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Top Triple H Best Quotes

Triple H Best Quotes By Triple H

I am the best there is and always will be the best — Triple H

Triple H Best Quotes By Anthony Rizzo

I have to go with the approach I had in Triple-A. I need to take a lot of those fastballs I am seeing to left field. Also must gear up for the changeup and take them up the middle. — Anthony Rizzo

Triple H Best Quotes By Eoin Colfer

The gremlin mob turned on Root, and when they saw the triple-barreled blaster on his hip, they kept right on turning. Root grabbed the microphone from behind the desk, and hauled it out to the extent of its cable. "Now hear this," he growled, his gravelly tones echoing around the terminal. "This is Commander Root of the LEP. We have a serious situation above ground, and I would appreciate cooperation from all you civilians. First, I would like you all to stop your yapping so I can hear myself think!" Root paused to make certain his wishes were being respected. They were. "Secondly, I would like every single one of you, including those squawling infants, to sit down on the courtesy benches until I have gone on my way. Then you can get back to griping or stuffing your faces. Or whatever else it is civilians do." No one had ever accused Root of political correctness. No one was ever likely to either. — Eoin Colfer

Triple H Best Quotes By Michael Lewis

There was more than one way to think about Mike Burry's purchase of a billion dollars in credit default swaps. The first was as a simple, even innocent, insurance contract. Burry made his semiannual premium payments and, in return, received protection against the default of a billion dollars' worth of bonds. He'd either be paid zero, if the triple-B-rated bonds he'd insured proved good, or a billion dollars, if those triple-B-rated bonds went bad. But of course Mike Burry didn't own any triple-B-rated subprime mortgage bonds, or anything like them. He had no property to "insure" it was as if he had bought fire insurance on some slum with a history of burning down. To him, as to Steve Eisman, a credit default swap wasn't insurance at all but an outright speculative bet against the market - and this was the second way to think about it. — Michael Lewis

Triple H Best Quotes By B.A. Gabrielle

I don't believe in bad books. There's either not enough editing, imagination, or explanations. Triple-check everything. — B.A. Gabrielle

Triple H Best Quotes By Kim Hyun-joong

It's not for Triple S to protect us, it is us protecting Triple S. — Kim Hyun-joong

Triple H Best Quotes By Hank Aaron

The triple is the most exciting play in baseball. Home runs win a lot of games, but I never understood why fans are so obsessed with them. — Hank Aaron

Triple H Best Quotes By Jennifer Weiner

Born on third base and think they hit a triple, — Jennifer Weiner

Triple H Best Quotes By John Fante

My mother said, "Arturo, stop that. Your sister's tired."

"Oh Holy Ghost, Oh Holy inflated triple ego, get us out of the depression. Elect Roosevelt. Keep us on the gold standard. Take France off, but for Christ's sake keep us on!"

"Arturo, stop that"

"Oh Jehovah, in your infinite mutability see if you can't scrape up some coin for the Bandini family."

My mother said, "Shame, Arturo. Shame."

I got up on the divan and yelled, "I reject the hypothesis of God! Down with the decadence of a fraudulent Christianity! Religion is the opium of the people! All that we are or ever hope to be we owe to the devil and his bootleg apples!"

My mother came after me with the broom. — John Fante

Triple H Best Quotes By Brooks Robinson

I wouldn't mind seeing someone erase my record of hitting into four triple plays. — Brooks Robinson

Triple H Best Quotes By Triple H

Being on the road is no excuse for having a poor diet. I don't like fast food, but if I have to, I'll order three plain grilled chicken sandwiches and throw out the buns. — Triple H

Triple H Best Quotes By Randy Orton

Ric Flair, you can tell all these people that I'm full of it for calling myself the Legend Killer? Well, I think you're full of it for coming out here every Monday and telling the whole world that Triple H is the best wrestler in the world today. I know it's not true, I'm pretty sure all these people know it's not true and Ric Flair, I know that deep down inside your heart, you know it's not true either which is why it's so tragic to see what you've become. This generation is gonna remember Ric Flair for kissing Triple H's ass! — Randy Orton

Triple H Best Quotes By Triple H

Batista does look pretty mad. — Triple H

Triple H Best Quotes By Jose Reyes

I like triples-when I hit a ball in the gap, all I think about is a triple. — Jose Reyes

Triple H Best Quotes By Jody Gehrman

July 4th, (ie, time to celebrate our freedoms as Americans by eating hormone-laden farm animals and blowing shit up)
-Geena (Triple Shot Betty) — Jody Gehrman

Triple H Best Quotes By Kim Swift

I think the downloadable scene in general is really, really interesting for developers because it's low-risk. It doesn't require as much money as a triple-A title. And it's a great proving ground for new IPs, new concepts, new ideas - things that I think I, as a developer, find really attractive. — Kim Swift

Triple H Best Quotes By Triple H

Something stinks here, and this time, it's not just him. — Triple H

Triple H Best Quotes By Graeme Simsion

Sex was absolutely not allowed to be scheduled, at least not by explicit discussion, but I had become familiar with the sequence of events likely to precipitate it: a blueberry muffin from Blue Sky Bakery, a triple shot of espresso from Otha's, removal of my shirt, and my impersonation of Gregory Peck in the role of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. — Graeme Simsion

Triple H Best Quotes By Ashley Wagner

Yu Na Kim, Mao Asada, Carolina Kostner - all these girls can do triple-triples in their sleep, and they have the skating skills and the spins and the rest of the technical jumps. So I have to have that as well if I want to be able to call myself 'competitive' against them. And when I say 'competitive,' I mean I want to win. — Ashley Wagner

Triple H Best Quotes By A.D. Aliwat

Being an investment banker is pretty much the perfect job for an all around triple-threat genius, and because I'm doing so well with it, I know I'm actually smarter than certifiable geniuses like Stephen Hawking and Einstein. — A.D. Aliwat

Triple H Best Quotes By Bill Vaughan

The world could not long ignore a holy church. The church is not despised because it is holy: it is despised because it is not holy enough. There is not enough difference between the people inside the church and those outside to be impressive. A church in which saints were as common as now they are rare would convict the world, if only by contrast. Sanctity cannot be ignored. Even a little bit is potent. So far from the gates of hell prevailing against it, it hammers on their triple steel. — Bill Vaughan

Triple H Best Quotes By Julia Stiles

I kind of don't believe in actors directing themselves. Obviously some people have done it well, but I don't see how I could. It's funny that you ask, because I've just been thinking that maybe I'd rather direct The Bell Jar than act in it. It's a huge leap to go from a short to a feature, so I'm tentative - I'm like, Well, that's just so triple-type-A personality of you. — Julia Stiles

Triple H Best Quotes By Cyhi The Prynce

When I fell in love with hip-hop, my favorite rapper was Jay-Z. But I used to like Common and Nas. But I was a South dude. So I grew up on UGK, Triple Six, Outkast, and Pastor Troy. That's where I get my lingo, my slang, my passion. — Cyhi The Prynce

Triple H Best Quotes By CM Punk

If Triple H asked you to jump off a bridge, would you? Because I think that's good for business. — CM Punk

Triple H Best Quotes By Gwenda Bond

The thrill of working in this building, with its iconic globe on top, would never fade. — Gwenda Bond

Triple H Best Quotes By Lefty Gomez

Only triple I ever got. — Lefty Gomez

Triple H Best Quotes By Peter Watts

Plus it'll triple your assimilation rate over anything filtered through the senses. Perfect for porn. — Peter Watts

Triple H Best Quotes By Barry Mazur

In the history of the concept of number has been adjective (three cows, three monads) and noun (three, pure and simple), and now ... number seems to be more like a verb (to triple). — Barry Mazur

Triple H Best Quotes By Triple H

Vegas is great, isn't it, man? This is the greatest place on Earth. Lookit; you have everything you could want; adult movies ... this is a nice neighborhood! — Triple H

Triple H Best Quotes By Colin Woodard

By the end of his presidency - and the sixteen-year run of Dixie dominance in Washington - income inequality and the concentration of wealth in the federation had reached the highest levels in its history, exceeding even the Gilded Age and Great Depression. In 2007 the richest tenth of Americans accounted for half of all income, while the richest 1 percent had seen their share nearly triple since 1994.8 — Colin Woodard

Triple H Best Quotes By Ted Strickland

You know, it was once said of the first George Bush that he was born on third base and thought he'd hit a triple. Well, with the 22 million new jobs and the budget surplus Bill Clinton left behind, George W. Bush came into office on third base, and then he stole second. — Ted Strickland

Triple H Best Quotes By Triple H

Alcohol does kill brain cells, because you've lost it. — Triple H

Triple H Best Quotes By Robin Sharma

To triple the growth of your organization, triple the growth of your people. — Robin Sharma

Triple H Best Quotes By John August

Most times a person grows up gradually, but I found myself in a hurry ... Hoping to find an answer, I uncovered an article about the common goldfish. "Kept in a small bowl, the goldfish will remain small. With more space, the fish will double, triple, or quadruple in size." It occurred to me then that I was intended for larger things. After all, a giant man can't have an ordinary-sized life. — John August