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Toxic Relationships Quotes By Rebecca Timberlake

I also realized by the way he actually cared that I could hurt him, really hurt him, if I wanted to. That's a power no one should ever realize. It's toxic. — Rebecca Timberlake

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Steve Maraboli

Some people will try to condemn you to the prison of their bullshit. They tell you they want a soulmate, but they're actually creating a cellmate. — Steve Maraboli

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Liz Thebart

The end for us came with a knock on my window. — Liz Thebart

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Avril Carruthers

Energetic cords are unconscious - often sentimental or compulsive - emotional ties to past and present relationships, pre-conditioned by our wounds. They are made of toxic emotions such fear, guilt, blame, hatred, obligation, grasping need or pain. — Avril Carruthers

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Sarah Jo Smith

When you get to be my age, you gain a heightened awareness of time . . . how limited it is, and you tend to move toward social interactions that are meaningful and away from negative, trivial people who are downright toxic. — Sarah Jo Smith

Toxic Relationships Quotes By L.M. Browning

I burned by bridges so the devil couldn't follow me. — L.M. Browning

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

Forgiveness is a personal process that doesn't depend on us having direct contact with the people who have hurt us. — Sharon Salzberg

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Lauren Oliver

[S]he'd realized that he had loved her only because she belonged to him. — Lauren Oliver

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Doreen Virtue

Who has time for toxic relationships? If someone isn't honoring your feelings, it's not a real relationship. If you feel drained after spending time with someone, that's a red flag! — Doreen Virtue

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Alberto Villoldo

At the core of One Spirit Medicine is the idea that how we perceive the world 'out there' is a projection of internal maps that shape our beliefs and guide how we think, feel and behave. These maps are the unconscious programs that drive our experience of life and the state of our health. The key to optimum health is to upgrade these unconscious maps and limiting beliefs that have been driving us to a toxic lifestyle and relationships. — Alberto Villoldo

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Crystal Woods

He said he loved more than any other women he's ever loved and I had a black eye to prove it. — Crystal Woods

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Liz Thebart

[...] we grieved for both our lives, in which we were both more dead than alive. — Liz Thebart

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Phil Volatile

I'm in love with my corporate girlfriend,
with the Cyclops heart — Phil Volatile

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Liz Thebart

There is no in between, we all have to touch our own bottom. — Liz Thebart

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Rachel Higginson

Our relationship was toxic. He was slowly poisoning me. I was slowly poisoning him. — Rachel Higginson

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Maggie Young

Abusive relationships exist because they provide enough rations of warmth, laughter, and affection to clutch onto like a security blanket in the heap of degradation. The good times are the initial euphoria that keeps addicts draining their wallets for toxic substances to inject into their veins. Scraps of love are food for an abusive relationship. — Maggie Young

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Karen Salmansohn

I'm not angry anymore. I'm just really disappointed about who you turned out to be. — Karen Salmansohn

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Asa Don Brown

Toxic relationships are like a good pasta that has been overcooked. — Asa Don Brown

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Jen Hatmaker

But when we are locked in a toxic relationship or community, spiritual pollution can murder everything tender and Christlike in us; and a watching world doesn't always witness those private kill shots. Unhealthy relationships can destroy our hope, optimism, gentleness. We can lose our heart and lose our way while pouring endless energy into an abyss that has no bottom. There is a time to put redemption in the hands of God and walk away before destroying your spirit with futile diligence. Sometimes the bravest thing is to stop fighting for something that is never going to produce a winner. — Jen Hatmaker

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Eleanor Brown

Clutter is not just physical stuff. It's old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self. — Eleanor Brown

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Aspen Matis

When we apply the lessons we've struggled for our whole lives to learn to the lives of people we love, our love becomes judgment - which is toxic. Our fear our daughters will fail leads us to fail them. — Aspen Matis

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Mandy Hale

You can love them, forgive them, want good things for them ... but still move on without them. — Mandy Hale

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Simone De Beauvoir

If I were to share Jaques' existence I would find it hard to hold my own against him, for already I found his nihilism contagious. — Simone De Beauvoir

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Julie Johnson

Grayson Dunn is in my head. He's under my skin. He's invaded me like a deadly disease and hijacked my immune system until I don't even bother fighting it anymore. I look at him, and I'm twisted into knots. Tangled into a messy spool of desire and desperation. — Julie Johnson

Toxic Relationships Quotes By John Lewis Lund

Even if toxic people are right about what is "good," they are wrong if the approach is not healthy. — John Lewis Lund

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Karen Salmansohn

If someone keeps bringing you down, perhaps it's time to get up and leave — Karen Salmansohn

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Stefan Molyneux

The only relationships that exist are based on truth. Everything else is just a mutual and isolating delusion. — Stefan Molyneux

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Crystal Woods

When you leave, I feel like I'm alone with your demons. — Crystal Woods

Toxic Relationships Quotes By L.M. Browning

The moments of silence are gone. We run from them into the rush of unimportant things, so filled is the quiet with the painful whispers of all that goes unspoken. Busy-ness is our drug of choice, numbing our minds just enough to keep us from dwelling on all that we fear we can't change. A compilation of coping mechanisms, we have become our fatigue. Unwilling or unable to cut ourselves free of this modern machine we have built, we're dragged in its wake all too quickly toward our end. The virtue of a society's culture is reflected in the physical, mental, and emotional health of its people. The time has come to part ways with all that is toxic, and preserve our quality of life. — L.M. Browning

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Liane Moriarty

Toxic' was actually an accurate description of the feelings Clementine had so often felt in Erika's presence: the intense aggravation she had to work so hard to resist and conceal, the disappointment with herself, because Erika wasn't evil or cruel or stupid, she was simply annoying, and Clementine's response to her annoyingness was so completely disporportionate, it embarassed and confounded her. Erika loved Clementine. She'd do anything for her. So why did she inflame Clementine so? It was like she was allergic to her. — Liane Moriarty

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Karen Salmansohn

It's very possible and very okay to forgive someone and still not want to spend time with them — Karen Salmansohn

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Taylor Swift

I've had a few semi-toxic relationships, but it's not what I look for when I'm seeing someone. — Taylor Swift

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Vironika Tugaleva

The people in your life will either help you shake hands with yourself or they'll teach you what you don't want. Everyone, eventually, does one or the other. All pain transforms to learning. All love transforms to self-awareness. — Vironika Tugaleva

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Karen Salmansohn

Sometimes it's better to end something & try to start something new than imprison yourself in hoping for the impossible. — Karen Salmansohn

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Ryan Holiday

If you know what you believe and why you believe it, you'll avoid poisonous relationships, toxic jobs, fair-weather friends, and any number of ills that afflict people who haven't thought through their deepest concerns. — Ryan Holiday

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Karen Salmansohn

Sometimes you don't get closure, you just move on. — Karen Salmansohn

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Kristen Proby

I want you to remember that no matter what, your physical and mental health are the most important thing. That is not being selfish; that is protecting yourself, so you can participate in healthy relationships. Cutting toxic people from your life is necessary for your own personal health and growth. "I — Kristen Proby

Toxic Relationships Quotes By R.K. Lilley

The most toxic relationships in life are defined by the way they make us feel about ourselves. — R.K. Lilley

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Julie Johnson

I find some small, twisted comfort in thinking that perhaps we used each other. Him, for a glimpse into what it would be like to live a life entirely different from the one he'd been raised to desire, and me for the steady diet of angst and emotional damage that seemed to make me better, sharper, like a sword against a whetstone.
I was his intellectual escape from a long parade of pretty, empty girls... and he was my drug of choice -- unhealthy, probably lethal, but ultimately so addictive it was hard to turn away.
The problem, of course, with this theory of mutual exploitation, is that it is the deepest of lies. There was nothing equal or mutual about the way we used each other. I barely scratched his surface while he sliced me limb from limb.
There's no comfort in that. None at all. — Julie Johnson

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Alexandra Kleeman

There was nothing else I could do but say sorry myself. His apology had left a residue in me, a residue on my thinking, and continuing on in this house without saying it would be entirely awkward. It would turn the small space toxic. So I said it, though I tried to lessen the potency of the apology by mumbling. — Alexandra Kleeman

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Darren Johnson

When you do not know how to focus your thoughts effectively, they can become scattered, miscellaneous, and fixated on "stuff negative notions, toxic relationships, and situations from the past." — Darren Johnson

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Giorge Leedy


Release the toxic and infectious-
Spreaders of misery,
Souls destroying souls-
And poisonous liars.

Awaken from the hallucinations-
And take back your heart.
Reclaim your self-esteem-
And leave the toxic be. — Giorge Leedy

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Taylor Swift

I wrote a song called 'Red' and thinking about what that song means to me and all the different emotions on this album they're all pretty much about the tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships I've experienced in the last two years. All those emotions fanning from intense love, intense frustration, intense jealousy, confusion, all of that in my mind, all those emotions are red. There's nothing in between, there's nothing beige about those feelings and so I called my record that. — Taylor Swift

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Maggie Young

We can deeply love our poison. We can love the taste of it, the scent of it, the comforting weight of it in our belly and find ourselves woken in the night with stabbing cramps, arms around porcelain toilet bowls, hurling every last bit until collapsing on bathroom tile, limp from dehydration. Sometimes parting with love is essential for survival. I've found the most tragic aspect of losing loved ones wasn't the big boom of the fallout, but realizing later how much healthier I was without them. — Maggie Young

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Suzanne Collins

The last thing I remember ia an exquisitely beautiful green and silver moth landing on the curve of my wrist. The sound of rain on the roof of our house gently pulls me toward consciousness. I fight to return to sleep though, wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets, safe at home. I'm vaguely aware that my head aches. Possibly I have the flu and this is why I'm allowed to stay in bed, even though I can tell I've been asleep a long time. My mother's hand strokes my cheek and I don't push is away as I would in wakefulness, never wanting her to know how much I crave that gentle touch. How much I miss her even though I still don't trust her. Then there's a voice, the wrong voice, not my mother's and i'm scared. — Suzanne Collins

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Stefan Molyneux

It is really exhausting to live in a dictatorship of 'Me', which is basically a tyranny of others. — Stefan Molyneux

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Julie Johnson

A boy made of stardust and selfishness; a girl filled with fire and fury at the world. We are a tangle of emotional wreckage, two broken messes thrown together, trying to navigate something we can barely comprehend. — Julie Johnson

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Ethlie Ann Vare

Just because something is addictive doesn't mean that you will get addicted to it. But ... if your stomach ties up in knots while you count the seconds waiting for a phone call from that special someone ... if you hear a loud buzzing in your ears when you see a certain person's car (or one just like it) ... if your eyes burn when you hear a random love song or see a couple holding hands ... if you suffer the twin agonies of craving for and withdrawing from a series of unrequited crushes or toxic relationships ... if you always feel like you're clutching at someone's ankle and dragged across the floor as they try to leave the room ... welcome to the club. — Ethlie Ann Vare

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Ahmed Mostafa

My love is toxic and you're suicidal. — Ahmed Mostafa

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Erin Hanson

Do not hold your breath for anyone,
Do not wish your lungs to be still,
It may delay the cracks from spreading,
But eventually they will.
Sometimes to keep yourself together
You must allow yourself to leave,
Even if breaking your own heart
Is what it takes to let you breathe. — Erin Hanson

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Bryant McGill

Toxic relationships are dangerous to your health; they will literally kill you. Stress shortens your lifespan. Even a broken heart can kill you. There is an undeniable mind-body connection. Your arguments and hateful talk can land you in the emergency room or in the morgue. You were not meant to live in a fever of anxiety; screaming yourself hoarse in a frenzy of dreadful, panicked fight-or-flight that leaves you exhausted and numb with grief. You were not meant to live like animals tearing one another to shreds. Don't turn your hair gray. Don't carve a roadmap of pain into the sweet wrinkles on your face. Don't lay in the quiet with your heart pounding like a trapped, frightened creature. For your own precious and beautiful life, and for those around you - seek help or get out before it is too late. This is your wake-up call! — Bryant McGill

Toxic Relationships Quotes By Joyce Rachelle

You don't have to live happily ever after with every single person in your life in order to live happily ever after. Some unfortunate endings are necessary. — Joyce Rachelle