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Top Visual Stimulation Quotes

Visual Stimulation Quotes By Kim Harrison

If I give a book as a gift, it is invariably a children's book with beautiful artwork and a simple text. I adore the feel of them, the care taken in the artwork, and the high visual stimulation that sets off the simple but often powerful message the text conveys. — Kim Harrison

Visual Stimulation Quotes By John C. Lilly

Floating in the tank after a busy day's work brings a great relief. Suddenly all of the stimulation of holding one upright against gravity disappears. One realizes that a good deal of the fatigue accumulated during the day is caused by keeping one's body upright in a gravitational field. From a neurophysiological standpoint, one has immediately freed up very large masses of neurons from the necessity of constant computations (as to the direction of gravity, the programming by visual and acoustic inputs, by temperature changes, etcetera). For example, one's cerebellum is now freed for uses other than balancing the body. In summary, then, — John C. Lilly

Visual Stimulation Quotes By Abigail Roux

Ty did his best to keep his eyes open, watching as he disappeared between Zane's lips. He wanted nothing more than to come down Zane's throat. It was barely a matter of minutes with the visual stimulation, and Ty was soon gasping and tugging at Zane's hair in warning. Zane — Abigail Roux

Visual Stimulation Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Eighty-nine percent of what people learn comes through visual stimulation, 10 percent through audible stimulation, and 1 percent through other senses. So — John C. Maxwell

Visual Stimulation Quotes By Georgia A. Degangi

Modulation and processing of the range of sensory experiences allows for social engagement and attachment to others. A person who is easily overwhelmed by sounds, touch, movement, or visual stimulation may avoid interactions with
persons or situations that are highly stimulating. In contrast, the person who does not process sensory input unless it is very intense may develop a pattern of thrill seeking, high stimulation, and risky behavior. — Georgia A. Degangi

Visual Stimulation Quotes By Scott Avett

I think everyone on the planet is a fan of a painting because everyone is a fan of visual stimulation, but I've had freedom in the world [of painting] because I've kept it to myself. — Scott Avett

Visual Stimulation Quotes By Robert Altman

There was not a lot of dialogue. The titles were just to keep you up. It's the visual stimulation that hits the audience. That's the reason for film. Otherwise, we might as well turn the light out and call it radio. — Robert Altman

Visual Stimulation Quotes By Lorna Simpson

Generally, the imagery and the text go hand in hand. It's much easier when the text comes first, but sometimes I need visual stimulation in order to find the words. I get an idea of what I want when I begin to shoot, and the text is usually the last thing to be resolved. I tend to leave the text open, and I refine the words up to the last minute. As for the image, I can resolve that and get that done fairly quickly. — Lorna Simpson