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A.C. Crispin Quotes & Sayings

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Famous Quotes By A.C. Crispin

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Don't you see, Lynn? We have to help ... or else we won't have learned a thing. — A.C. Crispin

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No - other men's eye's don't do anything for me, I'm afraid. Sulu grinned. — A.C. Crispin

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All that blood and ... stuff. Me, I'll take intelligent cowardice over foolhardy bravery any day — A.C. Crispin

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Finally, she'd found a group on Corellia that had helped her deal with her addiction, helped her realize why she felt so empty, so driven. "It took me months of hard digging into myself," she said. "Months to figure out why I wanted to hurt myself. I finally got it through my head that just because my mother hated and despised me for not being what she wanted me to be, I didn't have to hate myself. I didn't have to destroy myself in some twisted attempt to please her. — A.C. Crispin

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What good will convincing the princess do?" Bria asked. "I know she's supposed to be well-loved, but she's still just a young girl."
"The viceroy is considering appointing her Alderaan's representative to the Imperial Senate next year," Winter said. "Don't underestimate Leia's strength of purpose or influence. — A.C. Crispin

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Unrelieved black set off her pale skin and exquisite bone structure. Her — A.C. Crispin

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Memories should console, not enslave. — A.C. Crispin

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Remember that on any world the wind eventually wears away the stone, because the stone can only crumble; the wind can change. — A.C. Crispin

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Obedient to her captain's will, The Black Pearl followed her dark angel over the azure water; as fast as the wind, as free as the men who sailed her. it was almost as though she knew she was a legend in the making, destined for adventures both great and terrible... — A.C. Crispin