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Top Tree Standing Alone Quotes

Tree Standing Alone Quotes By Gwen Mitchell

She'd lost so much in the process of becoming Zyne, but somewhere in the middle of it all, she'd found herself. Her heritage had shattered her illusions of a tranquil life. Destiny swept behind in a blaze, decimating everything she tried to hold on to. She was left alone, like the solitary tree standing after a forest fire. She'd thought she would crumble to ash, just another memory on the wind. But as blackened pieces of her cracked and fell away, she saw the truth. Under all that charred wreckage was the heartwood. Bruised. Scarred. But still good. Still capable of growth. When she looked in the mirror, she no longer saw a victim, but a survivor. — Gwen Mitchell

Tree Standing Alone Quotes By Nancy E. Turner

Sometimes I feel like a tree on a hill, at the place where all the wind blows and the hail hits the tree the hardest. All the people I love are down the side aways, sheltered under a great rock, and I am out of the fold, standing alone in the sun and the snow. I feel like I am not part of the rest somehow, although they welcome me and are kind. I see my family as they sit together and it is like theyh ave a certain way between them that is beyond me. I wonder if other folks ever feel included yet alone. — Nancy E. Turner

Tree Standing Alone Quotes By Karl Ove Knausgard

The tree was so old, and stood there so alone, that his childish heart had been filled with compassion; if no one else on the farm gave it a thought, he would at least do his best to, even though he suspected that his child's words and child's deeds didn't make much difference. It had stood there before he was born, and would be standing there after he was dead, but perhaps, even so, it was pleased that he stroked its bark every time he passed, and sometimes, when he was sure he wasn't observed, even pressed his cheek against it. — Karl Ove Knausgard

Tree Standing Alone Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

Upon the hearth the fire is red, Beneath the roof there is a bed; But not yet weary are our feet, Still round the corner we may meet A sudden tree or standing stone That none have seen but we alone. Tree and flower and leaf and grass, Let them pass! Let them pass! — J.R.R. Tolkien

Tree Standing Alone Quotes By Adalbert Stifter

Everything was pleasant and friendly on this journey; conversations were warm and cordial, everything, a little old church where at one time the faithful had prayed, a ruin of a wall on a mountain where at one time powerful ruling families had held sway, a tree standing alone on a hill, a cottage by the roadside with the sun shining on it, all these acquired a distinctively gentle charm and significance. — Adalbert Stifter