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Top The Road To Recovery Quotes

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Barack Obama

It's my job as president and Congress's job to make sure that there's some rules of the road that people are gonna abide by, and that we've got transparency and accountability. But this stuff is being posted. And one of the things that we're gonna do is put together an independent board on the recovery package. — Barack Obama

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Stephen King

The road to recovery led through the Land of Pain, that was all. — Stephen King

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Birgit Waldschmidt

Ironically, the road to the dark side
most often remains brightly lit,
fancy-colored and all, while the road to the light remains dark until you reach a destination, at which point it becomes a feast for the eyes--provided you haven't gotten mugged during your travels. — Birgit Waldschmidt

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Sandy Adams

The road to recovery is to stimulate small business and innovation by reducing taxation, regulation, and litigation. — Sandy Adams

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Mary E. Palmerin

I am strong and on the road to recovery away from the place that caused so much pain. I am free. I am a bird whose broken wing is now mended and I am able to escape the steel cage I was once trapped in. — Mary E. Palmerin

The Road To Recovery Quotes By White Bison

The Wellbriety path does not compete with A.A. or any other pathway of personal recovery, but instead enriches those pathways by embracing them within the web of Native American tribal histories and cultures. In these pages, you will meet people who have committed themselves to live their lives on the Red Road. Here you will meet Native people whose stories embody the living history of Native American recovery. You will hear the details of their addiction and recovery journeys and feel the life and hope in — White Bison

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Karen Katchur

No one touched the bottom of the lake and lived. If you were lucky, you'd surface wide-eyed and frantic, babbling at the darkness, the thickness of what lay below. If you were unlucky, underwater recovery dragged the lake for your body. — Karen Katchur

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Anyhow, even though I might go out on a date with a boy, emotionally I just wouldn't be able to concentrate. I'd be smiling and chatting away, and my mind would be floating around somewhere else, like a balloon with a broken string. I'd be thinking about one unrelated thing after another. I don't know, I guess finally I want to be alone a little while longer. And I want to let my thoughts wander freely. In that sense, I guess, I'm probably still on the road to recovery. — Haruki Murakami

The Road To Recovery Quotes By James Fullerton

Gratitude is not a band aid and neither is happiness. You can't just slap it on a wound and it will automatically heal, but it is a salve that can help keep it clean, free of infection, and back on the road to recovery. — James Fullerton

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Edward Mazria

The road to energy independence, economic recovery, and greenhouse gas reductions runs through the building sector. — Edward Mazria

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Murray Rothbard

The more the government intervenes to delay the market's adjustment, the longer and more grueling the depression will be, and the more difficult will be the road to complete recovery. — Murray Rothbard

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Joe Clifford

This is the part they don't tell you about in the movies. Or in On the Road. This is not rock 'n' roll.

You are not William Burroughs, and it doesn't make a damn bit of difference if Kurt Cobain was slumped over in an alleyway in Seattle the day Bleach came out. There is no junkie chic. This is not Soho and you are not Sid Vicious. You are not a drugstore cowboy and you are not spotting trains. You are not a part of anything - no underground sect, no counter-culture movement, no music scene, nothing. You have just been released from jail and are walking down Mission Street, alternating between taking a hit off a cigarette and puking, looking for coins on the ground so you can catch a bus as you shit yourself. — Joe Clifford

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Elie Wiesel

He struggles to understand why fate has spared him and not so many others. Was it to know happiness? His happiness will never be complete. To know love? He will never be sure of being worthy of love. A part of him is still back there, on the other side, where the dead deny the living the right to leave them behind. His recovery will be a road into exile, a journey in which the touch of the woman he loves will matter less than the image of his grandmother buried under a mountain of ashes. — Elie Wiesel

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Amanda Lindhout

The road to recovery will not always be easy, but I will take it one day at a time, focusing on the moments I've dreamed about for so long. — Amanda Lindhout

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Behdad Sami

Success is not determined by the amount of accomplishments, but by the road traveled & how you handled the recovery of each failed attempt. — Behdad Sami

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Allen Klein

The hardest thing you can do is smile when you are ill, in pain, or depressed. But this no-cost remedy is a necessary first half-step if you are to start on the road to recovery. — Allen Klein

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Sue Whitaker

I would need an awful lot of willpower to fight my way through the ups and downs of the road to recovery, and there might be times when I may feel a bit down and depressed, but there would be counsellors that I could talk to about how I was feeling. — Sue Whitaker

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Frank Zappa

I'll give you a simple formula for straightening out the problems of the United States. First, you tax the churches. You take the tax off of capital gains and the tax off of savings. You decriminalize all and tax them same way as you do alcohol. You decriminalize . You make gambling legal. That will put the budget back on the road to recovery, and you'll have plenty of tax revenue coming in for all of your social programs, and to run the army. — Frank Zappa

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Dan Mager

Deepening awareness and nonjudgmental acceptance of one's thoughts fosters a new relationship with them, creating the space to purposefully shift mental focus away from the ruminative thought patterns that pave the road to suffering. — Dan Mager

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Will Davis Jr.

Once you decide to forgive, you initiate the healing process. Forgiveness gives your soul permission to move on to the higher and healthier ground of emotional recovery. Forgiveness is to your soul what antibiotics are to infection. It is the curative agent that will help to fully restore your soul. It doesn't immediately remove the pain of defense but it does start you on the road to recovery. — Will Davis Jr.

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Melody Beattie

Relationships are where we take our recovery on the road. — Melody Beattie

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Marcel Proust

And this pleasure, different from every other, had in the end created in him a need of her, which she alone, by her presence or by her letters, could assuage, almost as disinterested, almost as artistic, as perverse as another need which characterised this new period in Swann's life, where the sereness, the depression of the preceding years had been followed by a sort of spiritual superabundance, without his knowing to what he owed this unlooked-for enrichment of his life, any more than a person in delicate health who from a certain moment grows stronger, puts on flesh, and seems for a time to be on the road to a complete recovery: - this other need, which, too, developed in him independently of the visible, material world, was the need to listen to music and to learn to know it. — Marcel Proust

The Road To Recovery Quotes By Bryant H. McGill

Acceptance is the road to all change. — Bryant H. McGill