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He shot her an incredulous glance. "When do you sleep?" She glanced deliberately at her watch. "Sometime between fucking and ruling the world. — Alisha Rai

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Nightmares did come true. Because, after her second night of major loving with the man of her dreams, the absolute last person she ever wanted to see was her mother. Yet there she was, her small, hefty frame trundling up the stairs to Maira's front door.
She was so frozen with horror, she couldn't move until she heard the doorbell ring.
Don't answer it. Maybe she'll go away.
Well, that was just stupid. — Alisha Rai

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I lied, okay?" He raked his hands through his disheveled hair and took a deep breath, making a visible effort to bring himself under control. "I fucking lied. Of course I would chase you. Of course I would beg you to give us a chance. How am I ... what am I supposed to do when I can't function without you? — Alisha Rai

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Jacob scrubbed his hand over his mouth, before pulling it away and staring down at it as if he'd been singed.

She smirked. Her juices were all over his face. She hoped they set him on fire. She hoped she was imprinted on him forever. — Alisha Rai

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He started to curse but cut himself off. She wanted him to curse. She wanted him to be bad, as bad as her. She wanted to corrupt him, stain his pure soul, stamp the imprint of her nastiness on him. — Alisha Rai

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Every scarred, scared, frightened part of me loves you. — Alisha Rai

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She'd rather make love to him then watch any movie. "We don't have to. Did I do something wrong?"
That made him turn to her. "Of course not."
"Oh. Then don't you want to ... " She trailed off, a blush rising.
"Are you kidding me? More than anything." His expression softened. "But, Maira, I don't want to rush you, make you do something you aren't ready for."
She stared at him. He was so pretty. Was he also stone-cold stupid?
How could he think she wasn't ready for it? She'd already thrown herself at him. Twice now, if he counted the kitchen disaster. — Alisha Rai

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I mean you can be with the person, but still be yourself. You can be happy to be yourself. It's very ... nice," her grandmother had said quietly. "When you're with a person who is content to let you be. It's the most peaceful thing in the world. — Alisha Rai

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She worked up her most blinding smile, the one that could stop traffic and launch a thousand ships, that could destroy a man or make him feel a thousand feet tall. "Hello, Brother Jacob. — Alisha Rai

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What are you doing?"
"What does it look like? I'm getting down on my knees."
His head butted against her stomach. Her muscles clenched, shocked at the touch, even through the layer of cotton.
"I've never begged a woman for anything before. Enjoy this."
She tried to think of something sufficiently sassy. "Enjoy it? I can't even see it."
"It's symbolic. — Alisha Rai

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No, her father would never be able to hurt her, ever. He couldn't know what was in her heart because he had no idea how to have a heart. Hiro — Alisha Rai

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Let's not get started on their uniforms. Superman's stretchy spandex has nothing on Batman's sculpted pecs."
He glared at her. "You cannot bring fashion sense into a superhero discussion!"
"If they wear it, it's fair game." She folded her arms on the table. — Alisha Rai

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Can you ... make it different this time?"
"Different, how?"
"Different position, different ... something. I want to learn it all."
Whoa, pressure. When Maira's genius brain wanted to learn something, she really applied herself. — Alisha Rai

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You think I'm dirty?"

"I know you're dirty. I want you in the shower so I can make you filthy. — Alisha Rai

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While he'd been tentatively considering a possible romantic relationship with her, she'd fallen in love with him.
He could barely speak. "Why didn't you tell me?"
Mason snorted. "Yeah, that's right. Do you like Maira, check yes or no. Come on. You're almost thirty, you're old enough to go after what you want. — Alisha Rai

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It's weird, how I can put aside my own feelings and consider yours. It's like I'm in love with you or something. — Alisha Rai

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Akira's funeral wouldn't be tasteful. There would be firecrackers and alcohol and beautiful men weeping. "Incredibly tasteful." Jacob — Alisha Rai

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In the deepest, darkest depths of her heart where she kept all her dreams locked up in a pink journal decorated with ponies and unicorns, she'd fantasized about declaring her love for Sasha Karimi for two years. In those scenarios, he generally fell to his knees in thrilled delight before he reciprocated the feelings and then they got married and had lots of babies and maybe a pet iguana and lived happily ever after. — Alisha Rai