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Top Unequivocal Love Quotes

Unequivocal Love Quotes By Harper Lee

She was almost in love with him. No, that's impossible, she thought: either you are or you aren't. Love's the only thing in this world that is unequivocal. There are different kinds of love, certainly, but it's a you-do or you-don't proposition with them all. — Harper Lee

Unequivocal Love Quotes By Julie Johnson

People are always waiting around for that magical person who'll walk into their life and fix them, who'll offer up some vital piece they've been missing and make them complete. They spend years trying to fit their broken edges against another person's and call themselves whole and healed. The only problem with this, of course, is that expecting anyone else to fix you is an unequivocal disaster.

You can't wait for a man to come around and put you back together. You have to put yourself back together first, and become the kind of woman who deserves a good man. — Julie Johnson

Unequivocal Love Quotes By Michael Douglas

Do you know what absolute happiness is? For me, it is to wake up my kids in the morning - these little pieces of innocence - to wake them and find they're so happy to see me! It is unequivocal love, no question about it. — Michael Douglas

Unequivocal Love Quotes By Pamela Ann

I just do. That's why it's love - it's unconditional. Whether you commit a mistake or a hundred, I would still love you. They say the most romantic kind of love is the unfinished kind. The kind that will forever burn and mark your soul - you've bewitched me, body and soul. I love you - and whether you do or don't feel the same, my love is withstanding and unequivocal. — Pamela Ann

Unequivocal Love Quotes By Christina Westover

Shared emotions experienced by two souls,empathy on unequivocal level which Davey believed would change entire species of mankind if only secret of empathy could be telepathically shared with humanity,one soul after another, until every soul understood true meaning of love. — Christina Westover