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Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By W. Waldemar W. Argow

Wherefore is there ice and snow, chilling winds and bitter nights? Is it to mock the earth for its sunshine? No, not so! We forget that sunlight is impossible without shadows; that for every day there is a night; that for every joy there is a pain; that for every laugh there is a sob. Progress is never a straight line upward; always it is down and then around. — W. Waldemar W. Argow

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Charles Dickens

The clear cold sunshine glances into the brittle woods, and approvingly beholds the sharp wind scattering the leaves and drying the moss. It glides over the park after the moving shadows of the clouds, and chases them, and never catches them, all day. It looks in the windows, and touches the ancestral portraits with bars and patches of brightness, never contemplated by the painters. — Charles Dickens

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Helen Keller

Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows. — Helen Keller

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Thomas Ligotti

It was an unusual sunset. Having sat behind opaque drapery all day, I had not realized that a storm was pushing in and that much of the sky was the precise shade of old suits of armor one finds in museums. At the same time, patches of brilliance engaged in a territorial dispute with the oncoming onyx of the storm. Light and darkness mingled in strange ways both above and below. Shadows and sunshine washed together, streaking the landscape with an unearthly study of glare and gloom. Bright clouds and black folded into each other in a no-man's land of the sky. The autumn trees took on the appearance of sculptures formed in a dream, their leaden-colored trunks and branches and iron-red leaves all locked in an infinite and unliving moment, unnaturally timeless. The gray lake slowly tossed and tumbled in a dead sleep, nudging unconsciously against its breakwall of numb stone. A scene of contradiction and ambivalence, a tragicomedic haze over all. A land of perfect twilight. — Thomas Ligotti

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Walt Whitman

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. — Walt Whitman

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Shadows of doubt will always fall behind you when you keep your face towards the sunshine. Believe in God; face the brighter light and cast behind the dark shadows! — Israelmore Ayivor

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Orison Swett Marden

The hopeful man sees success where others see failure, sunshine where others see shadows and storm. — Orison Swett Marden

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Marci Shimoff

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine. - Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer and philosopher — Marci Shimoff

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Mary Engelbreit

Walk towards the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you. — Mary Engelbreit

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Dean Koontz

THE OFFICE FELT SUMPTUOUS EVEN IN NEAR DARKNESS. It reminded me of certain photographs by Edward Steichen: velvet shadows deepening into moody gloom, here and there a form suggested by a reflection of light on a radius of polished wood, the mysterious gleam of Tiffany glass in the pendant shade of a lamp not lit, the room implied rather than revealed, yet known as well as if it had been enraptured by sunshine instead of barely kissed by the ghost light of the haunted city beyond the windows. — Dean Koontz

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Joe Paterno

In every life, there have to be some shadows. Look at me. My life has been filled with sunshine. A beautiful and caring wife. Five healthy children. I got to do what I loved. How many people are that lucky? — Joe Paterno

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Ana Claudia Antunes

Heaven is thine and so it's mine.
Elated, I cannot give to thee but receive it sublime.
And if it's there to shine for all to see,..
Vast sea of love for us to seize.
Ease the pain with a sweet kiss, water the Flowers...
No shadows of a perfect bliss but the sunshine of ours. — Ana Claudia Antunes

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

When thou are not pleased, beloved, Then my heart is sad and darkened, As the shining river darkens When the clouds drop shadows on it! When thou smilest, my beloved, Then my troubled heart is brightened, As in sunshine gleam the ripples That the cold wind makes in rivers. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Arthur Bryant

Rightly conceived, time is the friend of all who are in any way in adversity, for its mazy road winds in and out of the shadows sooner or later into sunshine, and when one is at its darkest point one can be certain that presently it will grow brighte. — Arthur Bryant

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Marta Perry

Sunshine and Shadows...That is also the pattern of our lives, ain't so? We have the gut things and the sad, one after another, but all part of who we are — Marta Perry

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Marie Coulson

You're my sunshine, my rain and my evening stars I feel as though I was living in the shadows and you have entered my life in a blaze of color and light which as illuminated my very existence. — Marie Coulson

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Peter H. Fogtdal

I want to take away your sunshine, Lukas. Not because I'm evil but because the sun can't exist without shadows. I want to examine the lie that keeps you afloat
the idea that it's wonderful to be Lukas, that it's splendid to be the tsar's favorite dwarf, that there's nothing better to do than bring crackers to Menshikov like some kind of dog. When does it hurt the most, Lukas? That's what I'd like to know. What hurts you more than anything else? Is it when the tsar mocks you? Or is it when he can't remember your name? Is it when he forgets all about your for a year or two? When are you going to curse Peter Alexeyevich to Hell, Lukas? That's what I'd like to know. I want to get behind that smile of yours, and your clown's heart. And then I'll console you when you fall apart
I'll console you when you realize that you are infinitely unloved.
At that moment I'll be at your side, but no before.
Not a moment before. — Peter H. Fogtdal

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Sanober Khan

I am a tale, I am a book, written in different languages and styles

I can't be read, can't be understood,
neither by me nor the greatest of minds

I am too big, I am too small, to be processed or seen by the naked eye

I am too dim, I am too bright, to appear in the shadows or the sunshine. — Sanober Khan

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Sinclair Lewis

All this working land was turned into exuberance by the light. The sunshine was dizzy on open stubble; shadows from immense cumulus clouds were forever sliding across low mounds; and the sky was wider and loftier and more resolutely blue than the sky of cities ... she declared. It's a glorious country; a land to be big in — Sinclair Lewis

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Helen Keller

Burn brightly without burning out. Throw your heart over the fense and the rest will follow. Keep your face to the sunshine and you wont see the shadows — Helen Keller

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Mark Doty

And, I think, this greening does thaw at the edges, at least, of my own cold season. Joy sneaks in: listening to music, riding my bicycle, I catch myself feeling, in a way that's as old as I am but suddenly seems unfamiliar, light. I have felt so heavy for so long. At first I felt odd- as if I shouldn't be feeling this lightness, that familiar little catch of pleasure in the heart which is inexplicable, though a lovely passage of notes or the splendidly turned petal of a tulip has triggered it. It's my buoyancy, part of what keeps me alive: happy, suddenly with the concomitant experience of a sonata and the motion of the shadows of leaves. I have the desire to be filled with sunlight, to soak my skin in as much of it as I can drink up, after the long interior darkness of this past season, the indoor vigil, in this harshest and darkest of winters, outside and in. — Mark Doty

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Juliana Hatfield

I've been sleeping through my life Now I'm waking up And I want to stand in the sunshine I have never been ecstatic Had a flower but it never bloomed In the darkness of my wasted youth It was hiding in the shadows Learning to become invisible Uncover me — Juliana Hatfield

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Vikrmn

Problems are like your own shadow. If you look at them you will miss the sunshine. So.. Turn back.. towards the light.. and go on. — Vikrmn

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Charles Caleb Colton

Much too oft we make life gloomy
When happy we might be, If we gathered more of sunshine, And not dark shadows see. — Charles Caleb Colton

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Emily Bronte

Catherine's face was just like the landscape - shadows and sunshine flitting over it in rapid succession; but the shadows rested longer, and the sunshine was more transient. — Emily Bronte

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Walter De La Mare

The viewless air seemed to be flocking with hidden listeners. The very clearness and the crystal silence were their ambush. He alone seemed to be the target of cold and hostile scrutiny. There was not a breath to breathe in this crisp, pale sunshine. It was all too rare, too thin. The shadows lay like wings everlastingly folded. — Walter De La Mare

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Hubert H. Humphrey

The time has arrived in America for the Democratic Party to get out of the shadows of states rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights — Hubert H. Humphrey

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Sarah J. Maas

They were full of light, of fire and starlight and sunshine. They over-flowed with it as they snapped the final tether on the king's power and cleaved his darkness away, burning it up until it was nothing. — Sarah J. Maas

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Thomas Gray

In the evening, I walked alone down to the Lake by the side of Crow Park after sunset and saw the solemn coloring of night draw on, the last gleam of sunshine fading away on the hilltops, the seep serene of the asters, and the long shadows of the mountains thrown across them, till they nearly touched the hithermost shore. At distance hear the murmur of many waterfalls not audible in the day-time. Wished for the moon, but she was dark to me and silent, hid in her vacant interlunar cave. — Thomas Gray

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Thank God, I can keep the shadows of my life out of my work. I would not wish to darken any other life - I want instead to be a messenger of optimism and sunshine. — L.M. Montgomery

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Balroop Singh

Shadows celebrate sunshine
Lift the gloom of those who pine.
Leave a message to emulate
Alter and adapt willingly. — Balroop Singh

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Helen Keller

Keep your face to sunshine and you cannot see the shadows — Helen Keller

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The sunshine fails, the shadows grow more dreary,
And I am near to fall, infirm and weary. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Orison Swett Marden

Oh, what riches live in a sunny soul! Take joy with you; cling to her, no matter where you go or what you do. It is your lubricating oil which would prevent the jars, the discords, and shut out the sorrows of life. What a heritage is a smiling face, - to be able to fling out sunshine everywhere one goes, to scatter the shadows and to lighten sorrowing hearts; to have the power to send cheer into despairing souls through a sunny and radiant disposition! — Orison Swett Marden

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Bram Stoker

I am glad that it is old and big. I myself am of an old family, and to live in a new house would kill me. A house cannot be made habitable in a day; and, after all, how few days go to make up a century. I rejoice also that there is a chapel of old times. We Transylvanian nobles love not to think that our bones may be amongst the common dead. I seek not gaiety nor mirth, not the bright voluptuousness of much sunshine and sparkling waters which please the young and gay. I am no longer young; and my heart, through wearing years of mourning over the dead, is not attuned to mirth. Moreover, the walls of my castle are broken; the shadows are many, and the wind breathes cold through the broken battlements and casements. I love the shade and the shadow, and would be alone with my thoughts when I may. — Bram Stoker

Shadows And Sunshine Quotes By Stephen King

The good folks mostly win, courage usually triumphs over fear, the family dog hardly ever contracts rabies: these are things I knew at twenty-five, and things I still know now, at the age of 25 x 2. But I know something else as well: there's a place in most of us where the rain is pretty much constant, the shadows are always long, and the woods are full of monsters. It is good to have a voice in which the terrors of such a place can be articulated and its geography partially described, without denying the sunshine and clarity that fill so much of our ordinary lives. (viii) — Stephen King