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Top Trotta Pizza Quotes

Trotta Pizza Quotes By Albert Einstein

As far as I'm concerned, I prefer silent vice to ostentatious virtue. — Albert Einstein

Trotta Pizza Quotes By Criss Jami

When you're socially awkward, you're isolated more than usual, and when you're isolated more than usual, your creativity is less compromised by what has already been said and done. All your hope in life starts to depend on your craft, so you try to perfect it. One reason I stay isolated more than the average person is to keep my creativity as fierce as possible. Being the odd one out may have its temporary disadvantages, but more importantly, it has its permanent advantages. — Criss Jami

Trotta Pizza Quotes By Philip Zaleski

The arts are the best Time Machine we have." C. S. Lewis — Philip Zaleski

Trotta Pizza Quotes By Plutarch

To please the many is to displease the wise. — Plutarch

Trotta Pizza Quotes By Ayn Rand

In western civilization, the period ruled by mysticism is known as the 'Dark Ages' and the 'Middle Ages'. I will assume that you know the nature of that period and the state of human existence in those ages. The Renaissance broke the rules of the mystics. "Renaissance" means the "rebirth". Few people today will care to remind you that it was a rebirth of reason - of man's mind. — Ayn Rand

Trotta Pizza Quotes By William Shakespeare

When most I wink, then do my eyes best see — William Shakespeare

Trotta Pizza Quotes By Elizabeth Marx

Aidan: "From the moment I laid eyes on her she was trouble to my concentration, my libido, and my mental health. After six weeks of pursuit, I'd trapped her between my upraised arms against a book case, somewhere betwixt Shakespeare and Voltaire. "I want the witchcraft in your lips," I'd whispered. Instead of arguing, she grabbed me by the ears. She'd been soft lips, liberal tongue and nipping teeth. I'd contributed a willing body and a vulgar groan. She'd drawn away, licked her lips and ducked underneath my arms. When she was about three yards from me, she's tilted her head up like a siren on the bow of a ship and pursed a devil-may-care smile at me before she bowed. She'd challenged me to pursue her, and I'd intended to, but when I pushed off, the bookcase fell backwards. I tumbled into a heap of literary tombs. I could still hear her laughing when the library's elevator door chimed closed. — Elizabeth Marx

Trotta Pizza Quotes By Franz Wright

Should each individual snowflake be held accountable for the avalanche? — Franz Wright

Trotta Pizza Quotes By Johnny Weir

I don't want to spend my life on an ice cube. — Johnny Weir

Trotta Pizza Quotes By Devon Monk

The pink rose Zayvion had given me looked a little worse for the wear, but it wasn't dead yet. Tough flowers, roses. — Devon Monk

Trotta Pizza Quotes By Helen Oyeyemi

So many times I've encountered people who are just kind of like, 'Yeah, Nigeria,' and, you know, thump their chest and seem very sure of, like, being Nigerian. And I'm just kind of, like, I wish I could be that sure. — Helen Oyeyemi