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Top Text Me Inspirational Quotes

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Mary E. Pearson

They Thought Themselves only a step lower than the gods,
proud in their power over heaven and earth.
They grew strong in their knowledge
but weak in their wisdom,
craving more and still more power,
crushing the defenseless.
_ Morrighan Book of Holy Text,Vol. IV — Mary E. Pearson

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Walter Moers

I will quote one sentence from this text, namely, the one with which it ended. It was also the sentence which finally dissolved the writer's block that had inhibited the author from starting work. I have since used it whenever I myself have been gripped by fear of the blank sheet in front of me. It is infallible, and its effect is always the same: the knot unravels and a stream of words gushes out on to the virgin paper. It acts like a magic spell and I sometimes fancy it really is one. But, even if it isn't the work of a sorcerer, it is certainly the most brilliant sentence any writer has ever devised. It runs: 'This is where my story begins.' — Walter Moers

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Kanye West

You basically can say anything to someone on an email or text as long as you put LOL at the end. — Kanye West

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Umberto Eco

Usually naive interviewers hover between two mutually contradictory convictions: one, that a text we call creative develops almost instantaneously in the mystic heat of inspirational raptus; or the other, that the writer has followed a recipe, a kind of secret set of rules that they would like to see revealed.
There is no set of rules, or, rather, there are many, varied and flexible rules ... — Umberto Eco

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Ernest Shackleton

We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. We had reached the naked soul of man. — Ernest Shackleton

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Beth Moore

If your expectation of God's Word in your life has been small, I ask you to consider giving it far more credit. Second Timothy 3:16 (NIV) says, "All Scripture is God-breathed," so don't just read it like any other inspirational or instructional text. Inhale it! — Beth Moore

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Carol Ann Duffy

I tend the mobile now
like an injured bird

We text, text, text
our significant words.

I re-read your first,
your second, your third,

look for your small xx,
feeling absurd.

The codes we send
arrive with a broken chord.

I try to picture your hands,
their image is blurred.

Nothing my thumbs press
will ever be heard.

"Text — Carol Ann Duffy

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Michael Moriarty

the great critic is one who deepens our experience of the great text. — Michael Moriarty

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Andrea Gibson

I'm never gonna wait that extra twenty minutes to text you back and I'm never gonna play hard to get when I know your life has been hard enough already. — Andrea Gibson

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Ron Mayes

Facts that have been forges into history first appear as incoherent text scribbled on aged paper. Only as we examine the whole of that which we know, can we surmise the elements of that which we do not. — Ron Mayes

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Kwame Alexander

Basketball Rule #2 (random text from Dad)
Hustle dig
Grind push
Run fast
Change pivot
Chase pull
Aim shoot
Work smart
Live smarter
Play hard
Practice harder — Kwame Alexander

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Robert Harris

And then to my surprise in one of them I discovered the original manuscript of On Friendship. Puzzled, I unrolled it, thinking I must have brought it with me by mistake. But when I saw that Cicero had copied out at the top of the roll in his shaking hand a quotation from the text, on the importance of having friends, I realised it was a parting gift: If a man ascended into heaven and gazed upon the whole workings of the universe and the beauty of the stars, the marvellous sight would give him no joy if he had to keep it to himself. And yet, if only there had been someone to describe the spectacle to, it would have filled him with delight. Nature abhors solitude. — Robert Harris

Text Me Inspirational Quotes By Katja Michael

I've read somewhere in a book when something happens that is unbearable to you, sometimes, time stops. Like your inner clock just stops working, even if the world keeps spinning you will stand still for the rest of your life. — Katja Michael