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The Blitzkrieg Quotes By Ryan Holiday

The Blitzkrieg strategy was designed to exploit the flinch of the enemy - he must collapse at the sight of what appears to be overwhelming force. Its success depends completely on this response. This military strategy works because the set-upon troops see the offensive force as an enormous obstacle bearing down on them. This — Ryan Holiday

The Blitzkrieg Quotes By Tom Reiss

secret codicils would allow the German Army to illegally rearm and train on Russian territory throughout the twenties and thirties. Tens of thousands of German "work commandos" would come to Russia in 1923 and begin experimenting in the new, still theoretical technique of the blitzkrieg, the idea that small, high-quality, mobile forces backed by airpower could overcome a country before it could react. — Tom Reiss

The Blitzkrieg Quotes By Joey Ramone

I hate to blow the mystique, but at the time we really liked bubblegum music, and we really liked the Bay City Rollers. Their song 'Saturday Night' had a great chant in it, so we wanted a song with a chant in it: 'Hey! Ho! Let's Go!'. 'Blitzkrieg Bop' was our 'Saturday Night'. — Joey Ramone

The Blitzkrieg Quotes By Saul David

In the early hours of 16 December 1944, the Germans launched their last great offensive of the Second World War against weakly held U.S. positions in the Ardennes Forest, the site of their original Blitzkrieg success against the French in 1940. — Saul David

The Blitzkrieg Quotes By Kohta Hirano

Gentlemen, I like war. Gentlemen, I love war.
I like genocide. I like blitzkrieg.
I like aggressive war. I like defensive war.
I like sieges. I like breaking through.
I like withdrawing. I like cleaning up.
I like retreating.
In moors. On highways. In trenches.
In plains. On tundra. In desert.
On sea. In sky. In mud.
In marshes.
I love every aspect of war that takes place on Earth. — Kohta Hirano

The Blitzkrieg Quotes By Isaac Asimov

In the thirteenth century the Mongol armies perfected the art of the blitzkrieg with nothing more than shaggy ponies at their disposal. — Isaac Asimov

The Blitzkrieg Quotes By Anonymous

Always Blitzkrieg your enemies. — Anonymous