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Unity Is Strength Quotes By B.R. Ambedkar

The real explanation of this failure of Hindu-Muslim unity lies in the failure to realize that what stands between the Hindus and Muslims is not a mere matter of difference, and that this antagonism is not to be attributed to material causes. It is formed by causes which take their origin in historical, religious, cultural and social antipathy, of which political antipathy is only a reflection. These form one deep river of discontent which, being regularly fed by these sources, keeps on mounting to a head and overflowing its ordinary channels. Any current of water flowing from another source however pure, when it joins it, instead of altering the colour or diluting its strength becomes lost in the main stream. The silt of this antagonism which this current has deposited, has become permanent and deep. So long as this silt keeps on accumulating and so long as this antagonism lasts, it is unnatural to expect this antipathy between Hindus and Muslims to give place to unity. — B.R. Ambedkar

Unity Is Strength Quotes By King Vidor

In my opinion, the motion picture is the greatest medium of expression ever invented. It embraces all the other arts. The films that have the greatest unity, the greatest overall strength, and give the most satisfaction to the viewer, have been those in which a guiding hand was imposed in every section of the film's many divisions. — King Vidor

Unity Is Strength Quotes By George Iles

A man's own addition to what he learns is cement to bind an otherwise loose heap of stones into a structure of unity, strength, and use. — George Iles

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Haile Selassie

History teaches us that unity is strength, and cautions us to submerge and overcome our differences in the quest for common goals, to strive, with all our combined strength, for the path to true African brotherhood and unity. — Haile Selassie

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Tunku Abdul Rahman

We are all Malaysians. This is the bond that unites us. Let us always remember that unity is our fundamental strength as a people and as a nation. — Tunku Abdul Rahman

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Leaders heal; they don't kill. They unite; they don't disintegrate. — Israelmore Ayivor

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Stefan Zweig

What decides whether a man will become immortal, is not his character but his vitality. Nothing save intensity confers immortality. A man manifests himself more vividly, in proportion as he is strong and unified, effective and unique. Immortality knows nothing of morality or immorality, of good or evil; it measures only work and strength; it demands from a man not purity but unity. Here, morality is nothing; intensity, all. — Stefan Zweig

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Marvin J. Ashton

The family as an institution today is beset on all sides. Conflicts within the family are critical and often damaging. Contention puts heavy strain on stability, strength, peace, and unity in the home. There is certainly not time for contention in building a strong family. — Marvin J. Ashton

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Samuel J. Tilden

It is said that it is far more difficult to hold and maintain leadership (liberty) than it is to attain it. Success is a ruthless competitor for it flatters and nourishes our weaknesses and lulls us into complacency. We bask in the sunshine of accomplishment and lose the spirit of humility which helps us visualize all the factors which have contributed to our success. We are apt to forget that we are only one of a team, that in unity there is strength and that we are strong only as long as each unit in our organization functions with precision. — Samuel J. Tilden

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Sinclair Lewis

My one ambition is to get all Americans to realize that they are, and must continue to be, the greatest Race on the face of this old Earth, and second, to realize that whatever apparent Differences there may be among us, in wealth, knowledge, skill, ancestry or strength - though, of course, all this does not apply to people who are racially different from us - we are all brothers, bound together in the great and wonderful bond of National Unity, for which we should all be very glad. — Sinclair Lewis

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Harry S. Truman

Canada's eminent position today is a tribute to the patience, tolerance, and strength of character of her people, of both French and British strains. For Canada is enriched by the heritage of France as well as of Britain, and Quebec has imparted the vitality and spirit of France itself to Canada. Canada's notable achievement of national unity and progress through accommodation, moderation and forbearance can be studied with profit by her sister nations. — Harry S. Truman

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

The strength of a team is in making up for each other's weaknesses. United they can attain a goal in time. — Sunday Adelaja

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Will Durant

So the conservative who resists change is as valuable as the radical who proposes it
perhaps as much more as the roots are more vital than grafts. It is good that new ideas should be heard, for the sake of the few that can be used; but it is also good that new ideas should be compelled to go through the mill of objection, opposition, and contumely; this is the trial heat which innovations must survive before being allowed to enter the human race. It is good that the old should resist the young, and that the young should prod the old; out of this tension, as out of the strife of the sexes and the classes, comes a creative tensile strength, a stimulated development, a secret and basic unity and movement of the whole. — Will Durant

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Abdulazeez Henry Musa

The greatest quality of teamwork is strength and unity. — Abdulazeez Henry Musa

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Andrew Carnegie

Strength is derived from unity. The range of our collective vision is far greater when individual insights become one. — Andrew Carnegie

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Wilhelm Reich

The basic religious idea in all patriarchal religions is the negation of the sexual needs. Only in very primitive religions were religiosity and sexuality identical. When social organization passed from matriarchy to patriarchy and class society, the unity of religious and sexual cult underwent a split; the religious cult became the antithesis of the sexual. With that, the cult of sexuality went out of existence. It was replaced by the brothel, pornography and backstairs-sexuality. It goes without saying that when sexual experiences ceased to be one with the religious cults, when, instead, they became antithetical to them, religious excitation assumed a new function: that of being a substitute for the lost sexual pleasure, now no longer affirmed by society. Only this contradiction inherent in religious excitation makes the strength and the tenacity of the religions understandable: the contradiction of its being at one and the same time antisexual and a substitute for sexuality. — Wilhelm Reich

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Ralph Ellison

And all Negroes at some period of their lives there is that yearning for a sense of group unity that is the yearning of men for a flag: for a unity that cannot be compromised, that cannot be bought; that is conscious of itself, of its strength, that is militant. — Ralph Ellison

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Charles Lee

Yup! I'll live stupid! Because I know what I do, and what we as a species do will one day come together and make a difference. We matter! — Charles Lee

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Bill Bailey

In Unity there is strength;
We can move mountains when we're united and enjoy life -
Without unity we are victims. Stay united. — Bill Bailey

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Alan Jacobs

For Lewis, Christian unity begins with the recognition that we have all, like Eustace, through our pride and selfishness, made ourselves into dragons. We must then understand that we cannot undragon ourselves - we lack the strength - and after that we must accept that God is ready and willing to undragon us, if we will but allow Him do to so. For Lewis, only those who share this picture of the human predicament and its cure can join together in true unity - can really, and not just nominally, become members of one another in a single Body. — Alan Jacobs

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Michelle Griep

There is no strength without unity. — Michelle Griep

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Sabazius X

Yet the freedom of the artist, the pure beauty of nature, and the liberty of each of us to live our lives as we choose are still under threat - and despite all our progress, this threat may be greater now than in many years. The slave religions have used the weapons of fear, guilt, superstition, greed, terror and paranoia to achieve significant gains in political, ideological, and cultural power during recent decades, notably in the forms of militant Islamic fundamentalism and Christian dominionism.

It takes strength to stand in defense of beauty, truth and freedom, and strength requires unity.

Even while we celebrate our diversity and individuality with justified exuberance, it is critical that we remember those principles we hold in common, and those things we owe to each other as brothers and sisters of this, our Holy Order. — Sabazius X

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Robert Kennedy

One of the primary purposes of civilization - and certainly its primary strength - is the guarantee that family life can flourish in unity, peace, and order. — Robert Kennedy

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Narendra Modi

Unity in diversity is India's strength. There is simplicity in every Indian. There is unity in every corner of India. This is our strength. — Narendra Modi

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Thomas Paine

It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies; yet our present numbers are sufficient to repel the force of all the world — Thomas Paine

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Vaclav Havel

Truth must be integrated with love; morality is not whole without it. Love is the greatest strength of the powerless. Unity founded on love will never be coercion; power guided by love will never be violence. Love is all-powerful and will even overcome hatred. And only love can do this! — Vaclav Havel

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Woody Harrelson

I think my best skill in this whole deal is as a conduit to try to bring people together, because I think it's in our unity that we'll have the greatest strength. — Woody Harrelson

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Stephen A. Diamond

Integrity is unity of the personality; it implies being brutally honest with ourselves about our intentionality. Since intentionality is inextricably bound up with the daimonic, this is never an easy, nor always pleasant pursuit. But being willing to admit our daimonic tendencies - to know them consciously and to wisely oversee them - brings with it the invaluable blessing of freedom, vigor, inner strength, and self-acceptance. — Stephen A. Diamond

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Vallabhbhai Patel

Manpower without Unity is not a strength unless it is harmonized and united properly, then it becomes a spiritual power. — Vallabhbhai Patel

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Lal Bahadur Shastri

Among the major tasks before us none is of greater importance for our strength and stability than the task of building up the unity and solidarity of our people. — Lal Bahadur Shastri

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Radhanath Swami

The art of loving creates the unity which has unlimited spiritual strength, and that is the greatest need in the world today. Each one of us can make such a difference if we become humble, if we develop a service attitude, and if we develop the broad mind to see the oneness of all living beings. — Radhanath Swami

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Lyndon B. Johnson

The men who have guided the destiny of the United States have found the strength for their tasks by going to their knees. This private unity of public men and their God is an enduring source of reassurance for the people of America. — Lyndon B. Johnson

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Franklin D. Roosevelt

Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere. Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights and keep them. Our strength is our unity of purpose. To that high concept there can be no end save victory. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Tom Althouse

To experience courage,
is to experience life.
Reflected in loved ones,
the greatest encouragement.
Dignity, integrity and strength,
a harmonious chord,
into an unbreakable cord. — Tom Althouse

Unity Is Strength Quotes By Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Unity is strength ... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. — Mattie J.T. Stepanek