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Truth Hurts Love Quotes By David Duchovny

People always love and respect characters who speak the truth, even if the truth hurts. — David Duchovny

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Jojo1980

Love cost its like working a full time job you got to put work and effort into it,and that's why it fails with a lot of people because they on the job part time !!! #GeminiStatus — Jojo1980

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Teresa Of Avila

This Beloved of ours is merciful and good. Besides, he so deeply longs for our love that he keeps calling us to come closer. This voice of his is so sweet that the poor soul falls apart in the face of her own inability to instantly do whatever he asks of her. And so you can see, hearing him hurts much more than not being able to hear him ... For now, his voice reaches us through words spoken by good people, through listening to spiritual talks, and reading sacred literature. God calls to us in countless little ways all the time. Through illnesses and suffering and through sorrow he calls to us. Through a truth glimpsed fleetingly in a state of prayer he calls to us. No matter how halfhearted such insights may be, God rejoices whenever we learn what he is trying to teach us. — Teresa Of Avila

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Renee Swope

When we allow Jesus to search our hearts and bring His perspective into our pain, redemption comes. Whether it is the pain from our yesterdays or hurts from our todays, when we give Jesus time to pour His truth into our wounds, His love flows — Renee Swope

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Michele L. Rivera

You can't be the warrior in someone else's tragedy — Michele L. Rivera

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Fiona Paul

The truth never hurts more than finding out someone you love has lied to you. — Fiona Paul

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Tarryn Fisher

Tell me a truth, Senna."
"I don't know how."
"Then tell me a lie."
"I don't love you."
"The truth is for the mind," he says. "Lies are for the heart. So let's just keep lying. — Tarryn Fisher

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Elisa Marie Hopkins

Because you decided I couldn't take it!" I shout. "You kept the truth from me because you thought I couldn't handle it. You were so wrong! I can take it straight up! That's what hurts me the most. I'm not some fragile thing that needs to be treated like a glass house. It's humiliating and it just pisses me off that you pretend like I'm not strong. I get that you're a man...you feel the need to protect me. I get that you're afraid and my strength feels dangerous to you. And you know what? It should feel that way, because it is. It's power. — Elisa Marie Hopkins

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Greg Behrendt

Let's start with this statistic: You are delicious. Be brave, my sweet. I know you can get lonely. I know you can crave companionship and sex and love so badly that it physically hurts. But I truly believe that the only way you can find out that there's something better out there is to first believe there's something better out there. What other choice is there? — Greg Behrendt

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Debasish Mridha

When someone hurts you, hates you, don't hate him, win him with love; you will find the peace. — Debasish Mridha

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Debasish Mridha

A best friend is he who hurts you with their love and feels you when you're hurt. — Debasish Mridha

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Kelly Martin

Your self-worth and self-esteem cannot be changed by doing positive affirmations. If that were the case many people would be super confident and are not. It may appear to work for some, but only because they have already faced the hurts inside that have caused low self-worth and low self-esteem, and are ready to feel differently.

Acknowledging the pain and the suffering that take place inside you, and allowing the feelings, will take time, but this new way of handling these feelings will change the way you relate to you and to the outside world. — Kelly Martin

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Jessica Love

He's too real. So real, it hurts. — Jessica Love

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Joseph Campbell

And then he says, "The writer must be true to truth." And that's a killer, because the only way you can describe a human being truly is by describing his imperfections. The perfect human being is uninteresting - the Buddha who leaves the world, you know. It is the imperfections of life that are lovable. And when the writer sends a dart of the true word, it hurts. But it goes with love. This is what Mann called "erotic irony," the love for that which you are killing with your cruel, analytical word. — Joseph Campbell

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Abbi Glines

Whatever we had is over. It died the minute I walked downstairs and realized the world I'd always known was a lie.- Blaire Wynn — Abbi Glines

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Cora Carmack

I want to say we're okay, Bliss. I need you, too. But I can't pretend I wasn't hoping this would go somewhere. I don't know if I can do it. The truth is ... you are hurting me. Not on purpose, I know that. But I love you and every second that you don't love me back ... it hurts. — Cora Carmack

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Kristin Cast

Last time I saw you, I said that it hurt too much to love you. But I was wrong about that. The truth is it hurts too much not to love you — Kristin Cast

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Catherine Gayle

Love hurts, but that isn't a good enough reason not to love. The truth is, it hurts even more not to love — Catherine Gayle

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Katherine Owen

Finally, I formulate and say a little prayer to God, and since we haven't officially spoken since my mom and Elliott died that takes up quite a bit of my time.
The rest of it I spend on trying to determine what I think love really is and what I actually feel for Tally Landon at this point. Upon deep reflection, I realize that I must be at the edge of life's abyss. This is me. All there is left of me; and yet, I'm looking over and contemplating its meaning on whether to jump or stay. I'm not sure this feeling for Tally Landon is made up of love any more than it is of hate. This must be a kind of purgatory - the in-between place - because these pervasive feelings of rage and passion for Tally are equalized and actually co-mingle together - like fire and water - each ready to extinguish the other. I've come to accept the truth. There may be nothing left for us. It could go either way. — Katherine Owen

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Josh Garrels

When you're talking about truth and love, you can wield your profession, your craft, in a way that hurts people because you're so good, and so when someone can present it in a way that is inviting people into their joy, that's when the most beautiful things are formed. — Josh Garrels

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By A.G. Howard

No," I insist. "Not without you."
"Would you sacrifice the mortal you love for the netherling you hate?" he asks, and the conviction in his voice hurts as bad as a blow. I don't know what's more excruciating, the fact that I've told him I hate him enough times to make him believe it or that I'm starting to realize how far it is from the truth. — A.G. Howard

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Debasish Mridha

When someone hurts you, don't hurt him back but hit him with your unconditional love. — Debasish Mridha

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Abigail Tarttelin

Think of that person you knew when you were a kid, who you always thought you could have loved completely and forever.Well, you could have. It's the truth, and it's the saddest and simplest thing. There isn't just one person for each of us in the world. There aren't many, but there are always a few people we could have made it with, that maybe we still want to make it with, that press themselves so close to our hearts they leave scars, and then slip through our fingers and disappear from our lives. And it doesn't make a difference if you're thirteen or ninety- eight because some things you feel are real, no matter when. — Abigail Tarttelin

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Tanu Reshma B Singh

Truth is never wrong but it is in the telling of the truth that a person can be right or wrong
Truth can be told so that it helps or hurts another, Therefore speak the truth in love ... Our words Should b a blend of truth and love ... — Tanu Reshma B Singh

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Emma Scott

It hurts, right? It's messy and complicated and it's like a tattoo that never ends. A million needles inking something on your heart that isn't even beautiful."
"The feeling you have in that moment right as you wake up, before your brain mucks it all up with thoughts and words? That very first feeling is where the truth lives."
"Because love always wins. Always. — Emma Scott

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Shakir Parekh

Love is the need of all ...
but , love needs all ... ! — Shakir Parekh

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Eiry Nieves

There comes a moment in life when one must acknowledge that you just can't keep looking back into your past for reasons to keep someone in your present and future. Regardless of how much looking that cruel reality in the eye hurts ... memories can't be enough. — Eiry Nieves

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Debasish Mridha

If anyone hurts you, love him; it is the greatest revenge. — Debasish Mridha

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Alleece Balts

Love is dangerous. Love leaves scars. — Alleece Balts

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Resentment hurts the heart but
love heals the soul. — Debasish Mridha

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Nikki Rowe

And I hope above all you give your heart to someone again no matter how many broken promises you have recieved. — Nikki Rowe

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Queen Latifah

I actually enjoy that I never really needed to be hanging out with every celebrity in Hollywood; I just go home and hang out with my cousins, my best friends. I'm not treated like royalty; they love me to death, but they don't treat me like royalty. So it's easy for me; they'll tell me the truth, whether it hurts or not. And I need that; I've always been given that. — Queen Latifah

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Tan Redding

I think now we are simply strangers with some memories. — Tan Redding

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By LeeAnn Whitaker

Deep down Kelly, I think you want me here. I think you're too damn scared to admit you need me. And I think I'm the only one who will understand the truth. — LeeAnn Whitaker

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Nakia R. Laushaul

When you build a wall to protect yourself against one person be warned
everyone is now out there except for you. — Nakia R. Laushaul

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Kathy Acker

TODAY I THINK MY RELATIONSHIP WITH HELL IS OVER. It was hell, the ancient hell. Hell: I believed that if I loved V enough, we would love each other.
All I know is that I've been returned to earth violently; I've a duty to myself to survive and to see what is. I have to deal with the truth, with nothing else.
Did V's charity to me almost cause my death?
I, starving, fed on the dream that V loved me and I lived a lie. So forgive me, You who knows that only truth matters.
Yes - this dawn is at best difficult.
The blood he let out of my skin, now dried and stiff, hurts me and there's nothing else in my life but memories of him. Mental war is constant.
Nonetheless, this is the eve before the morning.
May I accept the influxes of vigor and whatever real tenderness floats by in these barren waters. And when dawn comes, armed with my patience which burns, I shall see the cities of humans which are splendid.
The imagination is nothing unless it is made actual. — Kathy Acker

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Tom Holladay

Truth without love doesn't work. Some people use the truth like a weapon. They don't tell the truth; they aim it. The truth sometimes hurts, but it doesn't have to maim, kill, or destroy. As — Tom Holladay

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Ashley Jeffery

Someday you're gonna realize that no one on this earth will ever love you the way I do. You'll wish you'd said the words, wish you'd had this moment back. The truth is whether you say them or not I'll still go on loving you. Even when it hurts, even when I feel it cut me up inside and I bleed ... I'll still love you, but someday ... probably sooner than either of us want it to be ... .someday ... I'll hate you for it. Raylan's words are cruel and wonderful at the same time. — Ashley Jeffery

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Debasish Mridha

If someone hurts you, to take the revenge, love him. — Debasish Mridha

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Helene Cixous

Those I love go in the direction of what they call the last hour - what Clarice Lispector calls, "the hour of the star," "the hour of relinquishing all the lies that have helped us live.
Writing or saying the truth is equivalent to death, since we cannot tell the truth. It is forbidden because it hurts everyone. We never say the truth, we must lie, mostly as a result of our two needs: our need for love and cowardice. — Helene Cixous

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Rob Liano

The truth hurts, only when it can heal. — Rob Liano

Truth Hurts Love Quotes By Aimee Carter

He's my family, and you don't just push family aside for some itch you want to scratch. That's not how real love works. Real love is support, even when you're fighting. Real love in honesty, even when the truth hurts like hell. Real love is being there through every miserable minute and every indefinite minute. — Aimee Carter