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Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By Zoe Forward

Why should I trust you?" Her eyes narrowed. "All I really know about you is that you're not loyal to your girlfriends, you treat one-night stands like crap, and apparently you've made quite a name for yourself not only in the business world, but also in the bedroom since we last met. — Zoe Forward

Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By Amber Dusick

Parents are just uncelebrated rock stars - we stay up late, take drugs and treat our bodies like crap. Yay! — Amber Dusick

Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By Richelle Mead

Well he didn't treat my mother very well. He did some horrible things."
"Like ... " I hesitated. "Blood-whore things?"
"Like beating-her-up kinds of things" he replied flatly.
"Oh God," I said "That's horrible. And she ... she just let it happen?"
"She did." The corner of his mouth turned into a sly, sad smile. "But I didn't"
"Tell me, tell me you beat the crap out of him"
His smile grew, "I did. — Richelle Mead

Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By Cynthia Hand

I won't be that girl who lets the guy treat her like crap and still fawns all over him. — Cynthia Hand

Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By Seth Godin

If you treat your employees like mushrooms (keep them in the dark and regularly throw crap on them), it's entirely likely you will get precisely the work you deserve in return. — Seth Godin

Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By Soman Chainani

Either you're lying again or you're as stupid as you look. You ditch me first year for him when you were a girl. You ditch me second year for him when you were a boy. You lie and cheat and steal for him while he treats you like crap, and I help you and care for you and worship you like a queen while you treat me like crap! What does that guy have that I don't? What makes him so lovable and me so unworthy? Know how many times I've asked myself that question, Sophie? How many times I've studied him like a book or sat in the dark picturing every last shred of him, trying to understand why he's more of a person than me? Or why the moment he's gone, you take a ring from the School Master - or Raphael or Michelangelo or Donatello or whatever you want to call him to make yourself feel better - just because he looks like you want him to look and says what you want to hear? When you could have had someone who's honest and kind and real? — Soman Chainani

Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By Pamela Morsi

Without any intent, she'd managed to turn a wonderful, sweet guy like Eli into the same kind of creep she always ended up with. She'd thought she had changed. That she had grown. That falling for him was somehow evidence of that, but she had been wrong. It was exactly the same pattern. She had fallen in love with him and now he was going to treat her like crap. — Pamela Morsi

Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By Melina Marchetta

Yes, I did," he says casually. "In the first minute I met them. Then in the second minute, I decided I wasn't going to be into dudes who treat others like crap only because they can. And then in the third, I actually stopped noticing they were around. I'm easily bored around stupid people. — Melina Marchetta

Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By Marie Harte

Okay. Then I forgive you for being a complete shithead at the restaurant. It wasn't your fault your ex thought she had the right to treat me like crap and embarrass me in front of the entire restaurant. I'm sure the bleach in her hair tampered with the space between her ears and tainted her limited ability to think. That or the weight of those implants made it hard to focus on anything but standing up straight."
Derrick blinked. "That's forgiveness ?"
"Do you have a problem with anything I just said ?"
"No, no. Not at all. — Marie Harte

Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By Sophie Jordan

Miguel: We've only gone over 100x! Mika: K - gonna roc!! Billy: Glad ur babysitting, dumbass. U know how 2 shoot, right? Mika: Screw u! Kevin: Cut the crap - stay focused treat us like animals we'll show them animals Mika: Hear that! Miguel: Payback a bitch! — Sophie Jordan

Treat Me Like Crap Quotes By MAD

Contemplating suicidal people - Why people are likable (edit)

by Mad Herondale
descriptionjust what it says. genrePoetry

stats Published on 2013-11-09

Why people are likable (edit)
Chapter 1 - Updated Nov 09, 2013 - 648 characters
I think there are two reasons people are drawn to other people: looks or personality.
Some are both pretty and nice, but those are far and few between and everyone flocks to them like flies to honey. Then there are those who are pretty and treat others like crap, but people still like them, because let's face it were all drawn to pretty things. There are also the plain or ugly, but kind people, those we come to when we need help or a laugh or a smile, and love them for it. Lastly there are those who somehow got left with neither looks nor charisma. Those are the people who live out their lives lonely and depressed or who go off themselves. — MAD