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Top No Catching Feelings Quotes

No Catching Feelings Quotes By Haruki Murakami

He wasn't a talkative man to begin with, and in all aspects of life - as though it were a kind of mouth infection he wanted to avoid catching - he never talked about his feelings. — Haruki Murakami

No Catching Feelings Quotes By John Ruskin

For as in nothing is a gentleman better to be discerned from a vulgar person, so in nothing is a gentle nation (such nations have been) better to be discerned from a mob, than in this, - that their feelings are constant and just, results of due contemplation, and of equal thought. You can talk a mob into anything; its feelings may be - usually are - on a whole, generous and right; but it has no foundation for them, no hold of them; you may tease or tickle it into any, at your pleasure; it thinks by infection, for the most part, catching an opinion like a cold, and there is nothing so little that it will not roar itself wild about, when the fit is on; nothing so great but it will forget in an hour, when the fit is past. — John Ruskin

No Catching Feelings Quotes By Lanni Marchant

I'm feeling alright, I am pretty happy with it. I was trying to catch her, around 37k my calf started to cramp on me a little so I had to make sure to run smart so I didn't completely cramp up. When the Aussie caught me I figured my medal contention might be up but I ended up catching 4th. — Lanni Marchant

No Catching Feelings Quotes By J.M. Darhower

You keep being so charming and I might start catching feelings."
"I wouldn't blame you," I say. "Just, you know, keep them to yourself, in case they're contagious."
"Don't worry," she says. "I practice safe sentiment. I'll be sure to wrap it before I yap it."
I laugh at that. This goddamn woman. She's got a mouth on her, without a doubt, the kind of mouth that's destined to get her in a lot of trouble in life. — J.M. Darhower

No Catching Feelings Quotes By Nina W. Brown

Catching others' feelings is why some people think that they have too much empathy; they are overly sensitive to others' feelings and as a result can feel taken over, manipulated, conned, and so on. Sufficient boundary strength permits you to be empathic without experiencing the negative effects. Until — Nina W. Brown

No Catching Feelings Quotes By Scott Gaille

As we drove off into the moonless night, raindrops danced through our headlights like the fireflies of my childhood. I silently cursed the frailty of happiness and doubted whether it ever existed for me. I could remember happier times, though, and those memories fluttered about my mind like fireflies, beckoning with their elusive splendor. But chasing memories held no more promise than catching fireflies. The pursued feelings either vanished or lost their magic upon examination, hardly the green-glowing beauty seen at a distance. So I looked ahead of me and dreamed on into the darkness, hoping to one day find someone who would love me. — Scott Gaille

No Catching Feelings Quotes By Ralph Ellison

Leaving him and going out into the paint-fuming air I had the feeling that I had been talking beyond myself, had used words and expressed attitudes not my own, that I was in the grip of some alien personality lodged deep within me. Like the servant about whom I'd read in psychology class who, during a trance, had recited pages of Greek philosophy which she had overheard one day while she worked. It was as though I were acting out a scene from some crazy movie. Or perhaps I was catching up with myself and had put into words feelings which I had hitherto suppressed. Or was it, I thought, starting up the walk, that I was no longer afraid? I stopped, looking at the buildings down the bright street slanting with sun and shade. I was no longer afraid. Not of important men, not of trustees and such; for knowing now that there was nothing which I could expect from them, there was no reason to be afraid. Was that it? I felt light-headed, my ears were ringing. I went on. — Ralph Ellison