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The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Wendy Kopp

The most reliable way to be certain of their classroom impact is through independent studies conducted by third-party organisations which compare the student growth in our corps members' classrooms to that of other teachers in similar situations. — Wendy Kopp

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Wendy Kopp

People are attracted to teaching because they want to make a real impact. The teachers who are making the greatest difference go far beyond meeting standardised test measures. They aspire to truly level the playing field for their students, which means inspiring a love of learning, fostering the highest levels of critical thinking, building perseverance in working towards academic excellence, and so on. — Wendy Kopp

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Solomon Ortiz

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. — Solomon Ortiz

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Don't just leave your footprints in the sand only to be washed away as the ocean waves come crashing to the shore. You want to impact the lives of others in such a way that you'll be remembered forever. You want to instill values and wisdom in the hearts and minds of others that will never be forgotten. So they may teach their children to carry on from generation to generation. — Amaka Imani Nkosazana

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Alma Adams

As a retired educator I have seen first-hand the impact a great education can have on a young person's life. I will always be a champion for public schools, our teachers, and our children. — Alma Adams

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Billy Joel

I always wanted to try to be a teacher even before I was in the music business. I liked history, and good teachers made an impact on me. — Billy Joel

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Wynton Marsalis

My father is a jazz musician, so I grew up hearing jazz. My parents loved it, but I didn't like it. It went on for too long. Yes, I had certain teachers that really inspired me, like Danny Barker, and John Longo. And I had no idea that I would have any impact on jazz. — Wynton Marsalis

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Rachel Hurd-Wood

As a kid at school, I had a lot of really good teachers and I had a lot of really bad teachers, and I just know how much of an impact those can have on a young child. To be one of the good teachers - I want to have that kind of impact. — Rachel Hurd-Wood

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Condoleezza Rice

I learned a lot about my parents, who were both teachers. I had known that my parents were very strongly in favor of education. I had known that they had an impact on a lot of people, but people came out of the woodwork who have said, "You know, without your father, I would never have gone to college," very successful people. And so I learned how widespread their educational evangelism really was. — Condoleezza Rice

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By George Lucas

From kindergarten to college, certain teachers engaged my curiosity and motivated me to learn. While I was not the best student, their efforts left a lasting impact. — George Lucas

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Neale Donald Walsch

The great teachers of your Christian religion understand this. They know that Jesus was not perturbed by the crucifixion, but expected it. He could have walked away, but he did not. He could have stopped the process at any point. He had that power. Yet he did not. He allowed himself to be crucified in order that he might stand as man's eternal salvation. Look, he said, at what I can do. Look at what is true. And know that these things, and more, shall you also do. For have I not said, ye are gods? Yet you do not believe. If you cannot, then, believe in yourself, believe in me. Such was Jesus' compassion that he begged for a way - and created it - to so impact the world that all might come to heaven (Self realization) - if in no other way, then through him. For he defeated misery and death. And so might you. The grandest teaching of Christ was not that you shall have everlasting life - — Neale Donald Walsch

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Oliver DeMille

Nothing will have more impact on the future of the world than for each of us to find out why we were born and to do it. Human beings tend to do this when parents, teachers and other mentors invite us to it. — Oliver DeMille

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Scott Hamilton

I don't think most teachers realize how much impact they have. — Scott Hamilton

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Heidi Hayes Jacobs

We often assume that all teachers within a discipline address the same curriculum. This isn't always the case. We frequently find gaps between goals and what is actually taught, and these gaps can have a lasting impact on a child's learning. — Heidi Hayes Jacobs

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Rainn Wilson

Teachers can make such a profound impact on our lives and should be honored as heroes, I believe. They're working for so little money, under such difficult circumstances, usually for the love of the service to the children. Many of us owe who we are to certain teachers who appeared at just the right time, in the right place, and had just the right words to say to propel us on our journey. (ACTIVITY ALERT: Take this opportunity, partway through this ridiculous book, to reach out to a teacher who made an impact on you and THANK THEM. You'll be so glad you did. And so will they!) — Rainn Wilson

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Diane Ravitch

Social scientists generally agree that students' families (especially family income, which determines advantages and opportunity) have an even bigger impact on student performance than their school or teachers. — Diane Ravitch

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Shaheen Mistri

Teacher training institutes should impact training of our nation's teachers in a manner that encourages them to support the holistic development of the child and to continuously refine their own skills to create the best possible learning environments for our children. — Shaheen Mistri

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Donald Norman

We expert teachers know that motivation and emotional impact are what matter. — Donald Norman

The Impact Of Teachers Quotes By Matt Damon

I grew up in and the teachers. I think I was very lucky. I think I had a lot of social capital, and so when I found myself in this position of influence, I just - then I started to engage a bit with some of the problems in the world and realize that I could actually have an impact. — Matt Damon