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Even amidst tragedy there is laughter, sometimes farce. The degree of farce depends on who is running the tragedy. — Daniel Prokop

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Unfortunately the 'warrior' archetype accidentally dropped the soap in the shower and he has been getting boned senseless by the 'soldier/lobbyist archetype' ever since. — Daniel Prokop

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Achala, worrying and scheming about your next life, before you have even completed this one, is not a good practice. Rinpoche — Daniel Prokop

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When two or three people come together in the name of Neverland then I will be there amidst them or if I am too busy or have a better offer, then I will send a proxy or you can just have the tantrum without me, whatever. (King James Version: Gospel of St. Peter (of Pan)Verse: Blah Paragraph: Blah, blah — Daniel Prokop

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When the incarnation of the Dakini marked by the dragon is found by her mirror, the chains of the dragon will melt from the land of snows. Prophecy of a Free Tibet — Daniel Prokop

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We live in an adolescent society, Neverland, where never growing up seems more the norm than the exception. Little boys wearing expensive suits and adult bodies should not be allowed to run big corporations. They shouldn't be allowed to run governments, armies, religions, small businesses and charities either and just quietly, they make pretty shabby husbands and fathers too. Mankind has become Pankind and whilst "lost boys" abound, there is also an alarming increase in the number of "lost girls. — Daniel Prokop

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When the management iceberg is shaped like a huge phallus, you know that there are a lot of tossers that the top penguin has had to climb over to reach the tip and that there is no shortage of the same caliber of penguin in the balls and shaft of the corporation, just waiting for their chance to get a spurt to the top. Should I sugar coat this a little more? or tell it like it is? — Daniel Prokop

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NEVERLAND:The imaginary island home of Peter Pan and the lost boys. A place where you never grow up. Michael Jackson's former retreat. An accurate description of the 21st century. — Daniel Prokop

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In a desperate attempt to stay young forever we have achieved eternal childishness, rather than eternal youth. — Daniel Prokop

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Behind every preventable threat to the future of the human race lurks a boy in a man's body with both hands buried deep in the cookie jar set aside for future generations. — Daniel Prokop

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There are some people that see the half full cup and get upset about where the other half of the cup went ... With an attitude like that, they will never be happy. I see a half full cup and I immediately take half of someone else's cup and then I have a full cup and I'm happy. With the right attitude, life is really very simple. Peter Pan from 'Leaving Neverland' (Why Little Boys Shouldn't Run Big Corporations) — Daniel Prokop