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Top Things Not Phasing You Quotes

Things Not Phasing You Quotes By Jane Velez-Mitchell

McDonald's says it's phasing out pig gestation crates. When I heard that news, I almost started crying. — Jane Velez-Mitchell

Things Not Phasing You Quotes By Orlando Patterson

Placing a time limit on affirmative action would in all likelihood blunt the orchestrated politics of controversy that now bedevils it. And thinking about phasing it into a class-based entitlement program may at long last bring Americans around to a consideration of the growing inequality that threatens the harmony of our democracy far more than the alarmist cry of 'racial division.' — Orlando Patterson

Things Not Phasing You Quotes By Roger Zelazny

A bizarrerie of fires, cunabulum of light, it moved with a deft, almost dainty deliberation, phasing into and out of existence like a storm-shot piece of evening; or perhaps the darkness between the flares was more akin to its truest nature swirl of black ashes assembled in prancing cadence to the lowing note of desert wind down the arroyo behind buildings as empty yet filled as the pages of unread books or stillnesses between the notes of a song. — Roger Zelazny

Things Not Phasing You Quotes By Earl Blumenauer

We won the war, but we are losing the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq. It is past time for a new approach, one that relies on accountability, responsibility, and phasing down the scope of our military commitment. — Earl Blumenauer

Things Not Phasing You Quotes By Quinn Loftis

Since the belief by humans that men "change" into werewolves is false, Fane is able to do what the Canis Lupus call phasing. The wolf and the man are one, there is no changing from one to the other, a change would mean that once a man is in wolf form he is no longer a man but fully wolf and when in human form he is fully human. This is not the case, a Canis Lupus is always aware of his wolf as is the wolf always aware of the man, they exist together usually harmoniously. — Quinn Loftis

Things Not Phasing You Quotes By Frances Beinecke

Back when the EPA proposed phasing out ozone-depleting CFCs, the chemical industry howled that refrigerators would fail in America's supermarkets, hospitals and schools. — Frances Beinecke

Things Not Phasing You Quotes By Lynn Jurich

We believe widespread adoption of home solar will significantly improve life in cities by phasing out polluting coal plants, eliminating miles of ugly new transmission lines, and ensuring cleaner, healthier lives. — Lynn Jurich

Things Not Phasing You Quotes By Alice Walker

The good news may be that Nature is phasing out the white man, but the bad news is that's who She thinks we all are. — Alice Walker

Things Not Phasing You Quotes By Ingrid Newkirk

The extinction of Homo Sapiens would mean survival for millions, if not billions, of Earth-dwelling species. Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on Earth - social and environmental. — Ingrid Newkirk