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Top Vegetables And Fruits Quotes

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Marion Nestle

The key dietary messages are stunningly simple: Eat less, move more, eat more fruits and vegetables, and don't eat too much junk food. It's no more complicated than that. — Marion Nestle

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Ray Bradbury

Was she conscious of her talent? Hardly. If asked about her cooking, Grandma would look down at her hands which some glorious instinct sent on journeys to be gloved in flour, or to plumb disencumbered turkeys, wrist-deep in search of their animal souls. Her gray eyes blinked from spectacles warped by forty years of oven blasts and blinded with strewing of pepper and sage, so she sometimes flung cornstarch over steaks, amazingly tender, succulent steaks! And sometimes dropped apricots into meat loaves, cross-pollinated meats, herbs, fruits, vegetables with no prejudice, no tolerance for recipe or formula, save that at the final moment of delivery, mouths watered, blood thundered in response. Her hands then, like the hands of Great-grandma before her, were Grandma's mystery, delight, and life. She looked at them in astonishment, but let them live their life in the way they must absolutely lead it. — Ray Bradbury

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Lois Capps

My experience as a school nurse taught me that we need to make a concerted effort, all of us, to increase physical fitness activity among our children and to encourage all Americans to adopt a healthier diet that includes fruits and vegetables, but there is more. — Lois Capps

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Jeff Olson

You know what you're supposed to eat. We all do. Fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbs, salads, whole grains, lean meats, more fish and poultry and less beef. ... You know it, I know it, we all know it. So why do so many of us still go out and chow down cheeseburgers and fries every day? I'll tell you why: because it won't kill us. Not today. — Jeff Olson

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Marcus Samuelsson

Let the fresh fruits and vegetables be your guide, and make something that will keep for the whole week. — Marcus Samuelsson

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Debi Mazar

Cook what's fresh for the day. When you're using fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods, it's easier to keep the weight off. And I eat whatever I want - just not a ton of it. — Debi Mazar

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By David Perlmutter

The Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits and vegetables while low in sodium. It is also enriched with olive oil, high in antioxidants as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. — David Perlmutter

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Michael Greger

People tend to eat poorly because it's convenient; it's what's around them. But you can make the switch. I think the way to do that is to just make fruits and vegetables as convenient as possible to eat. — Michael Greger

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Misty May-Treanor

The more colorful the food, the better. I try to add color to my diet, which means vegetables and fruits. — Misty May-Treanor

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Christian Lander

White people are drawn to farmer's markets like moths to a flame. In fact, white people have such strong instincts that if
you release a white person into a random Saturday morning they will return to you with a reusable bag full of fruits and vegetables. — Christian Lander

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Eric Schlosser

I'm all in favor of animal rights, but I'd like to see the food movement take a much stronger stand in defense of basic human rights. If you're a vegan or a vegetarian, you should care about the people who are picking your fruits and vegetables by hand. — Eric Schlosser

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Cristian Vlad Zot

In terms of nutrition and well being there is a lot going on right now. Some say fruits are bad, others say dairy is bad, while others say that consuming too many vegetables is bad. If you would have to listen to all that is said, you would not be able to eat anything. — Cristian Vlad Zot

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Marion Nestle

I am not a vegetarian. I subscribe to my own mantra: eat less, move more, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, don't eat too much junk food, and enjoy what you eat. Or, to summarise: eat less, eat better, move more, and get political. — Marion Nestle

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Sadhguru

If you eat raw meat, it takes between seventy to seventy-two hours to pass through your system; cooked meat takes fifty to fifty-two hours; cooked vegetables twenty-four to thirty hours; uncooked vegetables twelve to fifteen hours; fruits one and a half to three hours. — Sadhguru

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Anonymous

Tree nuts and peanuts = 3 servings per week Fresh fruits including natural fruit juices = 3 servings per day Vegetables = 2 servings per day Seafood (primarily fatty fish) = 3 servings per week Legumes = 3 servings per week Sofrito = 2 servings per week White meat In place of red meat Wine with meals (optional) = 7 glasses per week Discouraged Soda drinks < 1 drink per day Commercial baked goods, sweets, pastries < 3 servings per week Spread fats < 1 serving per day Red and processed meats < 1 serving per day *Adapted from Estruch, et al. (2013) Sofrito is a sauce made with tomato and onion, and often includes garlic, herbs, and olive oil. Commercial bakery goods, sweets, and pastries included cakes, cookies, biscuits, and custard, and did not include those that are homemade. December 2014 Page 100 of 112 — Anonymous

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Joanne Froggatt

My skin doesn't look as good when I'm not eating enough fruits and vegetables, so I try to eat plenty. — Joanne Froggatt

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Mireille Guiliano

Expose them {your kids} to the widest variety of vegetables and fruits, showing them how good things can be in season. Tasteless fruits and vegetables won't win them over for life. — Mireille Guiliano

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Marion Nestle

Eat less, move more, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, go easy on junk foods. — Marion Nestle

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By T. Colin Campbell

Refined carbohydrates are the starches and sugars obtained from plants by mechanically stripping off their outer layers, which contain most of the plant's vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. This "food" (regular sugar, white flour, etc.) has very little nutritional value. Foods such as pastas made from refined flour, sugary cereals, white bread, candies and sugar-laden soft drinks should be avoided as much as possible. But do eat whole, complex carbohydrate-containing foods such as unprocessed fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grain products like brown rice and oatmeal. These unprocessed carbohydrates, especially from fruits and vegetables, are exceptionally health-promoting. — T. Colin Campbell

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Joel Fuhrman

The diet, to be healthy, has to be mostly fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds. — Joel Fuhrman

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Gary Zukav

To develop intuition, one of the things you can do is pay attention to what you eat. Eat as clean a diet as you can. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables without preservatives, without alcohol, caffeine, dyes, and organically grown if possible. But do what is comfortable for your. Don't try to shift into a lifestyle that doesn't fit, but be aware that the lighter you eat the lighter you will feel. — Gary Zukav

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Jane Fonda

Seven Guidelines For a Healthy Diet
1. Substitute low-fat foods for high-fat foods
2. Cut down on meat-eat low on the food chain
3. Avoid salty and sugary foods
4. Cut down on sugar
5. Emphasize whole grains
6. Beware of alcohol
7. Emphasize the Healthy Five:
Raw unsalted nuts and sesame seeds
Sprouted seeds such as soybeans
Fresh raw wheat bran and wheat germ
Yogurt and kefir
Fresh fruits and vegetables — Jane Fonda

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Lisa Leake

Whole food that typically has only one ingredient, like "brown rice," or no ingredient label at all, as with fruits and vegetables! — Lisa Leake

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Sharon Gannon

In fact, studies show that vegans tend to get more iron than meat eaters. Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables increases iron absorption. Meanwhile, dairy products reduce iron absorption significantly. — Sharon Gannon

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Andie MacDowell

I eat an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables. — Andie MacDowell

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Whole Living Magazine

reduce the amount of pesticides you ingest by 90 percent if you buy organic for these 12 fruits and vegetables: apples, celery, cherries, imported grapes, lettuce, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, spinach, strawberries, and sweet bell peppers. Because milk fat can harbor traces of hormones (including rBGH) given to cows, it's also crucial to choose organic dairy products. — Whole Living Magazine

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By David H. Murdock

By eating many fruits and vegetables in place of fast food and junk food, people could avoid obesity. — David H. Murdock

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Alex Honnold

I am a vegetarian, and I sort of aspire to vegan-hood. So far I've noticed no difference at all in my climbing, but I feel a bit healthier overall. Though that's only because I'm eating more fruits and vegetables. I think the whole protein thing is overhyped. Most Americans eat far more than we need. — Alex Honnold

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By John Mackey

People need to eat whole food plant foods, primarily ... whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. That diet supports our lives. We ought to live to be 90 or 100 without getting any diseases. — John Mackey

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Michael Dean Crapo

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is a very effective way to raise awareness and consumption of two vital food groups that are sometimes ignored, especially by children. The program results in more children consuming more fruits and vegetables, helping their health and Idaho's farmers. — Michael Dean Crapo

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Gene Baur

I believe we can create a truly humane, sustainable, and health food production system without killing any animals. I imagine a revolution in veganic agriculture in which small farmers grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes, all fertilized with vegetable sources. — Gene Baur

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Bruce Ames

The effort to eliminate synthetic pesticides because of unsubstantiated fears about residues in food will make fruits and vegetables more expensive, decrease consumption, and thus increase cancer rates. The levels of synthetic pesticide residues are trivial in comparison to natural chemicals, and thus their potential for cancer causation is extremely low. [Ames believes that "to eat your veggies" is the best way to prevent cancer.] — Bruce Ames

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Dexter Scott King

On January 30, 1988, my twenty-seventh birthday, I became a strict vegetarian. I developed a passion for health and nutrition. My diet consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes only, and has for the past 15 years now. — Dexter Scott King

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Anonymous

Year-over-year, prices for meat, poultry, fish and eggs are up 7.7%, and fruits and vegetables are up 3.2%. — Anonymous

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Ellen G. White

Morning exercise, walking in the free, invigorating air of heaven, or cultivating flowers, small fruits, and vegetables, is the surest safeguard against colds, coughs, congestion of the brain, inflammation of the liver, the kidneys, and the lungs, and a hundred other diseases. — Ellen G. White

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Parker Young

In theory, I stick to how I could eat if I lived a thousand years ago. I take processed foods off the menu, and stick to things I could hunt or gather, with more fruits, vegetables, and nuts - and less meat. — Parker Young

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By John James Audubon

I ate no butcher's meat, lived chiefly on fruits, vegetables, and fish, and never drank a glass of spirits or wine until my wedding day. To this I attribute my continual good health, endurance, and an iron constitution. — John James Audubon

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Kimberly Schlapman

Southern food certainly carries a stereotype, but I feel like that's turning around a little. There are great Southern chefs who are finding ways to showcase our traditional recipes in deliciously healthy ways. For me, the key is to use fresh fruits and vegetables and cut some of the butter and fat without sacrificing the yumminess of the dish. — Kimberly Schlapman

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Tracy Anne Warren

The chef outdid himself, as one delectable dish after another was brought up from the kitchens. For Gabriel, there was a succulent roast goose with figs and a tender glazed ham, while (Esme) dined on a pair of clever cheese dishes, one made with cream and potatoes and another from Italy that combined cheese-filled flat noodles smothered with a wonderful rosemary butter sauce.
Accompanying all of that was a plentiful array of vegetables, spiced and stewed fruits and freshly baked breads with creamy butter. And for dessert, there was a flaming plum pudding with a cognac whipped cream so strong it threatened to leave her tipsy. — Tracy Anne Warren

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Adam Rodriguez

[It's] hard to fully enjoy your time on Earth without having your health. Ask anyone battling health issues - most especially, issues that could have been avoided. For me, I read food labels, I seek out places to purchase the best-quality foods available to me, and I inquire about how they are produced (meats and fruits/vegetables). — Adam Rodriguez

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Karen Quinn

Why is this important for school success? To get along in kindergarten, your child should know information like colors, shapes, seasons, holidays, farm animals, types of transportation, fruits, and vegetables - all the basics that children are exposed to through picture books, preschool, and life itself. He will be expected to demonstrate age-appropriate social standards and behavior. If he knocks over someone's art project, he should know to apologize and help pick it up. — Karen Quinn

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Don Kardong

For most teenage runners, the right foods means a varied diet, decreasing the amount of fat found in the typical American diet and replacing those calories with carbohydrates. Avoid saturated fats, such as those found in fried foods, and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. — Don Kardong

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Tom Giaquinto

Would you pour sand into the gas tank of your car? Of course not, your car was meant to run on good gasoline. Well, your body works the same way. Your body was meant to run on good food: fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and lots of water. Eat good food! — Tom Giaquinto

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Eric Ripert

The nature of human beings is to eat meat and fruits and vegetables, and therefore we have to kill animals. I don't have a problem with that. But it's a sacred moment. It's a gift of life. — Eric Ripert

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Howard Murad

wrongly taught that fruit can cause weight gain due to its sugar content and that starchy vegetables such as squash and potatoes are "bad" because they contain so many carbohydrates. Much to the contrary, fruits and vegetables contain a wealth of nutrients that support cellular health and facilitate the transportation of water into the cells for use. — Howard Murad

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Daniel Humm

What people don't think about when they think about New York is this amazing farmland that grows wonderful fruits, vegetables, seafood, game, and fowl just outside of Manhattan. — Daniel Humm

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Paramahansa Yogananda

In vegetables and fruits, God has infused medicinal power to help in overcoming disease. Even these, however, have but a limited potency. The organs of the body are essentially sustained by the energy of God, and the person who employs various methods to increase this energy will have at his command a greater power for healing than is afforded by any medicine or diet. — Paramahansa Yogananda

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Beth Anderson

Everything is just better in California - the wine, the food, fruits and vegetables, the comforts of living. Even the instrumentalists are generous and curious. Everything is wonderful. — Beth Anderson

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Tom Colicchio

I don't know too many parents that want to feed their kids soda, but high-fructose corn syrup is cheap. The price of soda in 20 years has gone down 40 percent while the price of whole foods, fruits and vegetables, has gone up 40 percent and obesity goes up right along that curve. — Tom Colicchio

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Charles Heiser

The word 'vegetable' has no precise botanical meaning in reference to food plants, and we find that almost all parts of plants have been employed as vegetables - roots (carrot and beet), stems (Irish potato and asparagus), leaves (spinach and lettuce), leaf stalk (celery and Swiss chard), bracts (globe artichoke), flower stalks and buds (broccoli and cauliflower), fruits (tomato and squash), seeds (beans), and even the petals (Yucca and pumpkin). — Charles Heiser

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Michael Moss

Health messages are simply overwhelmed, in volume and in effectiveness, by junk-food ads that often deploy celebrities or cartoon characters to great effect. We may know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for us, but the preponderance of the signals we get - and especially the signals children get - push us in the direction of junk food. — Michael Moss

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Brian Edwards

With no navigational skills, her travels became aimless, and after several days she began to experience excruciating hunger, as she had not the foresight to pack food before she set out. She drifted through tiny villages and saw juicy fruits and vegetables growing in the gardens of the peasants, but could not bring herself to beg for food or attempt to steal it. She ate small beetles and grasshoppers, since she had no hunting skills. She chewed on the bitter roots of sassafras trees, which turned her stomach sour but provided a small amount of nourishment. How — Brian Edwards

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Marion Nestle

It's a completely reasonable diet
heavy on fruits and vegetables and fresh, seasonal foods. I'm totally for it. It's common sense in a nice package. — Marion Nestle

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Curtis Stone

For me, food is all about balance. If you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and an appropriate amount of poultry, fish, and red meat that are sourced from good places, you're doing well. It's important to make sure that the meat you're consuming is hormone-free. — Curtis Stone

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Fran Lebowitz

A great many people in Los Angeles are on special diets that restrict their intake of synthetic foods. The reason for this appears to be a widely held belief that organically grown fruits and vegetables make the cocaine work faster. — Fran Lebowitz

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Sara Gruen

I open the orangutan's door and set a pan of fruits, vegetables, and nuts on the floor. As I close it, her long arm reaches through the bars. She points at an orange in another pan.
'That? You want that?'
She continues to point, blinking at me with close-set eyes. Her features are concave, her face a wide platter fringed with red hair. She's the most outrageous and beautiful thing I've ever seen.
'Here,' I say, handing her the orange. 'You can have it.'
She takes it and sets it on the floor. Then she reaches out again. After several seconds of serious misgivings, I hold out my hand. She wraps her long fingers around it, then lets go. She sits on her haunches and peels her orange.
I stare in amazement. She was thanking me. — Sara Gruen

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Michelle Obama

We can make a commitment to promote vegetables and fruits and whole grains on every part of every menu. We can make portion sizes smaller and emphasize quality over quantity. And we can help create a culture - imagine this - where our kids ask for healthy options instead of resisting them. — Michelle Obama

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Billy Casper

I had all kinds of allergy problems with certain meats, and with fruits and vegetables with pesticides. So I turned to bear, caribou, venison, hippopotamus, buffalo, elk and moose. Taste-wise, buffalo and elk are tied for first. Not gamy, and loaded with protein. And very expensive, I might add. — Billy Casper

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Eudora Welty

Surely even those immune from the world, for the time being, need the touch of one another, or all is lost. — Eudora Welty

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Sally Schneider

Using lots of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, helps to keep the menu buoyant - I don't know if that's the right word, but it keeps a balance of freshness and health. — Sally Schneider

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Kris Gopalakrishnan

FreshWorld is in line with my vision of supporting sustainable technologies in solving problems. I feel this is the next-level disruption in the fruits and vegetables industry. — Kris Gopalakrishnan

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By David H. Murdock

My own recipe for longevity includes considerable amounts of fruits and vegetables. An additional major responsibility for the maintenance of our bodies is regular exercise; at least 4 to 5 times a week. — David H. Murdock

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Mark Sisson

Animals (meat, fish, fowl, and eggs) and plants (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and herbs and spices) should represent the entire composition of your diet. — Mark Sisson

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Tae Yun Kim

Blue is a tranquilizer, imparting coolness to your system. Blue slows down your system so it can heal and mend. Positive qualities of blue are willpower, aspiration, and reliability. Foods of the blue vibration are: grapes, blackberries, blue plums, blueberries, and any other blue fruits or vegetables. — Tae Yun Kim

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Dan John

Honestly, seriously, you don't know what to do about food? Here is an idea: Eat like an adult. Stop eating fast food, stop eating kid's cereal, knock it off with all the sweets and comfort foods whenever your favorite show is not on when you want it on, ease up on the snacking and - don't act like you don't know this - eat vegetables and fruits more. Really, how difficult is this? Stop with the whining. Stop with the excuses. Act like an adult and stop eating like a television commercial. Grow up. — Dan John

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Walter Willett

The evidence that folic acid reduces the risk of heart disease is pretty strong. [ ... ] And fruits and vegetables are a major source of folic acid. — Walter Willett

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Michael Pollan

When eating sonewhere other than at a tablem stick to fruits and vegetables. — Michael Pollan

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Anonymous

An optimal diet for preventing disease is a whole-foods, plant-based diet that is naturally low in animal protein, harmful fats and refined carbohydrates. What that means in practice is little or no red meat; mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and soy products in their natural forms; very few simple and refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour; and sufficient "good fats" such as fish oil or flax oil, seeds and nuts. A healthful diet should be low in "bad fats," meaning trans fats, saturated fats and hydrogenated fats. Finally, we need more quality and less quantity. — Anonymous

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Mark Sisson

While Primal eating is low-carb in comparison to the Standard American Diet, it advocates abundant consumption of nutritious carbs such as all vegetables and certain fruits. — Mark Sisson

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Dean Karnazes

I eat nothing that's processed or refined - no high-fructose corn syrup, no sugar, no trans-fats. I eat a lot of fish and monounsaturated fats from olives, olive oil and nuts. A lot of organic, fresh fruits and vegetables. No bread. No gluten. No wheat. No rice. — Dean Karnazes

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Gwen Moore

I just want to tell you what it's like not to have Planned Parenthood ... you have to give your kids Ramen noodles at the end of the month to fill up their little bellies so they won't cry. You have to give them mayonnaise sandwiches. They get very few fruits and vegetables because they're expensive. — Gwen Moore

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By T. Colin Campbell

You can't patent a recommendation to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. So there's no incentive for industry to invest in such research and no incentive for researchers to study and validate such claims. — T. Colin Campbell

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Tae Yun Kim

Green strongly influences the heart and helps alleviate tension. Positive qualities associated with green are generosity, humility, and cooperation. Foods of the green vibration are all green fruits and green vegetables. — Tae Yun Kim

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Cesar Chavez

Every time we sit at a table at night or in the morning to enjoy the fruits and grain and vegetables from our good earth, remember that they come from the work of men and women and children who have been exploited for generations ... — Cesar Chavez

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Sheena Iyengar

I used to go to this store called Draeger's and you had a little bit of that same feeling because this was a store that offered you so many varieties, things you'd never contemplated before, you know like 250 mustards and vinegars and over 500 different kinds of fruits and vegetables, or over 2 dozen different types of water. — Sheena Iyengar

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Celso Cukierkorn

Instead of hunting and gathering, instead of farming and harvesting in the area where we live, we are flying God's fruits and vegetables around the planet, not eating foods designed for our terrain and climate. We are distributing, selling and consuming "fresh foods" (or so the package says) days and weeks after they have been harvested. — Celso Cukierkorn

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Marion Nestle

What we know about diets hasn't changed. It still makes sense to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, balance calories from other foods, and keep calories under control. That, however, does not make front-page news. — Marion Nestle

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Kourtney Kardashian

My mom bought me this amazing baby-food maker, the Beaba. I steam and puree fruits and vegetables, and they last for, like, four days. — Kourtney Kardashian

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Sharon Gannon

Eating vegetables, fruits and grains rarely causes total destruction of the plant or tree on which the food grew; after harvesting, seeds remain to be replanted the next season. But this certainly does not happen when an animal is slaughtered - death is final; that animal will not reproduce again! — Sharon Gannon

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Lynn Coady

The novel, as a genre, was once considered a diversion every bit as frivolous as Facebook, but over the years, we've managed to convince ourselves that reading fiction is as important to our mental digestion as fresh fruits and vegetables are to the processes that take place a little further down. — Lynn Coady

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Michael Pollan

There are scores of studies demonstrating that a diet rich in vegetables and fruits reduces the risk of dying from all the Western diseases; in countries where people eat a pound or more of vegetables and fruits a day, the rate of cancer is half what is in the United States. — Michael Pollan

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Jose Andres

I believe the future is vegetables and fruits. They are so much more sexier than a piece of chicken. — Jose Andres

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By T. Colin Campbell

The ideal human diet looks like this: Consume plant-based foods in forms as close to their natural state as possible ("whole" foods). Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, and whole grains. Avoid heavily processed foods and animal products. Stay away from added salt, oil, and sugar. Aim to get 80 percent of your calories from carbohydrates, 10 percent from fat, and 10 percent from protein. — T. Colin Campbell

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Gracie Gold

I'm really all about clean eating, lots of fruits and vegetables. It's great, because in California, there are so many farmers' markets, so I always have plenty of fresh produce. — Gracie Gold

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

We're a nation with an eating disorder, and we know it. The multiple maladies caused by bad eating are taking a dire toll on our health
most tragically for our kids, who are predicted to be this country's first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. That alone is a stunning enough fact to give us pause. So is a government policy that advises us to eat more fruits and vegetables, while doling out subsidies not to fruit and vegetable farmers, but to commodity crops destined to become soda pop and cheap burgers. The Farm Bill, as of this writing, could aptly be called the Farm Kill, both for its effects on small farmers and for what it does to us, the consumers who are financing it. — Barbara Kingsolver

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Lionel Tiger

Our ancestors were eating meat over 2.5 million years ago. We mainly ate meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts. We have to assume our physiology evolved in association with this diet. The balanced diet for our species was what we could acquire then, not what the government and doctors tell us to eat now. — Lionel Tiger

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Tosca Reno

Put simply, Clean Eating is avoiding all processed food, relying on fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains rather than prepackaged or fast food. — Tosca Reno

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Scott Anderson

In keeping with original Mormon teachings, much of the property in Hildale and Colorado City is held in trust for the church. Striving to be as self-sufficient as possible, the community grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and everyone, including children, is expected to help bring in the yield. — Scott Anderson

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Carl Sagan

But humans have deliberately selected which plants and animals shall live and which shall die for thousands of years. We are surrounded from babyhood by familiar farm and domestic animals, fruits and trees and vegetables. Where do they come from? Were they once free-living in the wild and then induced to adopt a less strenuous life on the farm? No, the truth is quite different. They are, most of them, made by us. — Carl Sagan

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Farnoosh Brock

Juices of fruits and vegetables are pure gifts from Mother Nature and the most natural way to heal your body and make yourself whole again. — Farnoosh Brock

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Sarah Josepha Hale

Some determined advocates of the vegetable system maintain, that the teeth and stomach of the monkey correspond, in structure, very closely with that of man, yet it lives on fruits - therefore if man followed nature, he would live on fruits and vegetables. But though the anatomical likeness between man and monkeys is striking, yet it is not complete; the difference may be and doubtless is precisely that which makes a difference of diet necessary to nourish and develope their dissimilar natures. Those who should live as the monkeys do would most closely resemble them. — Sarah Josepha Hale

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Marilu Henner

Foods high in bad fats, sugar and chemicals are directly linked to many negative emotions, whereas whole, natural foods rich in nutrients - foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes - contribute to greater energy and positive emotions. — Marilu Henner

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Walter Willett

There's a lot of evidence that fruits and vegetables are beneficial for reducing the risk of stroke. — Walter Willett

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Srikumar Rao

Think of the universe as a benevolent parent. A child may want a tub of ice-cream and marshmallows, but a wise parent will give it fruits and vegetables instead. That is not what the child wants, but it is what the child needs. — Srikumar Rao

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Andrea Polard

balanced diet of low-sugar, low-salt whole foods, little or no red meat, possibly fish, and lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as exercise, stimulates the production of neurotransmitters, hormones, and neurotrophic proteins.15 All of the above contribute to good brain chemistry. Exercise especially leads to healthy and even new brain cells that rid themselves of toxins and communicate well with each other. As a result of exercise and good nutrition, we become inoculated against stress, feel energized, and stay younger, healthier, and more focused. While in this context I can only hint at mind-body fitness, it is surely part of the foundation of our well-being. — Andrea Polard

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By A. J. Jacobs

Eating fruits and vegetables is vaguely logical. Get sleep. Don't live in the most polluted parts of the world. Don't smoke. Don't do unsafe things like skiing and hang gliding, which are inconceivably more dangerous than eating 'unhealthy' foods. Exercise is pretty likely good for you. Don't drink too much alcohol - one or two drinks a day. And that's about it. — A. J. Jacobs

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Jennifer Morrison

I keep my diet simple by sticking to mostly fruits and vegetables all day and then having whatever I want for dinner. I end up making healthy choices, like sushi or grilled fish, because I feel so good from eating well. — Jennifer Morrison

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Benjamin Ward Richardson

Keep as near as ever you can to the first sources of supply - fruits and vegetables. — Benjamin Ward Richardson

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Joel Fuhrman

The American diet causes disease. It is composed of 25 percent animal products and 62 percent processed foods and only 5 percent of calories from fruits and vegetables. — Joel Fuhrman

Vegetables And Fruits Quotes By Ben Fountain

Where else but America could football flourish, America with its millions of fertile acres of corn, soy, and wheat, its lakes of dairy, its year-round gushers of fruits and vegetables, and such meats, that extraordinary pipline of beef, poultry, seafood, and pork, feedlot gorged, vitamin enriched, and hypodermically immunized, humming factories of high-velocity protein production, all of which culminate after several generations of epic nutrition in this strain of industrial-sized humans? Only America could produce such giants. — Ben Fountain