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Top Thumbs Up Love Quotes

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Barbara Bush

I love talking to people, but what I really love is to feel you're doing something instead of sitting home and twiddling your thumbs. — Barbara Bush

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Julian Barnes

When we fall in love, we hope - both egotistically and altruistically - that we shall be finally, truly seen: judged and approved. Of course, love does not always bring approval: being seen may just as well lead to a thumbs-down and a season in hell. — Julian Barnes

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Janet Evanovich

Ranger cradled my face in his hands, using his thumbs to wipe the tears from my eyes. "The ceremony is over. Can you make it back to the car?"
I nodded. "I'm okay now. Am I red and blotchy from crying?"
"Yes," Ranger said, brushing a kiss across my forehead. "I love you anyway."
"There's all kinds of love," I said.
Ranger took me by the hand and led me back to the SUV. "This is the kind that doesn't call for a ring. But a condom might come in handy."
"That's not love," I told him. "That's lust. — Janet Evanovich

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Jace broke off the kiss and stepped back with an exhale; before Clary could say anything, a chorus of sarcastic applause broke out from the nearby hill. Simon, Isabelle, and Alec waved at them. Jace bowed while Clary stepped back slightly sheepishly, hooking her thumbs into the belt of her jeans
Jace sighed. "Shall we join our annoying, voyeuristic friends?"
"Unfortunately, that's the only kind of friends we have. — Cassandra Clare

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Kate Morton

I blame what happened next on the door. The one right across the hall from me, a mere three feet away. I love doors. All of them, without exception. Doors lead to things and I've never met one I haven't wanted to open. All the same, if that door hadn't been so old and decorative, so decidedly closed, if a thread of light hadn't positioned itself with such wretched temptation across its middle, highlighting the keyhole and its intriguing key, perhaps I might have stood a chance; remained twiddling my thumbs until Percy came to collect me. But it was and I didn't; I maintain that I simply couldn't. Sometimes, you can tell just by looking at a door there's something interesting behind it. — Kate Morton

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Marci Shimoff

Love is your job description - no matter what you do for a living. If you ever feel unsure of what you're supposed to do in a situation, here's a good rule of thumb: always do what leads to greater love. — Marci Shimoff

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Gene Baur

I think when you run by someone and there's a thumbs up or encouragement, that's something that I really love. It's a brotherhood, a support and an appreciation for the effort we're all making. I think it's also about living well, living healthy, taking care of ourselves, getting in touch with ourselves, our bodies, our minds. It's a mind-body connection that running helps enhance. — Gene Baur

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Ellen O'Connell

Her hands cupped his face, thumbs caressing his cheekbones. "I love you, Mr. Bennett."
"Good thing. Hate to be the only one afflicted. — Ellen O'Connell

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Connor Franta

People are beautiful. All people, of all shapes and sizes. The fact that we are living, breathing organisms that happen to have opposable thumbs, allowing us to pick up our phones and be on it for the entire damn day, is nothing short of brilliant. What makes us even more magnificent as a species is that we are lucky enough to be uniquely different - and it's THAT individuality we must each harness and celebrate. — Connor Franta

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Sara Paxton

I love watching amazing actors and actresses that you can't take your eyes off of because everything they are doing - even if it is just twiddling their thumbs or scratching their eye - it's just interesting. — Sara Paxton

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Denise Hunter

Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?" "Only about a dozen times." He turned her in his arms and took her face in his hands, his thumbs brushing her cheeks. Their breath mingled together. "It's true. You're beautiful and amazing, and I love you so much. I'm the luckiest man in the world." She turned a kiss into his palm. "I love you too. I'm going to make you the happiest husband ever." "I already am." The — Denise Hunter

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Andy Rourke

You don't want to be a one-trick pony. On a lot of Smiths songs, I used a pick or a plectrum, and for some of the slow songs, I used my thumbs and my fingers. That's why I love the bass - it's adaptable, and you can express yourself so well with it. — Andy Rourke

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Sheldon Lee Compton

He's on the school bus and Uncle Wade is standing outside the window. The bus hasn't pulled out yet and Uncle Wade is punching the air and ducking his head and giving him a thumbs up sign and then a big smile. The big smile says do not worry. It says you can do this. ... His smile says a lot and so do his punching hands and his hooked thumbs, and before everything else it can possibly say, it says the thing Nick needs most. The big smile says I love you. — Sheldon Lee Compton

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Lucy Parker

God, I love you."
Lainie lifted her hands and laid them over his, linking their fingers. "Do you?"
"More today than yesterday." He tilted her chin up with his thumbs. "More now than an hour ago. By the time I die at ninety of a sex-induced heart attack, I expect I'll love you in a way I can't even comprehend."
Oh... — Lucy Parker

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Calvin W. Allison

Tim shot a cool thumbs up, and then walked over to the - somewhat - historic staircase of the industry. He flipped on the light for upstairs, and then made his way up the old flight of steps. The thin wooden panels creaked beneath his feet while dusty atmospheric ovations lifted to add a vintage textured rhythm to the analogically customized tuning of the antique patterned theme; synonymous with the abbreviated modernized antiquity categorized theme pertaining to the worn in structural exhibition, showcasing a glimpse into the early history of the industries humble beginnings. — Calvin W. Allison

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Emma Chase

I love you, Vicki!" Kennedy slurs.
"I love you, Ken-ken!" Vicki returns.
Then Vicki pokes my shoulder. "And you! You take good care of my Kenny! Don't make me hafta kick (poke) yer (poke) ass (double poke)!"
I give her a nod. "The ass-kicking days are behind us now."
"Good! Then there's somethin' you should know." Vicki's expression sobers, and she gestures me closer before ruining the effect by whispering loudly, "Kennedy hasn't had an orgamsum . . . orgamsam . . . Kennedy hasn't come in a loooong time. Like, years. At least, not with a guy."
"Shhhhhhh!" Kennedy swats her best friend like a fly. "Tha's a secret!"
"Maybe Brent can help you wif it?"
I give Vicki the thumbs-up - and it's not the only thing that's up, that's for sure. — Emma Chase

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By S.M. Stryker

Have I told you today how beautiful you are?" I stand there, taken by surprise at his words. I am speechless so I mutely shake my head. He places his hands at my jaw line while he slowly runs his thumbs over my cheekbones. Then he looks into my eyes and says, "You are the most beautiful thing I keep in my heart.

~Ian — S.M. Stryker

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Lara Adrian

For us. Kellan, you have to promise me you'll give me that chance-"
"I can't promise you that, Mira. I can't promise to put you through any more hurt or distress than I already have." He took her face between his palms, tenderly smoothing his thumbs over her cheeks and her trembling mouth. "But I will promise you this: I love you. God, I always have. — Lara Adrian

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

Her pleasure went on and on, and so did Ben's. Ben could almost smell the gardenia, could almost see her pinning it on, her hands all thumbs.
"You're selling your store?" she said.
There was radiance between them now. There were overtones and undertones to everything they said. The talk itself was formal, lifeless.
"Money Talks — Kurt Vonnegut

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Meredith Duran

"I love you," she whispered.
How horrifying, and how thrilling. It felt like a secret, a confession, a taunt: a dare to fate.
But he did not seem to think it remarkable or daring. "I know," he said, and his thumbs stroked her wrists, once. "We love each other. And look, darling: the world continues to turn." — Meredith Duran

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

Some believe what separates men from animals is our ability to reason. Others say it's language or romantic love, or opposable thumbs. Living here in this lost world, I've come to believe it is more than our biology. What truly makes us human is our unending search, our abiding desire for immortality. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Brooke Shields

I love getting baths and going to the Korean spas and getting pummeled and scrubbed, and its so hot in the sauna you can't even stand it. I have to do things in a pretty extreme way to calm down. So a Swedish massage is not going to do it! I need to know that they're in there with their thumbs and moving stuff around. — Brooke Shields

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Theodore Roethke

(November, 1939)

The winds of hatred blow
Cold, cold across the flesh
And chill the anxious heart;
Intricate phobias grow
From each malignant wish
To spoil collective life.
Now each man stands apart.

We watch opinion drift,
Think of our separate skins.
On well-upholstered bums
The generals cough and shift
Playing with painted pins.
The arbitrators wait;
The newsmen suck their thumbs.
The mind is quick to turn
Away from simple faith
To the cant and fury of
Fools who will never learn;
Reason embraces death,
While out of frightened eyes
Still stares the wish to love. — Theodore Roethke

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Carol Ann Duffy

I tend the mobile now
like an injured bird

We text, text, text
our significant words.

I re-read your first,
your second, your third,

look for your small xx,
feeling absurd.

The codes we send
arrive with a broken chord.

I try to picture your hands,
their image is blurred.

Nothing my thumbs press
will ever be heard.

"Text — Carol Ann Duffy

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Hrithik Roshan

Life was tough for me. When I was a kid, nobody played with me because they thought I looked ugly with my extra thumb. It pained me. So once I thought of getting it surgically removed. But I didn't. Slowly, I realized that the exterior is not the criterion for love and success. — Hrithik Roshan

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Molly Crabapple

I love comics, but I'd rather cut off my thumbs than do nothing but. — Molly Crabapple

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By C.D. Reiss

I was good. I was at home with baseball. But I set my routines, and I need them. I can't ... I can't play without them."

He didn't say anything else until we got to home plate and stepped on it at the same time. He put his hands on my face and looked at me directly, as if putting a tunnel of attention between us. His thumbs rested on my cheeks.

Why hadn't I seen it the night before? Or an hour ago? Why didn't I put it all together from the exhibition games and the spring training video? He was coming apart at the seams.

"You," he said. "You threw it all in the fire. Things started collapsing right before you, and when you came, everything went to hell. It's you. I denied it, because if I let you in, I had to start over. I tried to bend it around to not want you. But I can't deny it anymore. There's no center without you. — C.D. Reiss

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Sarah Mayberry

I love you. I love you. I love you. Always have, probably always will. Happy?" she said.
He stopped when he was standing mere inches away. Reaching out, he captured her face in his hands and smoothed his thumbs across her cheekbones to clear her tears.
"You have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that," he said. — Sarah Mayberry

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Ariel Winter

When I am not working, I go to the movies, text my friends, my thumbs are faster than lightening on that keyboard!, write songs, sing, dance, Facebook, Twitter and spend time with my besties. I am also a songwriter and I love to write about my life experiences. — Ariel Winter

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Tamara Hoffa

Chad pulled her around the corner of the house and stopped. He framed her face with his hands and leaned in to brush his lips across hers. Megan stiffened for a moment and then allowed herself to melt against him. His thumbs brushed across her cheekbones and his hands slid into her hair as he gently made love to her mouth. — Tamara Hoffa

Thumbs Up Love Quotes By Julie Cross

As I'm heading back to the ER, my hands shaking from both nerves and anticipation, it occurs to me how much I'm aching to hear his voice again. To brush my thumbs across his cheek and feel the sexy stubble that always seems to be there. I'm dying to tell him about the man with no one to call and make sure he knows that no matter what, when he's forty and injured in the ER, he can call me. He can always call me.
Is this what love is? — Julie Cross