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Top Top Tv Shows Quotes

Top Tv Shows Quotes By Andy Cohen

I love 'Top Chef.' I think it rewrote the book on how food shows are presented on TV. — Andy Cohen

Top Tv Shows Quotes By Colm Meaney

Colin Morgan gives a stunning performance in Parked; he plays Merlin in the BBC TV show and he says the two characters are like night and day. Watch him. He's got everything it takes to be top notch. — Colm Meaney

Top Tv Shows Quotes By Milo Ventimiglia

TV is such a success nowadays because it gives back in a way that features can't. If you go to a film, you only get two hours of great storytellers and performers, and you pay top dollar for that. If you're subscribing to premium channels and you're getting all of these amazing TV shows, and you're watching them as you want, where you want, when you want, on what you want, I think that is the "the golden era of TV" in what television shows are offering to audiences. We're giving them a lot more. It's quality. — Milo Ventimiglia

Top Tv Shows Quotes By Chad Hurley

There are a handful of talented individuals that are always going to do a better job. If you look at the amount of TV shows or movies, there's only a handful that rise to the top. — Chad Hurley

Top Tv Shows Quotes By Leona Lewis

Music TV in the U.K. is disappearing. 'Top Of The Pops,' 'CD:UK' and shows like that have gone, and it's bringing down the music industry. We should do as much as we can to keep our music TV and producers need to be more willing to accommodate live music. — Leona Lewis