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Top Thumbs Up Motivational Quotes

Thumbs Up Motivational Quotes By Carlo Rubbia

Soon after my degree, in 1958 I went to the United States to enlarge my experience and to familiarize myself with particle accelerators. I spent about one and a half years at Columbia University. — Carlo Rubbia

Thumbs Up Motivational Quotes By Abdulazeez Henry Musa

There is no better feeling that is greater than the feeling you get offering your time and services to doing God's work". — Abdulazeez Henry Musa

Thumbs Up Motivational Quotes By Edwin Arlington Robinson

The stillness of October gold
Went out like beauty from a face. — Edwin Arlington Robinson

Thumbs Up Motivational Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Are you considering becoming a creative person? Too late, you already are one. To even call somebody "a creative person" is almost laughably redundant; creativity is the hallmark of our species. We have the sense for it; we have the curiosity for it; we have the opposable thumbs for it; we have the rhythm for it; we have the language and the excitement and the innate connection to divinity for it.
If you're alive, you're a creative person. You and I and everyone you know are descended from tens of thousands of years of makers. Decorators, tinkerers, storytellers, dancers, explorers, fiddlers, drummers, builders, growers, problem-solvers, and embellishers
these are our common ancestors. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Thumbs Up Motivational Quotes By Keira Knightley

I'm a tomboy beanpole? I can't use a computer, so maybe I'm a bit out of the loop. I don't know whether to be flattered or not flattered. The beanpole bit, is that good? Can you be a sexy beanpole? — Keira Knightley

Thumbs Up Motivational Quotes By Joshua Michael Stern

You can mythologize Steve Jobs, but really in the end, he was a kid from the Valley, with his funny little friends, and they made something. That's all he was. — Joshua Michael Stern

Thumbs Up Motivational Quotes By Winston Churchill

And what a plan! This vast operation is undoubtedly the most complicated and difficult that has ever occurred. — Winston Churchill

Thumbs Up Motivational Quotes By Victor Hugo

There is will in the thought, there is none in the dream. The dream, which is completely spontaneous, takes and keeps, even in the gigantic and the ideal, the form of our mind. Nothing springs more directly and more sincerely from the very bottom of our souls than our unreflected and indefinite aspirations towards the splendours of destiny. — Victor Hugo

Thumbs Up Motivational Quotes By David Sedaris

In binghamton, new york, winter meant snow, and though I was young when we left, I was able to recall great heaps of it, and use that memory as evidence that North Carolina was, at best, a third-rate institution. What little snow there was would usually melt an hour or two after hitting the ground, and there you'd be in your windbreaker and unconvincing mittens, forming a lumpy figure made mostly of mud. Snow Negroes, we called them. The — David Sedaris