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Top Thus Some Footwear Quotes

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Barbara Hambly

As Cinderella would probably tell you, even a prince who only recognizes your footwear is preferable to a lifetime of cleaning grates. — Barbara Hambly

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Jeffrey Eugenides

You used to be able to tell a person's nationality by the face. Immigration ended that. Next you discerned nationality via the footwear. Globalization ended that. — Jeffrey Eugenides

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Tim Kreider

Jenny Boylan might be the one person in this world whom I now think of purely as a human being, free of all the corporeal baggage of chromosomes, hormones, and footwear. — Tim Kreider

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Bette Midler

I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world. — Bette Midler

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Charles De Montesquieu

The reason the Romans built their great paved highways was because they had such inconvenient footwear. — Charles De Montesquieu

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Chloe Sevigny

I definitely spend the most money on shoes, partly because vintage footwear can be a little funky - in a bad way. I like to keep things pretty simple up top and then go weird with the shoes. — Chloe Sevigny

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Eugene Kennedy

The whole world feels that it knows Francis, not so much because he follows Francis of Assisi but because he is always himself. We have seen him pay his own hotel bill and heard that Francis called Buenos Aires for a pair of ordinary black shoes, like John XXIII, who preferred stout peasant shoes to the traditional papal footwear. — Eugene Kennedy

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Rachel Nichols

Nothing says, 'I pay attention to detail!' like footwear flattery from a boy. — Rachel Nichols

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Thomas DiLorenzo

It is no coincidence that some of America's most lethargic industries-steel, footwear, rubber, textiles-are also among the most heavily protected. — Thomas DiLorenzo

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Alice Temperley

When it comes to shoes, I always think Charlotte Olympia, of course! Her footwear is always feminine and sexy and also just right for every occasion. — Alice Temperley

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Gail Carriger

Footwear, after all, was a serious commitment. — Gail Carriger

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Jodi Taylor

In this century, as in any other, men wore the comfortable, practical stuff, and the women wandered round expiring underneath over-decorated tea-cosies and with inadequate footwear. — Jodi Taylor

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Tracy Engelbrecht

Maybe the Truth of the Meaning of Life, Ancient and Arcane Knowledge of the Great Unknowable Universe is handed down only to persons presenting with the correct brand-name footwear. If you turn up wearing Shoe City knock-offs, you don't get to pass Go and collect Infinite Enlightenment. — Tracy Engelbrecht

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By Cambria Hebert

This was why a guy needed to wear sneakers. He needed to have the appropriate footwear ready to go when it was time to rush toward the rest of his life. — Cambria Hebert

Thus Some Footwear Quotes By J.D. Robb

So, you're dead asleep, and you get a call. Something terrible's happened, and I'm dead. What do you do?"
It took him a moment to quell the terror, to ignore the small, dark place inside him that feared getting that call every day. "Before or after I fall prostrate with grief?"
"Before, during, and after. Do you peruse your wardrobe and select a coordinating outfit - down to the footwear? Do you deal with your hair so it's perfectly groomed?"
"With my considerable skills and innate instincts that would take no time at all."
"Keep it up and I'll dump red sauce all over your fashionable smarty-pants."
"That statement is one of the countless reasons why, under the circumstances you described, I'd be lucky to remember to dress at all. — J.D. Robb