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Video Game Consoles Quotes By Stephen J. O'Brien

The evidence of cheetah genetic monotony would only grow. Bob Wayne, a talented postdoctoral fellow in our lab, examined cranial measurements and the bilateral symmetry of cheetah skulls. Although no one is certain why, in most livestock, asymmetry in skeletal characteristics (the difference between right and left measures of a trait) increases with inbreeding. Bob measured sixteen bilateral traits in thirty-three cheetah skulls held in natural history museums in Washington, Chicago, and New York. The study was not perfect because several of the skulls were incomplete due to a bullet hole in the skull. Nonetheless, in nearly every case, cheetah skulls were more asymmetric compared to the skulls of leopards, ocelots, or margays. When I explained these skull results in a television interview, the correspondent asked, "Dr. O'Brien, are you telling me that these cheetahs are lopsided?" Not exactly, but the cheetahs certainly looked very inbred. — Stephen J. O'Brien

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Homer

A little child born yesterday
A thing on mother's milk and kisses fed. — Homer

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Marcus Aurelius

They know not how many things are signified by the words stealing, sowing, buying, keeping quiet, seeing what ought to be done; for this is not effected by the eyes, but by another kind of vision. — Marcus Aurelius

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Werner Erhard

Ride the horse in the direction it's going. — Werner Erhard

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Scott Tolzien

You try to make the most of each day. I'm not big into setting real specific goals. I think, really, if you just focus on every day - and I know that's the oldest cliche in the book, but it really is true. Day 1 of camp means just as much as Day 17 of camp. If you really try to focus on each and every one of those days, long-term. — Scott Tolzien

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Pablo Picasso

Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter? — Pablo Picasso

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Immanuel Velikovsky

It is difficult to describe in short the enthusiasm and devotion provoked by and given to my research. We lived almost in poverty. I used pencils, two for a nickel, and could not buy a fountain pen, when I lost mine. — Immanuel Velikovsky

Video Game Consoles Quotes By John F. Kennedy

While we shall negotiate freely, we shall not negotiate freedom. — John F. Kennedy

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Chris F. Westbury

Isaac basically knew just one thing for sure: Many are born, few flourish, all die. If you didn't die as a sacrifice for God today, you would die of an incomprehensible plague tomorrow, or of undeserved starvation the day after, or of good old-fashioned senseless human slaughter before the next harvest. Life was short in those days and people were grateful for whatever they could get. They didn't expect wireless video game consoles, fast German cars, dental insurance, anti-depressants, and a pension. — Chris F. Westbury

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Kevin Abdulrahman

Your persistence must outlast the resistance. — Kevin Abdulrahman

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Umair Haque

There's nothing more fundamentally disruptive to the status quo than a new reality. — Umair Haque

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Devin C. Griffiths

If you're too young to remember the Time Before Pong, then you probably can't appreciate the momentousness of its arrival. Bear in mind the game emerged in a very different world. It was a time before home computers, cable television, cell phones, game consoles, the Internet--everything we take for granted today. For many of my formative years, we still watched TV in black and white, and had to get up to change the channel. This was the technological Dark Ages. Had we been less culturally enlightened, we would have denounced Pong as witchcraft and burned its inventors at the stake. For those of us who were there--who had never played, let alone seen, a video game--we knew we were witnessing something extraordinary, a groundbreaking achievement in home entertainment. However, none of us knew that we were participating in the birth of a revolution. — Devin C. Griffiths

Video Game Consoles Quotes By Jodie Sweetin

Of course, I have the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy, like crying jags for no reason and then the next day I can't even remember what I was crying about! — Jodie Sweetin

Video Game Consoles Quotes By William Whewell

Those who have obtained the farthest insight into Nature have been, in all ages, firm believers in God. — William Whewell