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Top Thank You Experience Quotes

Thank You Experience Quotes By Oprah Winfrey

Thank you for that experience. — Oprah Winfrey

Thank You Experience Quotes By Adam Ross

I'll never forget reading Chekhov's "A Doctor's Visit" on a train to Hawthorne, New York, and I got to the end - the scene where the patient says goodbye to the doctor and she puts a flower in her hair as a kind of thank you to him - and I felt like a cowboy shot from a canyon's top. This is a different experience from reading a novel, I think. The emotional effect is cumulative. Let's just hope market forces don't send short fiction the way of the dinosaur, because their sales are paltry compared to the novel and this is truly unfortunate. — Adam Ross

Thank You Experience Quotes By C.S. Lewis

In my experience, it is Affection that creates this taste, teaching us first to notice, then to endure, then to smile at, then to enjoy, and finally to appreciate the people who 'happen to be there.' Made for us? Thank God, no. They are themselves, odder than you could have believed and worth far more than we guessed. — C.S. Lewis

Thank You Experience Quotes By Joseph Prince

Father, thank You for all the blessings of provision, health, strength and renewal of youth which I can experience because of Jesus' finished work at the cross. Today, as I look to You and wait upon You, renew my youth and strength, so that I may mount up with wings like eagles. I want to run and not be weary, walk and not faint. Grant me good health all the days of my life. I want to glorify You in my body, enjoy all that You have blessed me with and be able to fulfill all Your plans and purposes for me! — Joseph Prince

Thank You Experience Quotes By Oprah Winfrey

True forgiveness is when you can say, Thank you for that experience. — Oprah Winfrey

Thank You Experience Quotes By Anonymous

6 Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. — Anonymous

Thank You Experience Quotes By Henry B. Eyring

As you pray for forgiveness, you will find yourself forgiving others. As you thank God for His kindness, you will think of others, by name, who need your kindness. Again, that experience will surprise you every day, and over time it will change you. — Henry B. Eyring

Thank You Experience Quotes By Caroline Abbott

Prepare a gentle but firm response to use the next time someone feels they have a right to comment on your life decisions. You might say something like, "I'm sure you have my best interest at heart, and I thank you for your concern. However, you didn't experience what I did, so you can't understand what I went through. I made the best decisions I could based on what happened in my life. I know you will honor my right to decide what is best for me, just as I allow you to decide what is best for you. — Caroline Abbott

Thank You Experience Quotes By Henry B. Eyring

You could have an experience with the gift of the Holy Ghost today. You could begin a private prayer with thanks. You could start to count your blessings, and then pause for a moment. If you exercise faith, and with the gift of the Holy Ghost, you will find that memories of other blessings will flood into your mind. If you begin to express gratitude for each of them, your prayer may take a little longer than usual. Remembrance will come. And so will gratitude. — Henry B. Eyring

Thank You Experience Quotes By Stephanie Zimbalist

It was one of those times when you can feel the air in a room. Everything stood still. I can remember the T-shirt I was wearing and the bag I was carrying. I don't think I breathed for 15 minutes. It was a devastating moment. They said they wanted me to experience more things. OK. I began contemplating things. Maybe I should take LSD or become a hooker. I left Juilliard and was just meandering and drifting for a while. Thank God I had support from my family and close friends. Bad times. — Stephanie Zimbalist

Thank You Experience Quotes By Charles R. Swindoll

Helen Rosevere was a British medical missionary in the Congo years ago during an uprising. Her faith was strong and her trust was confident, yet she was raped and assaulted and treated brutally. Commenting later, she said, "I must ask myself a question as if it came directly from the Lord, 'Can you thank Me for trusting you with this experience even if I never tell you why?'" What a profound thought. God has trusted each of us with our own set of unfair circumstances and unexplained experiences to deal with. Can we still trust in Him even if He never tells us why? — Charles R. Swindoll

Thank You Experience Quotes By Sarah Ban Breathnach

Every time we remember to say "thank you", we experience nothing less than heaven on earth. — Sarah Ban Breathnach

Thank You Experience Quotes By Tony Taylor

There was no fear of sandpaper earth, no sense of danger from a bare-skinned spill, for the boy was a child - a six-foot, one-inch growing child who knew nothing of accident, injury, dismemberment, death - who would study those lessons tomorrow, thank you, but not today. Today, it would be sufficient to be wild and free. — Tony Taylor

Thank You Experience Quotes By Barbara R. Duguid

Heavenly Father, Thank you for taking us into the wilderness time and time again, for there we see revealed the secret sins of our souls. In the desert we experience your great power to save us from our unruly and sinful hearts, and there we complain bitterly when you withhold the pleasures and delicacies of life we have come to expect. Father, forgive us. — Barbara R. Duguid

Thank You Experience Quotes By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Would you like to come in?" I said. My hands were sweaty. Inside my chest an ocean heaved and crashed and heaved again.
"I would," he said. I saw his Adam's apple jerk as he swallowed. "Thank you."
I was distracted by that thank you. We had moved past the language of formality long ago. It was strange to relearn it with each other. — Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Thank You Experience Quotes By Igor Eliseev

I clearly saw us from outside, like in a picture: we are not people, we are a road sign warning: "Stop and thank luck because such fate didn't befall you as befell us, and only then keep going your way". — Igor Eliseev

Thank You Experience Quotes By Neale Donald Walsch

The correct prayer is therefore never a prayer of supplication, but a prayer of gratitude. When you thank God in advance for that which you choose to experience in your reality, you in effect, acknowledge that it is there ... in effect. Thankfulness is thus the most powerful statement to God - an affirmation that even before you ask, I have answered. Therefore never supplicate ... Appreciate. — Neale Donald Walsch

Thank You Experience Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

Thank you very much," the girl said. "You know that another woman, or a woman in memory, is a terrible thing for a young girl to deal with when she is still without experience. — Ernest Hemingway,

Thank You Experience Quotes By Shana Abe

How good to see you, Miss Jones."
That debonair tone, the friendly press of his hand upon mine. It was such a contrast to our final moments in the cottage that I couldn't help but smirk.
"Thank you for having me," I replied, loudly enough for the duke to hear.
"But I haven't," said Armand under his breath. "So far."
I tugged back my hand. "Ever the gentleman, aren't you?"
"I try. Come aboard, waif. Come and experience a gentleman's world. — Shana Abe

Thank You Experience Quotes By M.J. Summers

I want to send out my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has purchased Break in Two, and especially to those of you who took the time to review it. Your thoughtfulness and kind words have made the past two weeks most incredible.

This whole writing thing was an experiment to see if I could do it. You have inspired me to continue on! I had no idea this would be such an incredibly gratify experience.

Thank you to each and everyone one of you. All the best to you and yours this holiday season!
MJ — M.J. Summers

Thank You Experience Quotes By Anton Schindler

At the same time, I declare both of you the heirs of the little property (if it can be so called) belonging to me. Divide it fairly; agree together, and help one another. What you have done to grieve me, that, you know, has long been forgiven. Thee, brother Carl, I thank in particular, for the affection thou hast shown me of late. My wish is that you may live more happily, more exempt from care, than I have done. Recommend virtue to your children; that alone - not wealth - can give happiness; I speak from experience. It was this that upheld me even in affliction; it is owing to this and to my art that I did not terminate my life by suicide. Farewell, and love one another. I thank all friends, especially Prince Lichnowsky and Professor Schmidt. I wish that Prince L.'s instruments may remain in the possession of one of you; but let no quarrel arise between you on account of them. — Anton Schindler

Thank You Experience Quotes By David Holdsworth

Lord, we thank you for who you are. We thank you for the autumn and all the beautiful colours it brings. Thank you that in this season of change we can also experience spiritual change. We pray that more of our selfish desires would fade away. That we would become more and more like Christ. That we would be filled with your love. That we would be holy just as you are holy. We pray in the name above every name, Amen. — David Holdsworth

Thank You Experience Quotes By Guy Oseary

Thank you Madonna and fans for an experience of a lifetime! — Guy Oseary

Thank You Experience Quotes By Steve Maraboli

Serving my country was a life-changing experience for me. It was during those years that I realized the importance of commitment, dedication, honor, and discipline. I have never laughed so much; nor have I ever prayed so much. I made life-long friends. The leaders and heroes I served with helped shape me into the man I am today. I feel honored to have been a part of such a great tradition and grateful to others who have walked the same path. Thank you! — Steve Maraboli

Thank You Experience Quotes By Dalai Lama XIV

I asked the Dalai Lama what it was like to wake up with joy, and he shared his experience each morning. 'I think if you are an intensely religious believer, as soon as you wake up, you thank God for another day. And you try to do God's will. For a nontheist like myself, but who is a Buddhist, as soon as I wake up, I remember Buddha's teaching: the importance of kindness and compassion, wishing something good for others, or at least to reduce their suffering. Then I remember that everything is interrelated, the teaching of interdependence. So then I set my intention for the day: that this day should be meaningful. Meaningful means, if possible, serve and help others. If not possible, then at least not to harm others. That's a meaningful day. — Dalai Lama XIV

Thank You Experience Quotes By Jasper Fforde

I've got an idea,' I said. 'I'll just turn up tomorrow morning and start having meetings until my brain turns to jelly. Then we'll stop and I'll hide for a bit, then do some more while thinking of other things, then forget it all by the evening, and we'll do pretty much the same thing again the day after that - and rely on subordinates and assistants to deal with actually running the place.'
'Thank goodness for that,' said Duffy with a sigh of relief. 'I was worried you had no experience of running a large public department. — Jasper Fforde

Thank You Experience Quotes By Colleen Houck

I sucked a huge breath of air into my collapsed lungs. Once I could breathe again, I examined Ren's back. His white shirt was dirty and torn, and his skin was scratched and bleeding in several places. I took a wet shirt from the bag to clean his scratches, while removing little pieces of gravel embedded in his skin.
When I was finished, I grabbed Ren around the waist in a fierce hug. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. I whispered against his chest quietly but firmly, "Thank you. But don't ever ... ever ... ever do that again!"
He laughed. "If I get results like this, I surely will do it again."
"You will not!"
Ren reluctantly let me go, and I began mumbling, complaining about tigers, men, and bugs. He seemed very pleased with himself for surviving a near-death experience. I could practically hear him chanting to himself: I overcame. I conquered. I'm a man, etc, etc. I smirked. men! No matter what century they're from, they're all the same. — Colleen Houck

Thank You Experience Quotes By Simon Mainwaring

The simple act of saying 'thank you' is a demonstration of gratitude in response to an experience that was meaningful to a customer or citizen. — Simon Mainwaring

Thank You Experience Quotes By Kate Flannery

I felt like Jerry Lewis in France! Let the cast of Heroes go to France! The Office cast loves Scranton! The nicest people on earth are in Scranton. Thank you, Scranton for an experience we will take with us for the rest of our lives. — Kate Flannery

Thank You Experience Quotes By Martin Scorsese

I had a fascination with 3D that goes back to the View-Master. I'd always dreamed of making a film in 3D. It's like a combination of theatre and film. There's something 3D gives to a movie that takes you to another land. Working with RealD creatively was a liberating experience. Thank you RealD for allowing us to make something like Hugo. — Martin Scorsese

Thank You Experience Quotes By Wayne Dyer

I greet every new day with the words, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.' That's the state of mind that directs me, fulfills me, and sends me out into the world with a gift to share. It's a blessing that I have learned over a lifetime - to experience the presence of Spirit in most of my waking moments. It's a feeling of contentment and satisfaction, of peace and love. — Wayne Dyer

Thank You Experience Quotes By Loretta Chase

Thank you, Dain," she said. "I should like that very much. I've never seen a proper wrestling match before."
"I daresay it will be a novel experience all round," he said, gravely eyeing her up and down. "I can't wait to see Sherburne's face when I arrive with my lady wife in tow."
"There, you see?" she said, unoffended. "I told you there were other benefits to having a wife. I can come in very handy when you wish to shock your friends. — Loretta Chase

Thank You Experience Quotes By Amit Ray

Walk together. Feel the heart beats. Experience the presence. This is how to be thankful. — Amit Ray

Thank You Experience Quotes By Steven Soderbergh

I want to thank anyone who spends part of their day creating ... anybody who spends part of their day sharing their experience with us-I think this world would be unlivable without art and I thank you. — Steven Soderbergh

Thank You Experience Quotes By Michael Silverblatt

The book is an experience that allows you to witness your feelings without having to surrender to them, to succumb to them, or to be battered by them. It gives you access to a deep knowledge of how you would respond to things you would never, thank goodness, have been required to experience. — Michael Silverblatt

Thank You Experience Quotes By Travis Culliton

If someone takes it upon themself to compliment you, don't explain to them why the compliment is misplaced or undeserving, say "thank you" and smile; that was the purpose. — Travis Culliton

Thank You Experience Quotes By John Cameron Mitchell

I know what it's like to audition, so it's important that everybody who auditions, even if I know right off they're not right for it, has a good experience. So I'll never just have someone do one pass at it and say "Thank you". — John Cameron Mitchell

Thank You Experience Quotes By Glen Mazzara

My time as showrunner on The Walking Dead has been an amazing experience, but after I finish season three, it's time to move on. I have told the stories I wanted to tell and connected with our fans on a level that I never imagined. It doesn't get much better than that. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey. — Glen Mazzara

Thank You Experience Quotes By Miguel Ruiz

Prayer for Love
Thank You, Creator of the Universe for the gift of Life you have given me,
Thank You for giving me everything that I have ever needed,
Thank You for the opportunity to experience this beautiful body and this wonderful mind,
Thank You for living inside me with all Your Love and Your pure and boundless Spirit,
with Your warm and radiating Light.
Thank You for using my words, for using my eyes, for using my heart to share your love wherever I go.
I love You just the way you are and because I am your creation, I love myself just the way I am.
Help me to keep the Love and the Peace in my Heart and to make that Love a new way of life, that I may live in Love the rest of my life.
Amen. — Miguel Ruiz

Thank You Experience Quotes By Jeff Goins

If you are going to find work worth doing - a vocation to fulfill and challenge you - you will have to encounter a reality bigger than yourself. It may not be what others say it should be or what you think, but it will come if you are looking for it ... At times, the work you're called to do will be hard and confusing, but if you press in, you will see the purpose behind the pain. You will see how the whole experience is causing you to grow. And you will thank God for the whole journey. — Jeff Goins