an invisible sentence. — John Updike

Visualization Quotes By Jerry Uelsmann

Let us not be afraid to allow for post-visualization. By post-visualization I refer to the willingness on the part of the photographer to revisualize the final image at any point in the entire photographic process. — Jerry Uelsmann

Visualization Quotes By Charles F. Haanel

Then comes the process of visualization. You must see the picture more and more complete, see the detail, and, as the details begin to unfold the ways and means for bringing it into manifestation will develop. One thing will lead to another. Thought will lead to action, action will develop methods, methods will develop friends, and friends will bring about circumstances, and, finally, the third step, or Materialization, will have been accomplished. — Charles F. Haanel

Visualization Quotes By Esther Hicks

You can offer your vibration on purpose. That's what visualization is. That's what imagination is: projecting thought energy on purpose. — Esther Hicks

Visualization Quotes By Jack Dangermond

Mapping and visualization is a huge area of work and is of interest to many people. We're working on reinventing a new kind of 3D cartography to make it easier to tell stories with 3D maps. — Jack Dangermond

Visualization Quotes By Jigme Lingpa

The forms of the central and surrounding deities ... should not be protruding like a clay statue or cast image, yet neither should they be flat like a painting. In contrast, they should be apparent, yet not truly existent, like a rainbow in the sky or the reflection of the moon in a lake. They should appear as though conjured up by a magician. Clear appearance involves fixing the mind one-pointedly on these forms with a sense of vividness, nakedness, lucidity, and clarity. — Jigme Lingpa

Visualization Quotes By Ben Shneiderman

The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures — Ben Shneiderman

Visualization Quotes By Twyla Tharp

What I do remember is visualization of the sound of music, seeing bodies in movement in relation to how music sounded, because my mother practiced at the keyboard a lot and I also went to her lessons. As a two year old, three year old I remember seeing things in movement. — Twyla Tharp

Visualization Quotes By Helwig Hauser

into large and complex datasets is a prevalent theme in current visualization research for which different approaches are pursued. Topology-based methods are built on the idea of abstracting characteristic structures such as the topological skeleton from the data and to construct the visualization accordingly. Even — Helwig Hauser

Visualization Quotes By Victoria Beckham

I believe in creative visualization. — Victoria Beckham

Visualization Quotes By Conor McGregor

I always teach myself calm and visualization stuff. — Conor McGregor

Visualization Quotes By Judith Orloff

As a skilled psychologist, Dr. Reznick draws from her wealth of experience to offer children and parents a treasure trove of skills to relieve stress. She presents well-written, easy-to-follow tools to use in every situation. From visualization techniques to breathing exercises, Dr. Reznick taps the power of a child's imagination to ensure kids achieve peace and success. — Judith Orloff

Visualization Quotes By David J. Anderson

Decide the outer boundaries of the kanban system. It is often best to limit this to the immediate span of political control. Do not force visualization, transparency, and WIP limits on any department that does not volunteer to collaborate. — David J. Anderson

Visualization Quotes By Sarah Ban Breathnach

Always remember that dreams-your creative visualizations-must come before their physical manifestations. — Sarah Ban Breathnach

Visualization Quotes By Oliver Burkeman

Confronting the worst-case scenario saps it of much of its anxiety-inducing power. Happiness reached via positive thinking can be fleeting and brittle, negative visualization generates a vastly more dependable calm. — Oliver Burkeman

Visualization Quotes By Dudjom Lingpa

If these key points are not understood, some people will neglect clear visualization and the holding of vajra pride, and concentrate solely on the repetition of mantra. Some will hold that the deities and pure realms exist in their own right, and so even though they engage in sadhana practice they will not awaken to buddhahood. Thus, you must understand these key points! — Dudjom Lingpa

Visualization Quotes By Amanda Schull

I also have a routine with breathing and visualization techniques that I go through when I feel overwhelmed or nervous. — Amanda Schull

Visualization Quotes By Danah Zohar

High SQ demands the most intense personal integrity. It demands that we stand open to experience, that we recapture our ability to see life and others afresh, as though through the eyes of a child, to learn how to tap into our intuition and visualization, as a powerful means of using our inner knowing to "make a difference." It demands that we cease to seek refuge in what we know and constantly explore and learn from what we do not know. It demands that we live the questions rather than the answers. — Danah Zohar

Visualization Quotes By David J. Schwartz

Look at things not as they are, but as they can be. Visualization adds value to everything. A big thinker always visualizes what can be done in the future. He isn't stuck with the present — David J. Schwartz

Visualization Quotes By Robert Rolih

The definition of a person who practices visualization and positive thinking, without taking action: a broke loser. — Robert Rolih

Visualization Quotes By Karan Mahajan

The months and years of struggle were suddenly canceled by three weeks of exercise and some visualization and focus. — Karan Mahajan

Visualization Quotes By Black Cat Press

Hair Growth Want long and luscious hair? We all know how long it can take to grow hair so here is a spell/potion to help quicken up the process. You will need: 1 clove of garlic 1 onion A pair of scissors Directions: On the night of a full moon crush up one garlic clove and one onion until it is of paste like consistency. Cut a small chunk of your hair and cover it in the garlic and onion mixture. Find a willow tree and bury the hair beside it. Each night visualize the moon shining down on the place where you buried your hair. Imagine the piece of hair growing longer and longer. Do the above visualization each night until your hair reaches your desired length. — Black Cat Press

Visualization Quotes By Julie Connor

Visualization prepares you for the experience of success. As you become increasingly optimistic and excited about ideas that motivate you, you open yourself to new ideas, meaningful relationships, and exhilarating opportunities. — Julie Connor

Visualization Quotes By Earl Nightingale

Visualization is the human being's vehicle to the future - good, bad, or indifferent. It's strictly in our control. — Earl Nightingale

Visualization Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger

I never set limits or created mental barriers. You may have read that I imagined my biceps as big as mountain peaks when I did my curling exercises. This visualization process was essential if I was to gain the kind of mass and size I needed to win the mr Olympia contest against monsters like Sergio Olivia and Lou ferrigno. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Visualization Quotes By Yoko Ono

Your thoughts create reality. The most pragmatic way to create world peace is to use your power of visualization. Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace, Imagine Peace. Your thoughts will soon cover the planet. The most important thing is to believe in your power. It works. — Yoko Ono

Visualization Quotes By Ansel Adams

One sees differently with color photography than black-and-white ... in short, visualization must be modified by the specific nature of the equipment and materials being used. — Ansel Adams

Visualization Quotes By Susan Jeffers

You have to do something to make your real life match your visualization. — Susan Jeffers

Visualization Quotes By Jerry Gladstone

Visionaries are hyper-focused to make sure there dreams come through. Be a visionary! — Jerry Gladstone

Visualization Quotes By Esther Hicks

- But Abraham, you mean I'm supposed to make stuff up !?!?
- You are creators, you make stuff up all the time! — Esther Hicks

Visualization Quotes By Stewart Liff

Imagine an organization where the physical plant honors the mission, celebrates the employees, shares information, holds people accountable, shapes the outside world's view and helps drive performance. That would be an organization which uses visual management. — Stewart Liff

Visualization Quotes By Alberto Cairo

A data visualization should only be beautiful when beauty can promote understanding in some way without undermining it in another. Is beauty sometimes useful? Certainly. Is beauty always useful? Certainly not. — Alberto Cairo

Visualization Quotes By Esther Hicks

Seconds of focused pleasureable visualization is stronger than 2000 hours of working to obtain a goal — Esther Hicks

Visualization Quotes By Scott Hicks

The visualization of my films is always very important to me and I work very closely with my cinematographers. I've never had the same cinematographer twice now that I think about it. I don't know why that is. Everyone is always busy. They do three or four films a year. It's vital to me. — Scott Hicks

Visualization Quotes By Hans Reichenbach

We can ... treat only the geometrical aspects of mathematics and shall be satisfied in having shown that there is no problem of the truth of geometrical axioms and that no special geometrical visualization exists in mathematics. — Hans Reichenbach

Visualization Quotes By Georges St-Pierre

The key to effective visualization is to create the most detailed, clear and vivid a picture to focus on as possible. The more vivid the visualization, the more likely, and quickly, you are to begin attracting the things that help you achieve what you want to get done. — Georges St-Pierre

Visualization Quotes By Trey Burke

There's a DVD called 'The Secret.' It's like visualization and meditation, certain methods I use before games, visualizing the games before they happen. — Trey Burke

Visualization Quotes By Harrison Ford

The capacity to create [visual] effects in the computer has made the job easier, but it has also introduced the complexity that you can with a few more keystrokes generate such a busy canvas that the eye doesn't know where to go. You lose human scale on an event and you're just wowed by the kinetics and the visualization. But, often in those cases I feel you lose touch with the human characters and what it is that they would feel and how they might feel, and that's still the most important part. — Harrison Ford

Visualization Quotes By Siegfried Sassoon

If I ever thought of myself as a man of thirty-five it was a visualization of dreary decrepitude. — Siegfried Sassoon

Visualization Quotes By Stephen King

Description begins with visualization of what it is you want the reader to experience. It ends with you translating what you see in your mind into words on the page. — Stephen King

Visualization Quotes By Bohdi Sanders

Visualization is basically the process of making a movie in your mind. You want to see yourself in many different situations, using your martial arts skills or your de-escalation skills to walk away from specific conflicts victoriously. The key to successful visualization is that you always see yourself being victorious. You don't want to visualize yourself screwing up or making mistakes. Visualizing yourself losing or messing up, is like practicing your martial arts skills incorrectly, over and over again. — Bohdi Sanders

Visualization Quotes By Christian D. Larson

The man who never weakens when things are against him will grow stronger and stronger until all things will delight to be for him. He will finally have all the strength he may desire or need. Be always strong and you will always be stronger.Picture in your mind your own best idea of what a strong, well-developed individuality would necessarily be, and then think of yourself as becoming more and more like that picture. In this connection it is well to remember that we gradually grow into the likeness of that which we think of the most. Therefore, if you have a very clear idea of a highly developed individuality, and think a great deal of that individuality with a strong, positive desire to develop such an individuality, you will gradually and surely move towards that lofty ideal. — Christian D. Larson

Visualization Quotes By Jon Jones

I take it so seriously as far as meditation, notes, visualization, preparation, everything. I take it a lot more serious than a lot of people that play this sport. I'm obsessed with the game that I play. — Jon Jones

Visualization Quotes By Richard Louv

Nature inspires creativity in a child by demanding visualization and the full use of the senses. — Richard Louv

Visualization Quotes By Kenneth Copeland

Words create pictures, and pictures in your mind create words. And then the words come back out your mouth ... And when that spiritual force comes out it is going to give substance to the image that's on the inside of you. Aw, that's that visualization stuff! Aw, that's that New Age! No, New Age is trying to do this; and they'd get somewhat results out of it because this is spiritual law, brother. — Kenneth Copeland

Visualization Quotes By Lady Gaga

My fashion is my most prized possession for two reasons: 1) because it is a visualization of all the hard work I've put in to get where I am today; 2) because it is a legend to the encyclopedia of my life. It is exactly what I've aimed to seep into the artistic consciousness of people all over the world - that life is an art form. — Lady Gaga

Visualization Quotes By Hina Hashmi

We can attract almost anything by using our imagination. All we need to do is to hold the picture of desires/dreams in our mind and focus on it as it blends with emotions that are of higher vibrations. — Hina Hashmi

Visualization Quotes By Regina Taylor

I handle my emotional pain by changing my mind-set. Exercising can exorcise emotional pain. Prayer and meditation. Visualization. Being able to talk about it by opening yourself to loved ones or a professional. — Regina Taylor

Visualization Quotes By Steve Robinson

Be appreciative of the good trait you already possess. As for the one you want to acquire, picture it in your mind using visualization. Act as if you already possess that trait. Visualize that trait until what you see in your mind and the feelings you feel in your body are one. Believe me. Once that picture is engraved in your mind, your body will start to align itself to match it. We — Steve Robinson

Visualization Quotes By Audrey Flack

Visualize what you want to do before you do it. Visualization is so powerful that when you know what you want, you will get it. — Audrey Flack

Visualization Quotes By Alan Cohen

To make the world a better place, see the world as a better place. — Alan Cohen

Visualization Quotes By Chuck Norris

The fact is that everyone has ki, which is really little more than a technique of visualization allowing one to utilize the internal energy that we all have and letting it flow through the body ... — Chuck Norris

Visualization Quotes By Harvey MacKay

I believe that visualization is one of the most powerful means of achieving personal goals. — Harvey MacKay

Visualization Quotes By Judith Schaechter

Is an 'idea' an advance visualization of a piece? Part of a piece? If anything - if it hasn't already evaporated - it's one of the very first things sacrificed during the actual process of making something. — Judith Schaechter

Visualization Quotes By Lindsey Stirling

Visualization - it's been huge for me. Your mind doesn't know the difference between imagination and reality. You can't always practice perfectly - my fingers will play a little bit out of tune, or my dance moves might not be as sharp - but in my mind, I can practice perfectly. — Lindsey Stirling

Visualization Quotes By Grete Waitz

Exercise and sports are greatly affected by what goes into the mind, and the mind is greatly affected by sports and exercise as well. This is true among exercisers at all levels, despite their different goals. A major element in mental training is visualization ... Visualizing a positive outcome can create a pattern of success, as long as you set realistic and specific goals. — Grete Waitz

Visualization Quotes By Leo Ornstein

There are some people, by the way, that associate a certain amount of visualization with the performance of music. Those are people that really are not centrally concerned only with music, the traditional things. — Leo Ornstein

Visualization Quotes By David Viscott

Frequently, visualization is the key to lose weight. Imagine yourself with your desired body, and work for it. At some point in the future, this wish will come true. — David Viscott

Visualization Quotes By Ray Floyd

Visualization. It may be the most important part of your mental package. — Ray Floyd

Visualization Quotes By Lorii Myers

Visualization engages the mind and encourages the body. — Lorii Myers

Visualization Quotes By Shakti Gawain

We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or other people's models, learn to be ourselves, and allow our natural channel to open. — Shakti Gawain

Visualization Quotes By Chip Kidd

Design is, literally, purposeful planning. Graphic Design, then, is the form those plans will take. — Chip Kidd

Visualization Quotes By Bo Bennett

Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose. — Bo Bennett

Visualization Quotes By Ravindra Shukla

Simplify? Let me try. In school days, we are taught that if there are four animals in a room and you add two more, the total will be six. That is logic. But behind this logic, there are underlying assumptions. Now, if somebody tells you, there are four rats in the room and if you add two more cats in the room, how many animals in total exist in the room now? The answer will depend upon assumption. If you just use your mathematical brain, you will say six animals. If you use your human brain, you will say two animals. Why two animals? Because the two cats will eat the four rats in no time. — Ravindra Shukla

Visualization Quotes By Kathryn Minshew

When The Daily Muse initially wanted to launch a job board, our first ideas were insanely (and needlessly) complex. We wanted to integrate with social networks, gather rich personal data to build predictive algorithms, and put together numerous cool visualization tools before launching out to the world. We were just sure users would love it! — Kathryn Minshew

Visualization Quotes By Terry Tempest Williams

Story is a sacred visualization, a way of echoing experience. — Terry Tempest Williams

Visualization Quotes By John Calipari

The only thing I pay attention to with free throws is what a guy does in the final four minutes of a game. If you can improve players' self-esteem and confidence, get them to relax, teach visualization and routine, they will shoot as well, or better, with the pressure on. — John Calipari

Visualization Quotes By Camille Duvall

I train myself mentally with visualization. The morning of a tournament, before I put my feet on the floor, I visualize myself making perfect runs with emphasis on technique, all the way through to what my personal best is in practice ... The more you work with this type of visualization, especially when you do it on a day-to-day basis, you'll actually begin to feel your muscles contracting at the appropriate times. — Camille Duvall

Visualization Quotes By Bill Brown

One of the most common traits among successful people is getting up early in the morning. They put their personal priorities in front of other people's priorities as they know that their priority has to be done if it is to be done. This is why they don't spend the first few hours checking their email but instead use the early hours of the day as their 'me' time. Even a few minutes of visualization and positive thinking in the early hours — Bill Brown

Visualization Quotes By Cameron Stracher

It is the power of visualization that enables us to reach out toward the future, whether our goal is to bring down a mammoth, write a book, or set a new record time in a race. — Cameron Stracher

Visualization Quotes By Barbara Duden

Now, we see what we are shown. We have gotten used to being shown no matter what, within or beyond the limited range of human sight. This habituation to the monopoly of visualization-on-command strongly suggests that only those things that can in some way be visualized, recorded, and replayed at will are part of reality ... The result is a strange mistrusts of our own eyes, a disposition to take as real only that which is mechanically displayed in a photograph, a statistical curve, or a table. Eyewitness testimony must be "substantiated" by records that have been acquired, and can be stored and then shown. — Barbara Duden

Visualization Quotes By Alberto Cairo

visualization is not something that happens on a page or on a screen; it happens in the mind — Alberto Cairo

Visualization Quotes By Kenichi Fukui

This simple idea served to provide information on the geometrical shape of reacting molecules, and I was able to make the role of the frontier orbitals in chemical reactions more distinct through visualization, by drawing their diagrams. — Kenichi Fukui

Visualization Quotes By Sakyong Mipham

If you decide to go on a Buddhist path, you have to be careful if you start mixing a lot of different traditions you are not totally familiar with - mixing this kind of meditation with that kind of practice or this kind of visualization with that kind of mantra. Then you really are concocting your own thing, and you have no idea what is going to happen. — Sakyong Mipham

Visualization Quotes By Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche

You cannot simply take a mala from someone else and start using it. When you buy a mala you have to make sure that it accords with the advice we have just discussed, and then before you use a mala - whether it is old or new - you should bless it. How do we bless the mala? There are different methods for blessing a mala, and some are more elaborate than others. In Buddhism there are two types of conduct: elaborate and simple. Elaborate conduct, for example, involves having many thangkas, statues, and lots of offerings, such as flowers and so forth. However, Buddhism is also very practical, and so there are more simple forms of practice where you utilize visualization. However, you should not use unelaborated versions of practice simply out of laziness. Making offerings are an important part of practice since these actions accumulate merit, and it is merit that brings about our happiness. People often refer to luck and fortune, but really — Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche

Visualization Quotes By Roshan Sharma

It takes time for the things to manifest. Everything needs necessary energy for its manifestation. — Roshan Sharma

Visualization Quotes By Agnes Repplier

The cure-alls of the present day are infinitely various and infinitely obliging. Applied psychology, autosuggestion, and royal roads to learning or to wealth are urged upon us by kindly, if not altogether disinterested, reformers. Simple and easy systems for the dissolution of discord and strife; simple and easy systems for the development of personality and power. Booklets of counsel on 'How to Get What We Want,' which is impossible; booklets on 'Visualization,' warranted to make us want what we get, which is ignoble. — Agnes Repplier

Visualization Quotes By Liane Moriarty

He knew how the audition was going to affect their lives for the next ten weeks as she slowly lost her mind from nerves and the strain of trying to scrounge precious practice time from an already jam-packed life. No matter how much time poor Sam gave her, it would never be quite enough, because what she actually needed was for him and the kids to just temporarily not exist. She needed to slip into another dimension where she was a single, childless person. Just between now and the audition. She needed to go to a mountain chalet (somewhere with good acoustics) and live and breathe nothing but music. Go for walks. Meditate. Eat well. Do all those positive-visualization exercises young musicians did these days. She had an awful suspicion that if she were to do this in reality, she might not even miss Sam and the children that much, or if she did miss them, it would be quite bearable. — Liane Moriarty

Visualization Quotes By Dave Stockton

The key ideas are simple. Find your own signature and stick to it, and follow a consistent routine. Feel it instead of trying to do it. Improve your visual interpretation of the speed and line of your putt, and roll the ball without wasting too much time and letting that visualization deteriorate. — Dave Stockton

Visualization Quotes By Pen

Visualization: daydreaming with a purpose. — Pen

Visualization Quotes By Theresa-Marie Rhyne

Every day I create a new color study using an online or mobile app. So, I decided to write a book on Applying Color Theory to Digital Media and Visualization to teach others how easy it is and the joy in doing their own color studies. — Theresa-Marie Rhyne

Visualization Quotes By H.W. Brands

He had always had a gift for conjuring images in his mind's eye. It was one of the secrets of his military success. — H.W. Brands

Visualization Quotes By Bernie Siegel

It is astounding how much the immune system is strengthened by reducing daily mental stress levels with either visualization or meditation. The other great tonic for the immune system is love - loving ourselves as well as others. — Bernie Siegel

Visualization Quotes By Shakti Gawain

The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be. — Shakti Gawain

Visualization Quotes By Josee Chouinard

The bus ride to the arena ... I slipped on my Discman and listened to some of my favourite music, all the while imagining myself on the ice. Visualization and imagery are very important in figure skating, or any sport for that matter. This is where you see yourself in your mind performing in front of an audience and judges. I also imagine how I am going to feel during the performance. During the bus ride, I pictured myself skating a perfect program. — Josee Chouinard

Visualization Quotes By Rhonda Byrne

Visualization is the process of creating pictures in your mind of yourself enjoying what you want. When you visualize, you generate powerful thoughts and feelings of having it now. The law of attraction then returns that reality to you, just as you saw it in your mind. — Rhonda Byrne

Visualization Quotes By Robert Penn Warren

If you want him to do it, you've got to change the picture of the world inside his head. — Robert Penn Warren

Visualization Quotes By John Tukey

When communicating results to non-technical types there is nothing better than a clear visualization to make your point. — John Tukey

Visualization Quotes By Hina Hashmi

When people want success but visualize failure, they attract failure because they don't know about the power of repetition/visualization. — Hina Hashmi

Visualization Quotes By John Tukey

This is my favorite part about analytics: Taking boring flat data and bringing it to life through visualization. — John Tukey

Visualization Quotes By Edward R. Tufte

If the statistics are boring, then you've got the wrong numbers. — Edward R. Tufte

Visualization Quotes By Napoleon Hill

Visualization Of, and Belief in Attainment of Desire: The Second Step toward Riches — Napoleon Hill

Visualization Quotes By Tommy Newberry

We've been given the power to have what we visualize, but we tend to visualize what we already have. — Tommy Newberry

Visualization Quotes By Roshan Sharma

Its not the eyes, that makes the visualization of the external world possible, but its the perception out of the awareness field. Your eyes are the same, but you view two person differently. — Roshan Sharma