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Top Uneducated Masses Quotes

Uneducated Masses Quotes By Amit Abraham

Corruption in education leads to some people getting highly educated and then these people support the uneducated to rule over the illiterate masses. — Amit Abraham

Uneducated Masses Quotes By D.P. Prior

The idea had always struck Shader as bizarre: entrusting the governance of a country to the whims of an uneducated mob. No sense in it. No continuity. Not to mention that a canny would-be tyrant could easily hoodwink the masses into electing him. It was one small step from freedom to dictatorship. — D.P. Prior

Uneducated Masses Quotes By Katherine Boo

In Delhi, politicians and intellectuals privately bemoaned the "irrationality" of the uneducated Indian masses, but when the government itself provided false answers to its citizens' urgent concerns, rumor and conspiracy took wing. Sometimes, the conspiracies became a consolation for loss. — Katherine Boo

Uneducated Masses Quotes By Rebecca Skloot

In immortality for the masses. He was a eugenicist: organ transplantation and life extension were ways to preserve what he saw as the superior white race, which he believed was being polluted by less intelligent and inferior stock, namely the poor, uneducated, and nonwhite. He dreamed of never-ending life for those he deemed worthy, and death or forced sterilization for everyone else. He'd later praise Hitler for the "energetic measures" he took in that direction. — Rebecca Skloot

Uneducated Masses Quotes By Mehmet Murat Ildan

An uneducated society will eventually turn into something lower than a herd of animals! — Mehmet Murat Ildan