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Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Pamela Clare

Have you thought about retiring early?" "I've thought about it. I would lose a fair amount of my pension if I did. Besides, what would I do with myself?" "You could work for me." "Work ... as a ranch hand?" She laughed, genuinely amused by the image of herself in a cowboy hat cutting cattle that popped into her head. "I can't even walk in the snow without help." He glared at her. "You're a fantastic rider." She narrowed her eyes at him. "Are you truly offering me a job?" He stopped shoveling, rested on the hay fork, gave her a lopsided grin. "I would if it would keep you around." Something about that felt more romantic to her than a dozen red roses. "Jack West, you are a charming man." "Me?" He shook his head, got back to shoveling. "I think you need to look that word up in the dictionary, angel. — Pamela Clare

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Garth Brooks

His eyes are cold and restless
His wounds have almost healed
And she'd give half of Texas
Just to change the way he feels
She knows his love's in Tulsa
And she knows he's gonna go
Well it ain't no woman flesh and blood
It's that damned old rodeo

Well it's bulls and blood
It's dust and mud
It's the roar of a Sunday crowd
It's the white in his knuckles
The gold in the buckle
He'll win the next go 'round
It's boots and chaps
It's cowboy hats
It's spurs and latigo
It's the ropes and the reins
And the joy and the pain
And they call the thing rodeo

She does her best to hold him
When his love comes to call
But his need for it controls him
And her back's against the wall
And it's So long girl I'll see you
When it's time for him to go
You know the woman wants her cowboy
Like he wants his rodeo — Garth Brooks

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Adam Ross

I'll never forget reading Chekhov's "A Doctor's Visit" on a train to Hawthorne, New York, and I got to the end - the scene where the patient says goodbye to the doctor and she puts a flower in her hair as a kind of thank you to him - and I felt like a cowboy shot from a canyon's top. This is a different experience from reading a novel, I think. The emotional effect is cumulative. Let's just hope market forces don't send short fiction the way of the dinosaur, because their sales are paltry compared to the novel and this is truly unfortunate. — Adam Ross

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Mav Skye

The image of May shoving the gun down her lace panty butt crack and drawing it like an old west cowboy is too much. Who are we? Who the fuck are we? Supergirls for real, that's who. — Mav Skye

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Lindsay McKenna

Nothing can fix a broken heart except love. Love always repairs those fractures we get in our heart. — Lindsay McKenna

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By John Wayne

Nobody ever saw a cowboy on the psychiatrist's couch. — John Wayne

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Terry Teachout

No cowboy songs, no hoedowns. It's a more serious piece. Yet every bar of 'Appalachian Spring' is clear, clean, tonal, intelligible - great music that anyone can grasp at first hearing. — Terry Teachout

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By T.J. Kline

Bailey, wait."

She didn't even turn his way again, simply flung her hand up and flipped her middle finger up at him. Damn her stubborn pride and damn his addled brain. — T.J. Kline

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Peyton Reed

You cannot separate sexuality from cheerleading. It is inherently what it is - growing up with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and all of that stuff. — Peyton Reed

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Becky Wade

Saint Bo, a man christened with the miraculous ability to gentle horses, nervous women, and one year olds. — Becky Wade

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Victoria Vane

Hate to burst your bubble, sweetheart, but a Stetson and a pair of Tony Lamas doesn't make a man a cowboy. — Victoria Vane

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Peggy Randall-Martin

If you can save a horse and ride a cowboy, you can save a tree and buy an eBook," Peggy Randall-Martin — Peggy Randall-Martin

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Carolyn Brown

What kind of woman am I?" she asked.
"My kind." He grinned. — Carolyn Brown

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Cat Johnson

How are you this morning? You get up in time for your workout?"
"Yeah. Just finished that. It was just a run ... well, a run in full combat uniform including our packs, but it was only five miles so not so bad."
Her eyes opened wide. "Oh, sure. That's nothing. I do at least that every morning, you know, before tea. — Cat Johnson

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Lindsay McKenna

Let's get one thing clear between us, Shiloh. I would never laugh at you. I might tease the dickens out of you, but I would never, ever make fun of you. That's not who I am. I don't believe in humiliating another person. It's not in my DNA. — Lindsay McKenna

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Larry McMurtry

For a time Dish lost all sense of what life was about. He even lost the sense that he was a cowboy, the strongest sense he had to work with. He was just a fellow with a glass in his hand, whose life had suddenly turned to mud. The day before he had been a top hand, but what did that mean anymore? — Larry McMurtry

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

When I love, I love with everything within me."
Seeing him with his child, this was obvious. Did he mean ... yes, he meant exactly what he said, and it was like he wanted her to know it went much deeper than only with his child. That whatever he loved, he loved with everything inside of him. "I sense that about you, Tristan. Your actions and words are heartfelt. — Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By E.M. Tippetts

A truck turned the corner and rumbled its way over to our house. I watched it parallel park, then go silent as the lights switched off. The driver's side door opened, and my best friend, Matthew, stepped down. His cowboy boots thudded against the asphalt, then crunched across the gravel that covered our front yard. "Howdy," he said. I — E.M. Tippetts

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Kate DiCamillo

At the concession stand, Leroy Ninker said, "Thank you very much!" He said, "Extra butter on that?" He also said, "Yippie-i-oh." Leroy Ninker said "Yippie-i-oh" because Leroy Ninker had a dream. He wanted to be a cowboy. On Wednesday nights, the Bijou Drive-In Theater ran a Western double feature, and Leroy Ninker stood and watched in wonder as the great white expanse of the Bijou screen filled with purple mountains, wide-open plains, and cowboys. The cowboys wore ten-gallon hats. They wore boots. They carried lassos. The cowboys were — Kate DiCamillo

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Carolyn Brown

It's this thing between us. The thing that we've been sidestepping all around rather than talking about it."
"Kind of hard to talk about something that neither of us can even define."
Annie Rose stood up, walked over to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, rolled up on her toes, and kissed him hard right on the lips. It didn't feel strange and there was nothing but a tingling feeling in the pit of his stomach when she pulled away.
"Now we've talked about it," she said. "Good night, Mason. See you at breakfast. — Carolyn Brown

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Gena Showalter

Not that Strider was intoxicated. He was the sober one. He reclined on a delightfully cushioned lounge in the sprawling ranch Paris had rented. In Dallas, Texas, of all places. Promiscuity had decked himself out, too, wearing a Stetson (weird), no shirt (understandable), unfastened jeans (smart) and cowboy boots (weird again). Dude looked ready to rustle cattle or something. At — Gena Showalter

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Colin Munroe

Sometimes it's difficult because you like some regularity in your life, but never knowing who's gonna pop up at what show, what person you might see that you don't expect to see in that city, what problem you're gonna have that night, even the problems at some of these venues, if you look at them the right way, it's an adventure. You're like a cowboy. That's the best part about being in the music industry. You get your gun and you ride your horse. — Colin Munroe

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Carolyn Brown

He shoved her feet down to the floor, slid down the sofa, and cupped her face in his hands.
She barely had time to moisten her lips and shut her eyes before his mouth closed in to claim hers in a fiery hot kiss. She felt as if her whole body was floating off the sofa toward the ceiling. His hands on her cheeks were the only thing that kept her grounded. Her arms went around his neck. Both hands twisted into his hair for better leverage as his tongue found its way past her lips to do a beautiful two-step with hers.
Sweet Jesus! A kiss had never done that to her before. She wanted more ... — Carolyn Brown

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Natalie Lloyd

Here's what I've learned about miracles: Sometimes they turn up quick, and sometimes they take their sweet time getting to you. It's hard to tell either way because a miracle never looks exactly the way you think it should. Some miracles are big and flashy, and others are sweet and simple. Some miracles make you want to shout, and others make you want to sing.
And some miracles, the very best miracles of all, show up wearing cowboy boots. — Natalie Lloyd

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Jason Aldean

I got a hat deal with Resistol, where I have my own line of cowboy hats. — Jason Aldean

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Kurt Angle

I feel like a real cowboy! Yippi Ki Yay! — Kurt Angle

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Cat Johnson

What the hell was she doing? This was real. Not some fantasy. "We probably shouldn't
"Blame it on the moonlight." He spoke the words close and then his mouth covered hers.
With the warmth of his palms against her cheeks and the pressure of his lips pressed to hers, Janie had to think the full moon was a s good an excuse as any for losing her mind and letting Tyler kiss her. — Cat Johnson

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Chris Owen

Oh. Momma told me not to tell you that your bed squeaks. But I think you know, 'cause I could hear it this morning. Jake dropped his fork. Tor, for the first time Jake had ever seen, turned scarlet. Maureen looked at them both and sighed. Christmas is always so interesting with you, Mark. — Chris Owen

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Carolyn Brown

Dating and getting to really know a woman is a different game. Kind of like the difference in Monopoly and Texas Hold 'Em. — Carolyn Brown

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Carolyn Brown

Bessie, the old gray mule, had two speeds: slow and stop. A stick of dynamite could not have put any more giddy-up in her pace ... — Carolyn Brown

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Keiko Nobumoto

Radical Edwards's profile? He's a seven-foot tall ex-basketball pro hindu guru drag-queen alien.
-Jet Black, from the Cowboy Bebop anime script — Keiko Nobumoto

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By B. J. Daniels

Was that designer stubble on his jaw? — B. J. Daniels

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Taylor Swift

I'm like 6'2 when I wear heels, so I tend to wear cowboy boots a lot. — Taylor Swift

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By David Lee Roth

It doesn't matter the kind of music, it doesn't matter whether it's a cowboy hat or a yarmulke. I don't care if it's outer space or pop, the spirit is the same. — David Lee Roth

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Michael J. Fox

I remember my son wanted to go to bed with his cowboy boots on, and we had this fight for like an hour. Then I realized that the only good reason I had for him not to do it is because I didn't want him to. There was really no other reason. And finally I said, "OK, fine." It was a great victory for me, because I realized it doesn't really matter. — Michael J. Fox

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Kady Cross

Moments later Griffin had Finley in the carriage, and Jasper sat on the seat across from them.
"What's the matter with her?" he asked Griffin.
Griffin shook his head. "Nothing. She's just two personas struggling for dominance in one body."
The cowboy's eyebrows shot up, but his expression was sympathetic. "Poor little thing. — Kady Cross

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Jerry Jones

We are continuing to look for ways that we can do something that's good for both of us. Good for both of us being the Cowboys relative to relief as to our cap management and good for him that would maybe be some pluses for him on his contract. — Jerry Jones

Best Cowboy Way Quotes By Kinky Friedman

It's all very well going around thinking you're a cowboy, until you run into somebody who thinks he's an Indian. — Kinky Friedman