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Thelema Tarot Quotes & Sayings

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Top Thelema Tarot Quotes

Thelema Tarot Quotes By Thomas Howes

Playing Sgt, Trotter in 'The Mousetrap' is the same as playing Scripps in 'The History Boys,' in the sense that they're dream roles that I've always wanted to do. The fact they're letting me do this professionally and I'm getting paid for it, I find astonishing. — Thomas Howes

Thelema Tarot Quotes By Shelly Thacker

His mouth captured hers with a strong, soft heat and Celine discovered something far sexier than this man's voice or his body. His kiss. She never had the chance to think of a protest. To think at all. She had been kissed before, but never like this. It was neither awkward and teasing nor forceful and overpowering, but long, slow, confident, and devastating. It was as if he were binding them together, deftly drawing her soul into his. — Shelly Thacker

Thelema Tarot Quotes By Tama Janowitz

I had a hunger for things I knew realistically I didn't actually care for. — Tama Janowitz

Thelema Tarot Quotes By George Eliot

I should never like scolding any one else so well; and that is a point to be thought of in a husband. — George Eliot

Thelema Tarot Quotes By Brittainy C. Cherry

Even though I was death, she took the time to resuscitate me. She breathed life back into my soul. She brought me back from the shadows. — Brittainy C. Cherry

Thelema Tarot Quotes By Glen Duncan

The truth doesn't care what anyone wants. The truth is innocent. You can't blame the truth. — Glen Duncan

Thelema Tarot Quotes By Ludwig Von Mises

As society is only possible if everyone, while living his own life, at the same time helps others to live; if every individual is simultaneously means and end; if each individual's well-being is simultaneously the condition necessary to the well-being of others, it is evident that the contrast between I and thou, means and end, automatically is overcome. — Ludwig Von Mises

Thelema Tarot Quotes By Melina Marchetta

Japan. Not about the Japanese, but about moments of perfection. Commit it to memory and make good use of it. Because if I come home and you're still pining over this little girl without having given her a chance, I will call you a chicken shit for the rest of your life. — Melina Marchetta