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Uncle Albert Quotes & Sayings

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Uncle Albert Quotes By Charles Stross

You take after your dad, a high-functioning sociopath with an incurable organic personality disorder. It's one of the special-sauce variety, the kind with a known genetic cause. Your uncle Albert was something different, and worse: He was a man of faith. — Charles Stross

Uncle Albert Quotes By Albert Hackett

George, George. They voted Potter down. They want to keep it going. You did it George, you did it. They've got one condition, only one condition and that's the best part of it. They've appointed George here as Executive Secretary to take his father's place.
Well, but no, Uncle Billy...
You can keep him on, that's all right. As Secretary you can hire who you like.
Dr Cameron, now let's get his straight. I'm leaving. I'm leaving right now. I'm going to school. This is my last chance. Uncle Billy here, he's your man.
But George, they'll vote with Potter otherwise! — Albert Hackett

Uncle Albert Quotes By Brian Selznick

Albert shrugged, but Joseph could sense a world of things his uncle wasn't saying. — Brian Selznick

Uncle Albert Quotes By Mark T. Sullivan

to the Piazzale Loreto and machine-gunned them to death. I saw . . ." He broke down. "Tullio was one of them." Uncle Albert and his father looked gut-shot. Aunt Greta said, "That's not true! You must have seen someone else." Pino, crying, said, "It was him. Tullio was so brave. Yelling at the men who were about to shoot him, calling them cowards . . . and . . . oh God, it was . . . horrible." He went to his father and hugged him while Uncle Albert held Aunt Greta, who had turned hysterical. "I hate them," she said. "My own people and I hate them." When she'd calmed down, Uncle Albert said, "I have to go tell his mother." "She — Mark T. Sullivan