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Podium Quotes By Umberto Eco

The walls were draped with banners covered with cabalistic signs, an abundance of owls of all kinds, scarabs and ibises, and Oriental divinities of uncertain origin. Near the rear wall was a dais, a proscenium of burning torches held up by rough logs, and in the background an altar with a triangular altarpiece and statuettes of Isis and Osiris. The room was ringed by an amphitheater of figures of Anubis, and there was a portrait of Cagliostro (it could hardly have been of anyone else, could it?), a gilded mummy in Cheops format, two five-armed candelabra, a gong suspended from two rampant snakes, on a podium a lectern covered by calico printed with hieroglyphics, and two crowns, two tripods, a little portable sarcophagus, a throne, a fake seventeenth-century fauteuil, four unmatched chairs suitable for a banquet with the sheriff of Nottingham, and candles, tapers, votive lights, all flickering very spiritually. — Umberto Eco

Podium Quotes By Valentino Garavani

My title rivals are behind me but at the moment I am not thinking about that. My target is to finish on the podium and then well see where everybody else is. — Valentino Garavani

Podium Quotes By Lance Armstrong

It's a great feeling when someone like Bernard Hinault comes up to you on the podium to say 'Welcome to the club — Lance Armstrong

Podium Quotes By Trai Byers

I'm supposed to share the Lord with people. All of us are disciples on some level. You don't have to be behind the podium to tell a story, connect with people and share the Gospel. — Trai Byers

Podium Quotes By Jerri Drennen

A murder victim hung like art? That threw him back and flooded his gut with something akin to nausea, though the feeling faded quickly once he started to examine the crime scene. The man was suspended from a six foot marble statue right of the Troubadours auctioneer's podium, facing a large room with fifty chairs, twenty-five on each side. — Jerri Drennen

Podium Quotes By Lauren Oliver

The cancer was back, this time pressing at the base of my brain stem." His hands tighten on the sides of the podiumLauren Oliver

Podium Quotes By Toni Morrison

Misner walked away from the pulpit, to the rear wall of the church. There he stretched, reaching up until he was able to unhook the cross that hung there. He carried it then, past the empty choir stall, past the organ where Kate sat, the chair where Pulliam was, on to the podium and held it before him for all to see - if only they would ... Without this sign, the believer's life was confined to praising God and taking the hits. The praise was credit; the hits were interest due on a debt that could never be paid ... But with it, in the religion in which this sign was paramount and foundational, well, life was a whole other matter. — Toni Morrison

Podium Quotes By Anne Truitt

When I speak now, my experience in art wells up so articulately that I am surprised even while I am talking. I move around a podium as easily as if it were my living room and although I am keyed up I am not anxious. I feel as if I were doing what I should be doing - the feeling I have when intent in my studio. — Anne Truitt

Podium Quotes By Jane D. Hull

I have said it on several occasions, several times from this podium, that providing a quality education for our children is high on my priority list. I will not stop now. — Jane D. Hull

Podium Quotes By Tory Nyhaug

If you come off the start in a final in fourth or fifth, realistically, the best you can probably do is a podium - squeeze second, third. The chance of you winning at any major race if you get cut off down the hill is pretty remote. — Tory Nyhaug

Podium Quotes By Michael Schumacher

I don't feel like promising big things to my fans. I'm not thinking about victory at all. I'll do my best to get on the podium at least, although I must admit I feel fairly pessimistic. — Michael Schumacher

Podium Quotes By Rex Harrison

The important thing is to learn through experience.
The more you do the more you learn. I don't think
anyone can teach acting from a podium. — Rex Harrison

Podium Quotes By Hope Solo

I've learned that winning isn't everything, and it's more about the journey. But at the end of the day, I just want to stand on the podium with the gold medal. — Hope Solo

Podium Quotes By R.M. Engelhardt

For me the poem and the poetry open mic isn't about competition and it never will be. Honestly? It's wrong. The open mic is about 1 poet, one fellow human being up on a stage or behind a podium sharing their work regardless of what form or style they bring to it. In other words? The guy with the low slam score is more than likely a far better poet-writer than the guy who actually won. But who are you? I ? Or really anyone else to judge them? The Poetry Slam has become an overgrown, over used monopoly on American literature and poetry and is now over utilized by the academic & public school establishments. And over the years has sadly become the "McDonalds Of Poetry". We can only hope that the same old stale atmosphere of it all eventually becomes or evolves into something new that translates to and from the written page and that gives new poets with different styles & authentic voices a chance to share their work too. — R.M. Engelhardt

Podium Quotes By D.J. MacHale

President Richard E. Neff stood behind a podium that had the seal of the president of the United States displayed boldly in front. Why — D.J. MacHale

Podium Quotes By Ari Fleischer

Because what I say from that podium has got to be accurate, and I'm the only one who's going to be held liable if it's not accurate. — Ari Fleischer

Podium Quotes By Kajol

I can't stand on a podium and beat my chest saying I'm the best. I just think I've been the luckiest of all. Yes, I'm talented. The movies that I've chosen and the way they've fared have also helped. I've always done films I would love to watch. I have stayed away from films which I thought were depressing. — Kajol

Podium Quotes By Sarah Hughes

When I started my program ... there was a big clock in the corner and I looked and it said nine o'clock exactly. And it was funny, because when I was standing on the podium, it said exactly 10 p.m., and this whole hour had changed my life. — Sarah Hughes

Podium Quotes By Barbara Brookes

Twenty two year old Connie Jones, who had boarded in the home of charismatic Methodist and pacifist Ormond Burton, was a member of the No More War movement and the Christian Pacifist Society. She first attended the Friday night public meetings at which the pacifists argued their case in 1941. She stepped onto the podium, stating, "the Lord Jesus Christ tells us to love one another," and was promptly arrested by Wellington's chief inspector of police. Charged with obstruction under the Emergency Regulations, she was sentenced to three months' hard labour with harsh conditions at the Point Halswell Reformatory - an experience that did nothing to dampen her commitment to pacifism. — Barbara Brookes

Podium Quotes By Donald Verrilli Jr.

The part that the public sees is the arguments up at the podium and the briefs that we file. But a significant part of the job - in fact, I'd say I spend more of my time on this part of the job, which is deciding what the position of the United States will be in the cases that we're going to be participating in before the court. — Donald Verrilli Jr.

Podium Quotes By Dominique Moceanu

Standing on the podium at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and receiving a gold medal was the crowning jewel in a successful gymnastics career and, most certainly, the confirmation that my parents' sacrifices were not in vain. — Dominique Moceanu

Podium Quotes By Abby Wambach

The minute you step off that podium is the minute you start preparing for the next world championship. That's kind of how I work. You celebrate for a brief moment, then you move on. — Abby Wambach

Podium Quotes By Saina Nehwal

I have always wanted an Olympic medal. I always wanted to see India's national flag going up at the podium. — Saina Nehwal

Podium Quotes By Marlon James

Something new is blowing. On a downtown Kingston wall: IMF - Is Manley Fault. General election called for October 30, 1980. Somebody is driving you through Bavaria, near the Austrian border. A hospital sprouting out of the forest like magic. Hills in the background tipped with snow like cake icing. You meet the tall and frosty Bavarian, the man who helps the hopeless. He smiles but his eyes are set too far back and they vanish in the shadow of his brow. Cancer is a red alert that the whole body is in danger, he says. Thank God the food he forbids, Rastafari had forbidden long time. A sunrise is a promise. Something new is blowing. November 1980. A new party wins the general election and the man who killed me steps up to the podium with his brothers to take over the country. He has been waiting for so long he leaps up the stairs and trips. — Marlon James

Podium Quotes By Elizabeth Berkley

I'm no expert standing at a podium giving speeches. I share heartbeats. Compassion. — Elizabeth Berkley

Podium Quotes By Ken Block

The road conditions are so variable here, there is ice, snow and everything in between. But a podium finish is a definite possibility if we stay smooth and adjust to the slippery conditions. — Ken Block

Podium Quotes By Steve Carell

Oh, I so don't care about the podium at the Oscars. I've stood at the podium at the Oscars and that's close enough. To be a presenter is as close as I need to be. — Steve Carell

Podium Quotes By Crystal Evans

The people who don't give you a standing ovation for the hurdles you cross are just afraid that you might win the race. They do not cheer you but they sit, lurking on the sidelines, biting their fingernails hoping you will stumble before the end. They secretly wish you will never win this race. But watch out for them, they will be the firstto stand and cheer you when you stand on that podium of success. — Crystal Evans

Podium Quotes By Gracie Gold

I think if I just do what I do every day, on the extraordinary Olympic stage, I could be a podium contender. — Gracie Gold

Podium Quotes By Hayden Panettiere

When it comes to relationships, it's nice to have something that is your own and not everyone else's. That's not part of my job. I never stood up on a podium and said, 'Vote for me - I'm perfect. I'll be this for you and never do anything wrong.' — Hayden Panettiere

Podium Quotes By Julia Mancuso

For me, personally, getting a podium is not as important as feeling super comfortable on my skiing. — Julia Mancuso

Podium Quotes By Gregory Maguire

I'm a comic writer, in some ways, and a comic person when I'm up at a podium, in order to disguise the fact that in my heart I'm disgustingly earnest. — Gregory Maguire

Podium Quotes By Oran Kangas

Having occupied both sides of the podium, I greatly prefer no podium at all. Just a conversation between reader and author. — Oran Kangas

Podium Quotes By Mizuki Mizushiro

Most of his face had been hidden by long, greasy bangs, and he mumbled in a low voice that made him difficult to understand. From what little Kyosuke had been able to make out, Usami had killed one person, but he mostly spent his time at the podium reciting strange names that Kyousuke didn't recognize like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein... Maybe they're actors? — Mizuki Mizushiro

Podium Quotes By Elizabeth Berkley

Ask Elizabeth is a community of voices, it's not me standing on a podium telling people how to run their lives, it's girls helping each other sharing their wisdom and advice and I create a space for them to do it. — Elizabeth Berkley

Podium Quotes By Marco Rubio

My father stood behind a bar in the back of the room all those years, so one day I could stand behind a podium in the front of a room. That journey, from behind that bar to behind this podium, goes to the essence of the American miracle - that we're exceptional not because we have more rich people here. We're special because dreams that are impossible anywhere else, come true here. — Marco Rubio

Podium Quotes By Murong Xuecun

It is difficult to call myself a writer, even when I stand at a podium to receive a prize, I feel uncomfortable calling myself a writer - I am merely a word criminal. — Murong Xuecun

Podium Quotes By Gigi Graham

Whether your gift is mighty or humble, whether you exercise it in the marketplace or at the podium, in the executive suite or in the schoolroom, in the office or at home, your main task or gift or ministry is to be a light in a dark world. — Gigi Graham

Podium Quotes By J.R. Ward

A leader gathered his thoughts before he spoke; he did not rush to the podium to be adored. Ego, after all, was the root of evil. — J.R. Ward

Podium Quotes By Suzanne Collins

She zips back to the podium, and I don't even have time to wish for Gale's safety when she's reading the name. "Peeta Mellark."
Peeta Mellark!
Oh, no, I think. Not him. Because I recognize this name, although I have never spoken directly to its owner. Peeta Mellark.
No, the odds are not in my favor today. — Suzanne Collins

Podium Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger

When I was on my way to the podium a gentleman stopped me and said I was as good a politician as I was an actor. What a cheap shot. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Podium Quotes By Dave Matthews

We give the podium to a lot of people who shouldn't have the podium. The message that's delivered the loudest and in the most entertaining way is the one that we're going to put on because that's what we want. We want ratings more than we want to deliver information. That's just where the culture's gotten. — Dave Matthews

Podium Quotes By Scott McClellan

As press secretary, I spent countless hours defending the administration from the podium in the White House briefing room. — Scott McClellan

Podium Quotes By Rick Perlstein

Eisenhower's speech contained an unsubtle dig at Rockefeller, in the guise of a dig at Kennedy: "Just as the Biblical Job had his boils, we have a cult of professional pessimists, who ... continually mouth the allegations that America has become a second-rate military power." He was proceeded at the podium by his black special assistant E. Frederic Morrow, who had flown in with the President on Air Force One. "One hundred years ago my grandfather was a slave," radio and TV audiences heard. "Tonight I stand before you as a trusted assistant to the President of the United" - and then the networks cut away for fear of offending their Southern affiliates. — Rick Perlstein

Podium Quotes By Jay Carney

When I go stand up at the podium in front of the White House press corps, I never lie. I never say something that I know is untrue. Credibility is enormously important to a press secretary. — Jay Carney

Podium Quotes By Parker J. Palmer

In a culture of technique, we often confuse authority with power, but the two are not the same. Power works from the outside in, but authority works from the inside out ... I am painfully aware of the times in my own teaching when I lose touch with my inner teacher and therefore with my own authority. In those times I try to gain power by barricading myself behind the podium and my status while wielding the threat of grades ... Authority comes as I reclaim my identity and integrity, remembering my selfhood and my sense of vocation. — Parker J. Palmer

Podium Quotes By Abby Wambach

I'm honestly not the kind of person who wants to step up to a podium, test the microphone and be like, 'Hey, I'm homosexual and this is who I am, hear me roar.' That's not who I am. — Abby Wambach

Podium Quotes By Lauryn Hill

Our podium is the music. It's really important that we stay focused, because things become misconstrued in the media. — Lauryn Hill

Podium Quotes By Susan Quinn

In the final scene of Power, the Supreme Court justices appear as a striking abstraction: Nine scowling masks line up in a row on top of a giant podium. Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes speaks the majority opinion: 'Water power, the right to convert it into electric energy, and the electric energy thus produced constitute property belonging to the United States. — Susan Quinn

Podium Quotes By Dan Brown

Sophie stopped the taxi at an imposing gate that blocked the bank's driveway - a cement-lined ramp that descended beneath the building. A video camera overhead was aimed directly at them, and Langdon had the feeling that this camera, unlike those at the Louvre, was authentic. Sophie rolled down the window and surveyed the electronic podium on the driver's side. An LCD screen provided directions in seven languages. Topping the list was English. — Dan Brown

Podium Quotes By Romain Grosjean

You never want to concede a place, but when you're leading the race or fighting for a podium position, you can find ways to make your car very wide! — Romain Grosjean

Podium Quotes By Matt Taibbi

Just looking at Palin up on the podium doesn't impress me. She looks like a chief flight attendant on a Piedmont flight from Winston-Salem to Cleveland, with only the bag of almonds and the polyester kerchief missing from the picture. With — Matt Taibbi

Podium Quotes By Oksana Chusovitina

When you are on the podium nobody is asking you if you are 15 or 30 years old. What matters is who can do great gymnastics. — Oksana Chusovitina

Podium Quotes By Suzanne Collins

She reaches in, digs her hand deep into the ball, and pulls out a slip of paper. The crowd draws in a collective breath, and then you can hear a pin drop, and I'm feeling nauseous and so desperately hoping that it's not me, that it's not me, that it's not me.
Effie Trinket crosses back to the podium, smoothes the slip of paper, and reads out the name in a clear voice. And it's not me.
It's Primrose Everdeen. — Suzanne Collins

Podium Quotes By Bjarne Riis

His two podium candidates looked like two blokes who had just got up from the Christmas buffet. — Bjarne Riis

Podium Quotes By Rick Perry

Being the Republican front-runner was three of the most exciting hours of my entire life. I've come to grips with it, and the only lasting effect is that I refuse to go on a stage that has more than one podium on it. — Rick Perry

Podium Quotes By John F. Kerry

I'm sick and tired of these despicable Republican attacks that always seem to come from those who never can be found to serve in war, but love to attack those who did. I'm not going to be lectured by a stuffed suit White House mouthpiece standing behind a podium. — John F. Kerry

Podium Quotes By Lynn Coady

A bunch of chairs lined up in front of a podium equals school. — Lynn Coady

Podium Quotes By Michael Irvin

We looked at each other standing on the podium, and I think we all were tearing up. But we had to keep it cool. I think we did. Then we let out a breath. — Michael Irvin

Podium Quotes By Stanislaw Lem

Above the podium stood a decorated board showing the agenda for the day. The first item of business was the world urban crisis, the second - the ecology crisis, the third - the air pollution crisis, the fourth - the energy crisis, the fifth - the food crisis. Then adjournment. — Stanislaw Lem

Podium Quotes By Gideon Defoe

Everybody clapped enthusiastically and Dr. Marx popped up from behind the podium, where he had been hiding all along. He was the hairiest man the pirates had ever seen. Several of the crew were actually worried for a moment that the Seaweed That Walked Like a Man had returned from one of their previous adventures to ambush them. His nose was hairy. His forehead was hairy. Even his hands were hairy. And his beard was a great bushy black number, which looked like he had sellotaped a bunch of cats to the bottom of his face and then frightened them with a loud noise. — Gideon Defoe

Podium Quotes By Robert Ripley

Just to see him come on the stage was an event. They had very high risers, and back a little bit, so he'd walk around behind the risers and right across the front of the stage to the podium, remember? — Robert Ripley

Podium Quotes By Damon Hill

I had a lot of time to think, and that is not good for your mind. And when it actually happened, it was not so much a celebration but the relief. It was an exorcism anxiety. After each race there is a procedure in which you get taken off to the podium and the TV interviews. — Damon Hill

Podium Quotes By Samantha Towle

The podium can wait because
I already have the greatest win of my life right here in my arms. — Samantha Towle

Podium Quotes By George Stigler

Friedman stumbled in, late to the seminar as usual and reeking of cigar smoke and whiskey. He hadn't read the paper being presented, and halfway through he just gets up, walks up to the podium, socks the mother****er right in the face and takes a piss all over his lecture notes. — George Stigler

Podium Quotes By Ted Kooser

I like the poem on the page and not at the podium. I like to address the poem in peace and quiet, not on the edge of a folding chair with a full bladder. I can't stand hearing a poem that I can't see. I did a reading at Wayne State, and it ended with the comedy such occasions deserve. I'd seated myself on a piano bench, and discovered upon attempting to arise at the end that the varnish had softened and I was stuck fast. The hinge was to the front, under my knees, so that as I tried to get up, I merely opened the lid. — Ted Kooser

Podium Quotes By Apolo Ohno

When I'm done skating, I guarantee you that I will not look back and remember standing on the podium. I'm going to remember these days - being with the team. Training alone, in my basement. Training when everybody else is sleeping. Doing things that nobody else is doing. Digging down. Seeing what kind of character I truly have. I love that stuff. — Apolo Ohno

Podium Quotes By Elsie Wayne

By my count, the Deputy Prime Minister has sworn an oath of loyalty and service to Her Majesty no fewer than four times in the last two years, yet he has used his position as a minister of the Crown as a podium from which to rail against our history and our heritage. The minister says that instead of the monarchy he would prefer an entirely Canadian institution, but he fails to recognize that the monarchy is as Canadian as the House of Commons itself. — Elsie Wayne

Podium Quotes By Bobby Orr

If you talk to most athletes, the place you're most comfortable is your playing field. I'm not so comfortable at a podium or talking about events. — Bobby Orr

Podium Quotes By GZA

When I was trekking across Brooklyn, looking for MC battles - and there were plenty of them - I never dreamed I'd be at this podium. — GZA

Podium Quotes By Jeremy Abbott

The goal for me is the Olympics. It's Sochi and doing my best there. And, you know, my best has the potential to be on the podium. — Jeremy Abbott

Podium Quotes By Suzan-Lori Parks

I love my lecture tours. I get up onstage. I have my stack of books and a glass of water and a microphone. No podium, no distance between me and the audience, and I just talk to people and get all excited and tell a lot of jokes, and sing some songs, and read from my work and remind people how powerful they are and how beautiful they are. — Suzan-Lori Parks

Podium Quotes By Bode Miller

In some ways, that's the story of my season - when I wasn't making big mistakes, I was winning races and being on the podium. And when I made mistakes I was still fourth or fifth, just off the podium. — Bode Miller

Podium Quotes By Mathew Staver

Students and invited speakers do not shed their constitutional rights when they step up to the graduation podium. Expressing faith in God does not disqualify a student from delivering a graduation message. Being designated as valedictorian or salutatorian is an honor, and students chosen for that honor should be free to share their gratitude to God with their fellow students and family members. — Mathew Staver

Podium Quotes By Lee Child

The range had been exceptional. An apartment balcony fourteen hundred yards away had been identified as the rifleman's hide. Fourteen hundred yards is more than three-quarters of a mile. The French president had been at an open-air podium behind — Lee Child

Podium Quotes By Betty Shabazz

I looked over and saw this man on the extreme right aisle sort of galloping to the podium. He was tall, he was thin, and the way he was galloping it looked as though he was going someplace much more important than the podium. — Betty Shabazz

Podium Quotes By John Green

He presses his forehead down on the podium and I watched his shoulders shake, and then finally, he said, "Goddamn it, Augustus, editing your own eulogy."
"Don't swear in the Literal Heart of Jesus," Gus said. — John Green

Podium Quotes By Brittany Bowe

I never think about records. I focus on my race and try to get onto the podium consistently. It's hard enough to do that. — Brittany Bowe

Podium Quotes By William J. Clinton

The Information Age is, first and foremost, an education age, in which education must start at birth and continue throughout a lifetime. Last year, from this podium, I said that education has to be our highest priority. I have something to say to every family listening to us tonight: Your children can go on to college ... Because of the things that have been done, we can make college as universal in the 21st century as high school is today. And, my friends, that will change the face and future of America. — William J. Clinton

Podium Quotes By Jonah Books

God has provided you a stage and a podium to make him known. — Jonah Books

Podium Quotes By Lynn Coady

Do not make the writer stand behind a podium. Anything but. A podium reeks of the lecture hall. A music stand, on the other hand, is nicely minimal and lends the writer - who usually needs all the help s/he can get - a musician's second-hand cool-factor. — Lynn Coady

Podium Quotes By Kristin Hannah

My fingers clutch the wooden edges of the podium. "My sister, Isabelle, was a woman of great passions," I say quietly at first. "Everything she did, she did full speed ahead, no brakes. When she was little, we worried about her constantly. She was always running away from boarding schools and convents and finishing school, sneaking out of windows and onto trains. I thought she was reckless and irresponsible and almost too beautiful to look at. And during the war, she used that against me. She told me that she was running off to Paris to have an affair, and I believed her. — Kristin Hannah

Podium Quotes By Hannah Kearney

On television, I have watched countless athletes from different countries, sports and Olympics stand proudly at the top of the podium and shed tears. They symbolized the Olympics for me because Olympic medals represent all of the hard work and sacrifices made by the athletes as well as the people who helped them reach the top of their sports. — Hannah Kearney

Podium Quotes By Kathy Reichs

I was a university professor, I could talk on and on and on. Give me a podium and you have to drag me off with a hook. — Kathy Reichs

Podium Quotes By Dominique Moceanu

I was able to represent my country and put on the red, white, and blue - how many people in the world get to do that? Standing on the podium with my teammates, and being the first women's gymnastics team to win this gold medal, it was life-changing! — Dominique Moceanu

Podium Quotes By Jennie Finch

I still think there are some pitches in this pitching arm, so I will continue playing with USA Softball, but knowing that this could be the last time a softball player stands on the Olympic podium and has the opportunity of experiencing this - it was emotional. — Jennie Finch

Podium Quotes By Stephen King

Mr. Harley, the headmaster, approached the podium and imparted a brief exordium about the importance of Finals Week, and how the grades they received would constitute another step upon The Great Road of Life. He told them that the school was depending on them, he was depending on them, and their parents were depending on them. He did not tell them that the entire free world was depending on them, but he strongly implied that this might be so. — Stephen King

Podium Quotes By Toni Sorenson

Go for broke, my friends. Straighten your spine when you step to the podium. Trust your own tongue. Believe that your weary legs will hold you until you reach the finish line. And reach it you will if you give it your all. Fall if you must, crawl if you must, but don't you dare give up or give in until you've made it to the end. For at the end is where your great reward will be to begin anew. A new chance. A new life. A new you. — Toni Sorenson

Podium Quotes By Megan Jendrick

I have been visualizing myself every night for the past four years standing on the podium having the gold placed around my neck. — Megan Jendrick

Podium Quotes By Tim Kaine

Let me let you in on a secret. I do plan to be on the podium with President Clinton when she's inaugurated in January 2017 - but I'm going to be sitting with the senators. — Tim Kaine

Podium Quotes By Fred Durst

I'm the same guy at that podium preaching to the people on every single song. I'm not doing a dance for you on another song. It's all a direct assault. — Fred Durst

Podium Quotes By Julia Mancuso

I ski fast for me, first and foremost, and I ski fast for my family, and it's always the love that gets me to the podium. — Julia Mancuso

Podium Quotes By Shani Davis

I don't want to be a celebrity athlete. When you are, there's this pressure on you. It's like you have this halo over your head and have to walk on eggshells. That's not for me. All that glamour builds up a false sense of ego. It's not needed. I'm already happy with who I am. My job is just to get on the podium. — Shani Davis

Podium Quotes By Michelle Rodriguez

The roughest thing was learning the realities of the world at such a young age. I was 10 or 11, going to church, hearing the adults standing on the podium talking about world affairs, about history, about war, and how America was founded. — Michelle Rodriguez

Podium Quotes By Brad Paisley

I take his talent and his passion with me - to the stage of the Opry, to the podium at the CMA Awards, to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, into my own living room. I am the realization of my grandfather's dream. I am a player. — Brad Paisley

Podium Quotes By Matthew De Abaitua

The devil steps up to the podium, clears his throat and taps out time with his baton: in come the monstrous iron kettle drums of artillery, joined by a woodwind section of whistling bullets and shrieking shells, the ever-crackling light percussion of rifle fire. — Matthew De Abaitua

Podium Quotes By George Foreman

The Olympic Gold medal in 1968 was definitely the highest moment of my career. It was a dream come true. I was a 19-year-old boy, and it was just amazing to be standing on top of the podium and hearing the National Anthem in the background. — George Foreman

Podium Quotes By Marissa Meyer

Did you know that she was cyborg?" asked a woman in an unhidden tone of disgust.
Kai stared at her, appearing confused, then let his gaze dance over the crowd. He shuffled his feet
closer to the podium, a wrinkle forming on the bridge of his nose.
Cinder bit the inside of her cheek and braced herself for adamant disgust. Who would ever invite a
cyborg to the ball?
But instead, Kai said simply, "I don't see that her being cyborg is relevant. Next question?"
Cinder's metal fingers jolted. — Marissa Meyer

Podium Quotes By Corazon Aquino

As our country bled ... its leader's wife came to this podium piously to call for a new human order, this when thousands of Filipinos were political prisoners. — Corazon Aquino

Podium Quotes By Sarah Hughes

I think it was a great moment for America to have two ladies on the podium. — Sarah Hughes